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    who do you think best bet to taking out novak djokovic in 2020 us open ?

    You seem to have an unhealthy hatred toward Novak (like the time you wished covid on him) - most of your posts are about beating Novak.
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    2020 US Open WTA Entry list out - Absent: #1 Barty, #5 Svitolina, #6 (defending champ) Andreescu, Wang & Ostapenko

    I like free speech (including moderate/tolerable hate speech) - I never report anything, not just on TTW, but on any public forum. That does not mean I should stop calling out people on their biased agendas.
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    2020 US Open WTA Entry list out - Absent: #1 Barty, #5 Svitolina, #6 (defending champ) Andreescu, Wang & Ostapenko

    If you (and your comrades) stick to tennis instead of america bashing and biased social commentary, those threads would not have been deleted.
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    What are your thoughts on Djokovic's 'injury' timeouts?

    Over decades of watching tennis, I found Nadal is the one with most gamesmanship on and (sometimes) off court and nobody is anywhere near that level.
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    Laureus awards ...

    Nadal has won once out of 5 nominations, what happened there? Healthy Nadal should win everything, no?
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    Mens grand slams should be 2 out 3 sets

    2 out of 3 sets ... boring ... who has that kind of time? Coin toss should be enough.
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    Laureus awards ...

    One gets the award in 2012 for achievements in 2011 - I think its just the way these awards work. Nadal got Comeback of the year award in 2014 for his 2013 performance.
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    Players who you only know because of one match

    Forget about a match, a single moment can affect fame. Most ardent cricket fans know about a bowler called Eric Hollies ... he got Don Bradman out for a duck in his last Test Innings (Bradman needed only 4 runs to end up with career average of above 100 - because of that one delivery, he ended...
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    Laureus awards ...

    Just noticed that Djokovic won every time he was a nominee. Djokovic won 4 Sportsman of the year awards. Same as Bolt. Federer leads with 5 Sportsman of the year awards and 1 Comeback of the year award. Nadal has 1 Sportsman of the year award and 1 Comeback of the year award.
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    Novak refused to be tested onsite in Croatia

    People wishing that a player (idiot though he may be) gets a lethal disease so that their idol can retain records - keep it classy TTW !!!
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    Mathematicians out there...old swing power vs. new swing power Maybe you might have seen the above link already.
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    Players that reached their best ranking: 2003-07 vs 2008-15

    Interesting - in both time periods, no one stopped at rank #2, if they reached #2, they went on to get to #1?
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    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    When the great one below found out about the one ring, he ate it, along with the 3 elven rings, 7 dwarf rings and the 9 rings of men (he ate all the rings as if they were onion rings). Due to his incredible digestive system, the rings cancelled each others' powers and evaporated. As a result...
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    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    When one thinks of super strength, durability, unlimited kinetic energy, stamina, energy absorption and redirection, the name that instantaneously pops up is .... the unstoppable sugar-nut, sorry, Juggernaut Once he gains incredible momentum (mostly because of mass, not because of velocity)...
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    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    The Incredible Bulk ... (no gamma radiation required)
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    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    There was unexplained sonic boom sound heard across Bangalore today, maybe the mighty one was flying around.
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    Official Sureshs tribute thread

    All hail the holy one ...
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    Federer is Michael Jordan, Nadal is Kobe, and Djokovic Lebron

    Federer is known for natural abilities. So, he is like Superman. Djokovic - not as gifted as Federer, but with analytics and prep time, he can beat anyone. So, he is like Batman. Nadal - due to the realtionship with clay, he is like Wonder Woman. So, the Big 3 are like the holy trinity of...
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    Fedalovic Best Hair Rankings

    Samurai bun hairstyle of Federer is unmatched.
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    The best Murrovic match?

    Both are excellent retrievers - some times, the rallies can be excruciating.
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    Greatest rivalry at a single tournament?

    Federer-Nadal at the US open (if/when it happens on the Seniors tour)
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    Greatest rivalry at a single tournament?

    Nadal vs shot clock, every tournament. Its such an intense rivalry. (No other contest takes you to the brink every single point)
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    Your Favorite Djokovic?

    Its Sharapovic
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    Top 30 Men players on Hard Courts based on winning percentages

    In most non-clay statistics, Federer and Djokovic are close to each other (and close to the top of all time charts) while the clay master Nadal is far below them. This is why Nadal will never be considered GOAT by the other 2 fanbases no matter how many slams he ends up with.
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    Nadal’s past love affair: "We were both 14", says Kirsten Flipkens

    If it was true love, language should not be a barrier. Look at this lady Priscilla who overcame the species barrier for the sake of ummm, lets say love ....
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    Which will be the first tournament held with fans?

    According to the legendary organizers (I use the term loosely) of RG, its going to be RG 2020 in September.
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    Least early exits in Slams

    Sampras without French Open in 6/39 - 15.4%