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    Serena pulls out of doubles match - looks drugged

    When you can't even see the ball during warmups, it's perhaps not the best idea to play anyway.
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    Serena with a disorientation scare in doubles

    Hope she's OK, and I'm really hoping this wasn't an act to dismiss/undermine her singles loss. That would border on sociopathic.
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    Which win was bigger for the U.S., Isner or Roddick?

    Isner's win was probably more important for American tennis. However, Roddick's win was probably more important for Roddick than Isner's was for Isner. As someone has already said here, Roddick is well past his prime. Also, he has been riddled with injury this year. This win gives him some much...
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    Big Props to Andy Roddick

    Not sure why people are criticizing Roddick for this. He basically is just saying what all the other players are thinking, which actually he does often.
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    Andy Roddick vs Rafa Nadal USO QF!!

    I might go Roddick on this one. Who do you think will benefit from the 4th Round and the Quarters being played on back-to-back days?
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    Andy Roddick: US Open Breakdown

    Hey, folks. Thought you might enjoy a facepalm moment that happened this morning while driving to work. If not, that's fine. Do any of you guys listen to/watch Mike and Mike In The Morning on ESPN (Radio)? For years, I've defended casual tennis fans, because I figured, hey, at least they're...
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    Andy Roddick vs David Ferrer USO R4!!

    Just got home from work. Yeah, looks like Ferrer really destroyed Roddick, haha. If someone wanted to be an instigator, they would grab all the quotes from the beginning from people saying Ferrer in straight sets and that it wouldn't be close. I'm no hater, though. I've been wrong too...
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    Andy Roddick vs David Ferrer USO R4!!

    Roddick's playing on Bonus time. He's talked an awful lot this tournament about just enjoying the moment and not looking ahead---the talk of a man who realizes he may not have many more deep tournament runs left in him. This is exactly what makes him dangerous. He's been injury-plagued, he's...
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    Will Federer be 2nd seed at Wimbledon?

    Any idea who the top 8 seeds will be?
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    Anyone else 'bet' on matches (Betfair etc)

    The problem with a lot of gambling places is that when it comes time for you to collect, suddenly there are all these fees to collect money that is yours. As a result, you usually don't make much money off of it. Besides that, they often skew the odds based on your betting style, thus giving...
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    Roddick Loses Again

    Lower than that, right? Won't he be down to 15th? I may not be taking something into account. Then again, he is going to be in 3 pre-French Open clay tournaments, as well as the Wimbledon warmup and Davis Cup. I'd be surprised if he wasn't back in the top 10 by July. Virtually no points to...
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    Today's result was also the end of Roddick's career!

    Not sure I understand why at least one person here thinks he will retire at the end of the season. I've always thought that as long as he could stay in the top 16 (for a favorable draw), he'd continue to play tennis, probably for years to come. He has had a pretty abysmal year, for him...
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    It's been said countless times on here but....

    I'll go a step further and say that almost all top-level club players would take WTA "professionals" to the shed, easily.
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    Roddick vs Isner

    It's not often that Roddick out-groundstrokes somebody, but that's exactly what happened. Isner played horrible off the ground. Gotta give Roddick due credit, as well. Looked very solid. Should be an interesting match against Gasquet.
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    Tsonga Hitting: Indian Wells

    It's amazing how different it looks down at ground level or in person. You watch a pro in person and think, "Wow, (Player A) is hitting it great today! Very aggressive!", not realizing they are playing the same way they always play. Pretty interesting, I think, how strokes look more impressive...
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    Here's why the ATP is a joke

    Totally agree about Davis Cup. Make it 2 weeks, yes, but also make it only once every four years. The rarity of it would make it a hit, even with non-fans. Think about the World Cup. Tons of people in the U.S. don't give a hoot about soccer and don't follow it at all, but once every four...
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    ATP Homepage: Sounds Delicious!

    Check out the homepage: "Djokovic dazzles in the dessert" haha. good stuff.
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    Physicst has algorithm to identify GOAT

    It's the opposite. People from Illinois don't consider Chicago part of Illinois---neither do Chicagoans.
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    Roddick vs Blake, IW rnd 2.

    If I were Roddick, I'd be more worried about Isner.
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    Let's Agree To End Teaser Headlines

    Haven't you every wondered about... ........ ...why people do headlines like that
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    Karlovic breaks Roddick's record - new fastes serve: 156 mph (251 km/h)

    Weird question: How would they know radar guns are inaccurate if the only way to measure serves is with a radar gun?
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    US vs. Spain Davis Cup location...

    While we're on the subject of court surfaces, I have a question I've always wondered: What tournament has the fastest clay courts?