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  1. eunjam

    is gonzalez getting boo'ed?

    haven't been watching much, but was wondering if the NY'ers were giving gonzalez crap for not fessing up at the Olympics against blake. jsut wondering.
  2. eunjam

    lost due to cramping...should i have just retired? advice please.

    you know. i feel like total crap. i lost in the 1st round today due to cramping. i had 5-4 40-15 in the 3rd set and lost it because i couldn't move. i didn't know what to do and the umpire couldn't give me advice. i took one 3 minute time out. and took a 2nd one blaming my other leg...
  3. eunjam

    bank5 - great trade

    traded sets of strings with brian. everything went well as expected. great communication and great guy. would love to trade more with brian in the future.
  4. eunjam

    Anyone into Korean dramas?

    Just wondering....
  5. eunjam

    ravemaster (i.e. mr. lam in NY)

    did another string trade with chris. no probs. good communication. highly recommended. thanks!
  6. eunjam

    what players used at wimbledon % wise

    this was an interesting link/find for me. it has a section about what the players used. not specifically naming players, but % wise. one thing that i did find interesting was that out of all the players...
  7. eunjam

    ravemaster806 string trade went well

    did a string trade with him. seemed to be no problems here. if he likes the cyber, i will be willing to do another trade with him.
  8. eunjam

    commercial - TW matches lowest price?

    as i was watching tennis on ESPN, via Time Warner Cable in los angeles, there were some TW commercials that claimed that you will match the lowest prices. sorry if i haven't done enough searching on the site, but could you explicate? was i dreaming? if i wasn't, what are the 2 billion...
  9. eunjam

    does the look a racquet really matter to you?

    please write what you think and what level player you are. me, if i could get deep into open tourneys with a fuscia or lime green racquet, i don't give a rat's arse. i am an ex nationally ranked jr. currently realistically playing at a upper 4.5 level, trying to win some 5.0's by...
  10. eunjam

    mark rodgers is da shiznit

    kind, organized, quick, diligent, sharper than a razor, communicative, great.... all understatements. if you have a chance to deal with mark, and you don''s like punching grandma in the gut. not only would you be a loser and be ridiculed by everyone, but should probably also...
  11. eunjam

    start 2 piece from top or throat?

    (yes, i tried to do a search, but my search didn't come out right, so please don't flame.) i thought it was a rule to ALWAYS start a two piece from the head due to pressure of mains, etc. is that true?
  12. eunjam

    how about a section of forum.....bad dealers

    or something that will help people prevent from being ripped off. of course you could always give the generic 'do a search' answer. but there are thousands of lscammers out there that LOVES forums like these.....we encourage sales amongst each other. they come in here.....make silly...
  13. eunjam

    racingdad23 rules!

    did a trade with stan. quick, prompt, courteous, professional. definitely would like to trade with him more. if you get a chance to deal with stan, be a man, and do it while you can and become a fan.
  14. eunjam

    any non euros wearing capris?

    i saw a dude at the los angeles tennis center playing with them and i thought i was going to fall over laughing. he had the whole nadal gear on. nadal shirt, capris, the headband, the babolat aero. i was thinking to myself.....'man, to pull that off, you better be a true 5.5+ player'...
  15. eunjam

    bolt (i.e. scott higgi) rocks!

    did a string trade. have you heard of speedy gonzalez? wiley coyote? space shuttle columbia? they wish they were as fast and organized as scott. ...hoping to do more trades with him. he rocks!!!
  16. eunjam

    safin's blog - what a funny dude

    just came across some archived blogs. i guess the atp site is encouraging players to blog during certain weeks, which is great. it's not like they're actually at the computer typing away, but rather, they record it and then send it off to some gopher at to translate and type...
  17. eunjam

    suggestion....for domain name

    maybe there is a good reason why this doesn't exist. but i see you own both and, yet the tw only exists with go ahead and add and redirect it to that is, if you want. i...
  18. eunjam

    joe gomes rocks!

    got a racket from joe. smooth transaction. he said the racket was a 9/10. he was lying, it was practically brand new. :eek: but i guess due to TW restrictions he couldn't rate it at 9.999999999/10. i wish i could deal with joe more. having a chance to work with joe is a...
  19. eunjam

    best way to measure tension for a newb?

    i just started stringing on a drop weight with fixed clamps and i want to measure tension. what is the best way? a) get a tension meter (i.e. fishscale like device), ensure that drop weight is accurate as possible, then just continue stringing as consistent as possible? b) get one of...