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  1. ednegroni

    FS Wilson Pro Staff 97L Countervail Black (4 1/4, 9.5/10)

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Wilson Pro Staff 97L Countervail Black Grip Size: 4 1/4 Quantity: 1 Head Size (if a racquet): 97 sq. in. Condition (x out of 10): 9.5/10 *Specific Time Used: Used for almost 3 months *General Description: Racquet has minor scuffs, no paint chips and...
  2. ednegroni

    FS Wilson Six One 95S (x2), 4 1/2, 7/10

    Racquet Item Description: Wilson Six One 95S (2013) Grip Size: 4 1/2 Quantity: 2 Head Size: 95 Condition (x out of 10): 7/10 *Specific Time Used: Years *General Description: Both racquets have scrapes and some paint chips but absolutely no cracks. Price: $120 Shipping: Included Seller's...
  3. ednegroni

    Eagnas Flex 940 to Alpha Ghost 2

    We had a Prince 6000 at the shop but his contract ended and so he took his machine with him. A friend of mine got the shop and I loaned her my Flex 940. Problem right now is that the weekly racquet volume is high and it's low season here in Puerto Rico (no leagues, last junior tournament is...
  4. ednegroni

    Asics shoes ship to Puerto Rico?

    I just read the annotation that says Asics shoes (products?) can't be shipped outside the US per the manufacturer's restrictions. Is Puerto Rico included in the restriction?
  5. ednegroni

    FS Wilson: PS97 LS and 6.1 95L (BOTH with leather grip)

    2014 Wilson Pro Staff 97LS WITH Wilson Leather Grip String: Luxilon ALU Power Spin @ 53lbs Grip Size: 4 1/2 Head Size: 97 sq. in. Condition: 9/10 Time Used: 5+ hours Description: Absolutely no cracks, ONE small paint chip and some minor scuffing on bumper. Price: $100 2013...
  6. ednegroni

    FS: Wilson Pro Staff 97LS w/ Leather Grip (4 1/2)

    2014 Wilson Pro Staff 97LS WITH Wilson Leather Grip Grip Size: 4 1/2 Head Size: 97 sq. in. Condition: 9/10 Time Used: 5+ hours Description: Absolutely no cracks or paint chips, some very minor wear on bumper. Price: $120 (shipping included/PayPal only) Seller's Contact Info...
  7. ednegroni

    WTB Wilson PS 97LS (4 1/2)

    Racquet must be in very good condition and seller willing to ship to Puerto Rico via USPS.
  8. ednegroni

    Same grommets on Yonex Ai Lite and Ai Lite Pink?

    Are the grommets the same in both racquets?
  9. ednegroni

    Yonex Ai Lite Grommets

    A friend of mine ordered a pair of grommets for his son's racquets but they don't seem to fit. Did he order the correct ones? The original grommets on the racquet are completely black, these have some gray sections on it.
  10. ednegroni

    FS: 2014 Wilson 6.1 95S (4 1/2) 8.7/10

    Selling the following racquet: 2014 Wilson Six One 95S String: Luxilon ALU Power SPIN @ 53lbs. Grip: 4 1/2 Head size: 95 sq. in. Condition: 8.7/10, racquet has been used for months, it is in excellent conditions with minor paint chips and absolutely no cracks. Price: $85 + ($15...
  11. ednegroni

    Height, weight, and what's your current frame?

    I'm about 6' @ 160lbs and the heaviest racquet I can handle without problems in all aspects of my game is about 11.3-11.6, depending on balance. My ideal swingweight is 318 or so. I'm currently 4.5 in PR. Heaviest racquet I've used was a Youtek Extreme Pro and I couldn't get it around for...
  12. ednegroni

    FS: 2014 Wilson Pro Staff 95S (4 1/2, 9/10)

    Selling the following racquet: 2014 Wilson Pro Staff 95S String: Wilson Ripspin 17 @ 54lbs Grip: 4 1/2 Head size: 95 sq. in. Condition: 9/10, racquet has been used for 4 hitting sessions (8-9 hours), it is in excellent conditions with NO paint chips or cracks, and only a couple of scuff...
  13. ednegroni

    FS: Wilson 6.1 95L (4 3/8)

    The racquet is in great conditions (9/10) with some minor paint chips and scuffs but no cracks at all. It was used for two months or so (10+ sessions). Strung with ALU Power SPIN (tension is under 50 at the moment) Price: $100 + $15 (shipping) Payment through PayPal Item is in...
  14. ednegroni

    Eagnas Clamps (PN-1012) and possible replacements

    I bought a Flex 940 with the idea of adding a Wise 2086 in the near future but I'm already having problems with the clamps. Right out of the box, the clamp wheels were VERY difficult to rotate (tight?) and adjust as needed. It's been about two weeks and I'm going to send them in so their...
  15. ednegroni

    TW not carrying Wise 2086 anymore?

    I can see the accessories but not the machine itself.
  16. ednegroni

    TW selling stringing machines @ Indian Wells?

    I know the website says the machines are drop-shipped but is there any chance to buy one at IW?
  17. ednegroni

    Machines sold @ USTA Annual Meeting?

    The meeting will be held over this weekend in Cali and I'm wondering if racquets and/or stringing machines will be sold on the premises? I've been waiting for some money to come in to buy the stringing machine and after a couple of months it's time. My "problem" is I live in Puerto Rico and...
  18. ednegroni

    Your lead placement on bottom side of racquet

    I'm still tweaking with my 95L and it's currently at 11.15 with lead at 3&9 and about 8 inches up the grip (wrapped around). If my makeshift balance board and measurements are correct, it's 2pts HL. When hitting flat serves or going for fast overheads, I feel the racquet pulls the handle...
  19. ednegroni

    2010 Wilson racquet specs

    I'm looking for the unstrung specifications for the 2010 BLX Pro Open and 6.1 Team. Hope you guys have it somewhere in your DB
  20. ednegroni

    Where to call USTA to get 2013 (actual) NTRP?

    Friend is 2012 5.0B and never got his 2013 year-end rating. He only played mixed league and all he wants is to check if he gets a 5.0C to be able to appeal. Thing is our local league coordinator (Caribbean) has no clue what to do apparently and league already started. Anyone that can point us...
  21. ednegroni

    Wilson Tungsten tape? Anyone?

    I haven't seen it online yet. I only saw it in a video of a Wilson rep presenting the new 6.1 lineup, and he held up the tape package when talking about the 'customization stripes' in the paintjob.
  22. ednegroni

    Best RED FELT transition balls

    To those who have tried multiple brands in their lessons, which are the top 1 or 2 balls in your opinion? Mine are: 1. On Court Off Court: They are a bit smaller in size, somewhat faster, and even though the bounce is a bit higher than my kids expect, it gets better results/success...
  23. ednegroni

    FS (2) 2012 Six One Team 4 3/8 (8.5/10)

    Racquets are in EXCELLENT conditions, both with small paint chip each and minor scuffs. Both racquets are weighted up to 11.3 at the moment, with lead in 3&9 o'clock and under the buttcap, but will remove unless buyer wants to keep it that way. Currently strung with ALU Power Spin (full bed)...
  24. ednegroni

    '14 6.1 Team vs. '13 6.1 Team

    Has anyone who owns the racquet hit with the new version?
  25. ednegroni

    Which machine to buy?

    I used to string on a Prince 6000 but I no longer work in those courts. I'm looking to buy something just for me (and/or low volume of clients) because I was pretty much breaking strings (ALU Spin on 16x18 SixOne Team x2) each week. Guessing I should go with a drop weight machine but which...
  26. ednegroni

    2014 Wilson line-up release date?

    I don't know if it's 100% accurate but my local Wilson distributor told me January. I'm anxious to see reviews of the racquets with the new drilling method, even more now that TW reviewed some Prince ESP models.
  27. ednegroni

    Luxilon ALU Power Spin comparison help

    Question for anyone who has (extensively) used ALU Power Spin: Have you used a string that plays about the same that breaks with less frequency? My info: Full Bed @ 52 or 53 I used a Pro Open for 2 years, strings lasted maybe 2 weeks. I'm currenntly using a Six One Team (16x18, with...
  28. ednegroni

    TW phone numbers not working?

    We've tried the primary number and the "Teams" number too.
  29. ednegroni

    FS: Dunlop Biomimetic M3.0, 4 3/8, 9.5/10

    Dunlop Biomimetic M3.0 Grip size 4 3/8 9.5/10: Excellent condition with minor scuffs Pictures available upon request, you can contact me by e-mail: Price: $140 (shipping included)
  30. ednegroni

    F/S: 2012 Wilson BLX Six One Team 4 3/8

    The racquet is 9/10, pretty much in brand new conditions other than some bumper scuffs and a paint chip 2 centimeters in diameter. I only used it on play lessons and one mixed doubles match. It's been strung twice, the last time being a couple of days ago. Strings are ALU Power Spin/NXT @...