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  1. PerilousPear

    Was Marco Cecchinato juiced up during RG 18?

    Kinda like Puerta, he barely did anything beside that one run at a slam, where he managed to beat several high seeds, along with an ATG. He wasn't plagued with injuries, either. Does this arouse any suspicion?
  2. PerilousPear

    What's with Djokovic and French players these days? After Simon, Tsonga and Bartoli join the choir of those who think Novaxx was treated unfairly. There might be someone else I forgot about. I'm expecting RG officials to just cancel the...
  3. PerilousPear

    At what tourament did mono hurt Fed the most?

    I think he had it the worst at AO. He got took to 5 by Tipsarevic and lost to Djokovic in straights. I don't think even an average form Federer loses a slam match in straights.
  4. PerilousPear

    The best Murrovic match?

    In terms of nothing in particular. I also limited it to the ones that are generally considered to be the best. For me, it's the AO semi for the bo5 and Shanghai for the bo3.
  5. PerilousPear

    Why doesn't everyone just hit lobs against Djokovic all the time?

    So since the goal is to exploit your opponent's weakness, and the Djokosmash is in a tier of its own. Why isn't anybody doing it? And I know it goes in sometimes, but it's still easier than trying to outpush him
  6. PerilousPear

    Better career: Raonic, Isner or Anderson?

    Isner case: 1 slam SF 5 masters finals (1 win) 1 of 2 people to take Rafa to 5 sets on RG Raonic case: 1 slam F, 2 slam SF 3 masters final Career high ranking no. 3 Anderson case: 2 slam F Beat Federer at Wimbledon after being 2-0 down in sets and saving match points
  7. PerilousPear

    Why did Murray fail at the AO 2017?

    A lot of people pin the 2017 RG/Wimby as the time Murray's hip got FUBAR, so he should've been ok during the AO, since he won the Dubai right after that. With Djokovic out, Murray really should've went all in but lost to Zverev (the good one). Did he burn out after the grueling 2nd half of...
  8. PerilousPear

    Can Andeh manage one more slam before retirement?

    Will Novak find it in his heart to award Andy with an AO for his pigeonism in early-to-mid 2010s?
  9. PerilousPear

    Novak will have to vulture ATP 250s and 500s to keep his career relevant from now on

    Things certain: When all is said and done, he'll finish 3rd in the slam race Fed's weeks at no. 1 record is safe NextGen are as ready as ever to breakthrough at slams Soedas and Millmans of the world tremble in their shoes, they'll have to settle for challengers now.
  10. PerilousPear

    More impressive - Laver's 1969 CYGS or Djokovic's 2015-16 NCYGS?

    There are pros and cons for both, but what do you value higher? Djoko did in on 3 surfaces, although homogenized, and against tougher competition with a slight question mark (Nadal was mostly out of commission) Rod managed it in a calender year on 2 surfaces, but the adaptation was tougher (AO...
  11. PerilousPear

    Rank the slams this year by enjoyment

    For me: 1. Wimbledon (A clear cut for no. 1 even though the courts were a bit slower this year) 2. RG (Some good matches here and there but the rain delays really screwed this one up) 3. USO (Originally this was last, but the final upped its' grade) 4. AO (Literally 2 players plowing through the...
  12. PerilousPear

    Safin: Roger is the best ever, other players are boring and play robotic tennis

    Link to article We've seen similar statements from Marat before, but never really evaluated the situation, so I created a poll.
  13. PerilousPear

    Who's better on clay between Roger and Novak?

    Also some points of reference to all of you lazy buggers: h2h on clay - 4-4 1 RG each Fedr reached RG semis twice and finals 5 times winning in one of them Djovk reached RG semis 4 times and finals 4 times winning in one of them Fedr has 6 masters titles and 10 runner-ups on clay and Djovk has...