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  1. GoochMoney

    Reebok DMX Replacement?

    Anybody have comments/feedback in dealing with Reebok for the DMX replacement (6 month warranty)? I sent a pair back 2+ weeks and haven't received any communication they call/email/just send? How they give you credit or just replace the shoes? Any info is appreciated --
  2. GoochMoney

    Great Trade with Albert Go / Icorp!

    Great trader -- no worries with Albert!
  3. GoochMoney

    Dealing with flat heavy pace?

    i play pretty competitively with the 3.5 to 4.5 leagues at my club. this week i played a guy that was at the top of the 4.5 players and had a lot of trouble with his huge pace - almost no topspin but he plowed everything cross court...nothing in the middle. what's the best way to deal with...
  4. GoochMoney

    Big Ace - 16g v. 17g v. Micro?

    Looking for some feedback from anyone who has used multiple versions of Pro Supex Big Ace. I am using Big Ace 16g m's and Forten Sweet 17g x's in my K95 and I like it compared to SPPP, Cyberflash, Kirschbaum ProLine II, but it bothered my arm pretty bad and I usually don't have problems. Seems...
  5. GoochMoney

    FS/FT - Yonex RDS-002 in 3/8 -- 8/10

    Looking to sell or trade (prefer to sell) a Yonex RDS-002 midplus with a 4 3/8 grip. It is in 8/10 condition based on a really scraped up bumper guard and some paint chips. It also comes with the Yonex vibration cover. Strung with Gamma Zo Power mains and Gamma Prodigy crosses...
  6. GoochMoney

    Rain...effect on strings & tension

    For most of the summer I have been trying out different hybrids in my K95 16x18. My current set up is Kirschbaum ProLine II 17 m's at 57 and Forten 17 x's at 58. I am looking for a low powered, control oriented setup but did not want to go full poly. Usually I cut out my strings every 2/3...
  7. GoochMoney

    Stringing a new racquet - First Time

    Getting a new stick in a couple of days. I have only strung used racquets or ones that have already been strung. Is there anything I need to do prior to stringing? Should I try to enlarge tie off grommets? Thanks -
  8. GoochMoney

    Smooth deal with VKartikV - Good Buyer!

    Very smooth deal with KV. Paid quick and was understanding of my business/vacation schedule in shipping the racquet. Good buyer!
  9. GoochMoney

    Racquets for Sale/Trade - Wilson/Head/Prince

    Looking to sell or trade for K95 6.1 (16x18) in 4 3/8. I have: ProStaff 6.1 Classic (95) in 8/10 - 4 3/8 * had the white butt cap, but replaced with newer black Wilson cap because of scrapes Head LM Radical OS in 8.5/10 - 4 3/8 Head LM Radical MP in 9.5/10 - 4 3/8 Prince CTS...
  10. GoochMoney

    How to post pics???

    Is there a sticky already? or Can you guys create a sticky on how to post pics? Thanks! PS- awesome site, store, and message board!!
  11. GoochMoney

    Smooth Trade with Pmata814

    Traded a bunch of strings for a racquet. Was as described and quick! Good trader...
  12. GoochMoney

    CALPRO CG-1000...anybody know of these?

    Just picked this racquet up at a tag sale...CALPRO CG-1000. It appears to be a 90sq inch head with a flat beam style. Grey coloring with Gold and White stripe and a leather grip very similar to the original PS. Good weight and head light...the top of the frame states "graphite composite"...
  13. GoochMoney

    K95 Grip Size Question

    How can you tell what the grip size of a Kfactor is? My K95 does not have anything listed on the butt cap and I took that little sticker off when I first got it. Help - :confused:
  14. GoochMoney

    Knasty131 - Good Trader

    Traded some strings with Kevin - smooth, quick, and as described.
  15. GoochMoney

    Smooth Trade with BMichaelia

    Traded some strings from the board -- arrived quick and as described.
  16. GoochMoney

    What Does the "L" Mean?

    What does the "L" refer to when string manufacturers list this in the spec. For example: 16L v. 16 gauge?
  17. GoochMoney

    Just finished on my new EAG-300

    Just finished the first job on my new EAG-300...thanks Fedfan and Barry. I have to say that I was nervous but the pics and positive comments they offered swayed me. Anyway, just got done with two raquets and it works fine. Only issue: Ordered the Tension Calibrator and it is on backorder...
  18. GoochMoney

    KSIXONE 95 setup?

    Posted this in the stringing board, but somebody suggested I post here too. Any thoughts??? Recently got fed up with $40 string jobs 2 x a month and bought a stringer. After reading a bunch of reviews (thank you all) I purchased some Gosen Micro and Technifibre Spinfire to hybrid. A couple...
  19. GoochMoney

    2 questions regarding types/tensions

    Recently got fed up with $40 string jobs 2 x a month and bought a stringer. After reading a bunch of reviews (thank you all) I purchased some Gosen Micro and Technifibre Spinfire to hybrid. A couple of questions that I hope you guys can help with: 1. What/why should I use for crosses and...