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  1. Djokerr

    Best Male/Female outfit in a tennis match

    Here are some I liked:
  2. Djokerr

    Best SET in a tennis match ever played

    In my opinion, the 3rd Set played between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal - 2011 US Open Final is the best SET in a tennis match ever played till date. Reasons: Both players playing at their best and to their limits at the same time! Jaw dropping rallies, court coverage and defense Extreme...
  3. Djokerr

    Djokovic - Earth's Mightiest Warrior is well and truly back!

    Congrats to Djokovic and his fans. Winning Wimbledon 2018, the elusive Cincinnati (completing the Career Golden Masters) and now US open 2018 equalling Pete Sampras in total Grand Slam count (14). I'll start the celebrations with some crazy dance moves:-
  4. Djokerr

    Classify the players in Tiers!

    Tier 1: Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Zverev Tier 4: Murray (Reason why he is a member of Big 4, still far away though) Tier 8: Wawrinka, Cilic, Del Potro (Wawrinka has won 3 slams but is too inconsistent) Rest of the players would be Tier 11 or + in my opinion. You can even include inactive...
  5. Djokerr

    Federer's loss at Wimbledon 2018 is heartbreaking for Djokovic!!

    Federer was well aware of the future possibilities in Wimbledon 2018 before playing Kevin Anderson. Knowing that an in-form Djokovic could be in the finals against him and defeat him to become the first man to beat him 3 times on grass, Federer robbed Djokovic his opportunity to do so...