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  1. Greg

    Stringing the V-Engine Mid-

    Yeah, I have a question. I was considering making the switch to a V-Engine frame, but then I got to thinking. I have one of those lame stringers with the two-point clamp action. I was picturing it in my head, and that little clamping thing won't exactly fit right with a v-shaped throat. Is it...
  2. Greg

    nPS 95 demo?

    I am looking to purchase an nPS 95, but I noticed that there is a demo nPS that's ten bucks cheaper. So it's simply ten dollars less because it has the word demo on it? Or am I imagining things? I assume having the word demo printed on it will not affect the racquet's playability. Or...
  3. Greg

    Seattle at wintertime-

    I will be in Seattle for a few weeks of December. I remember the weather being nothing short of miserable. Is there any way for me to find a bit of tennis to play during such a period? That climate doesn't favor the sport of tennis at all. Are there any hardcore players who continue to play...
  4. Greg

    Dear Roger Federer,

    Please, for the sport of tennis as a whole, stop winning practically every event that you enter. I am tired of watching a player struggle valiantly to reach the final stages of a tournament, only to be beaten by you in straight sets. It is as though I am watching such matches for nothing...
  5. Greg

    Tennis Balls and Airplanes-

    I am getting ready to leave home for a few weeks, and I happen to have a few unopened cans of tennis balls lying around. Is it possible to bring fresh cans on a flight? I am not exactly brilliant in the field of physics, but would the change of altitude cause the cans to burst, or would they...
  6. Greg

    Natural gut and fraying-

    I string my own rackets, but I will have to hope three strung sticks last me for the duration of my upcoming three weeklong vacation, since I cannot bring my stringer for the ride. I plan on throwing the usual Tecnifibre Maxipower in the mains, but I am wondering if throwing the natural gut in...
  7. Greg
  8. Greg

    PS 6.1 Classic VS. Slazenger Henman Pro Braided

    At present, I am enjoying the Pro Staff 6.1 Classic. It is a fine racket, as its [i]Classic[i] title states, but I am considering laying it down for a while. It would appear that I am getting too old to handle such a demanding racket, and I need to build my strength a bit before I go back to the...
  9. Greg

    In search of space cabbages.