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  1. Heck

    2021 is going to be my year.

    With fewer USTA matches I invested in private lessons and it's helping my game big time. So 2020 is giving me the chance to get better.
  2. Heck

    Foot fault on every serve

    I feel any coach should take a few moments to just have them stand a few inches back to avoid a foot fault. This requires zero change in form and will not complicate any level lesson. If I were paying money I would want to correct any issues instead of lugging bad technic along for the ride for...
  3. Heck

    If you were a tennis coach, whose technique would you show your pupil for each shot?

    I just liked Mats all around game. It was good to win 7 slams in his time and his technic seems achievable and less risky. But comparing old school to new school is just good for chat.
  4. Heck

    Nick Bollettieri has found another cash cow (just my opinion)

    You are worth what people are willing to pay.
  5. Heck

    Wrist pain?

    I had wrist pain when I went up 5 pounds on my hybrid set up and went into lockdown with the pain. I was playing hard the last few matches. It hurt without tennis for a month and I made the choice to buy the wilson clash. I played a few months after and felt the wrist again even with the clash...
  6. Heck

    Played My First UTR Round Robin

    Thank you for that huge compliment. Tennis has given me so much in the last few years during a rough time that I try to support and promote it.
  7. Heck

    Played My First UTR Round Robin

    Sureshs is correct that I should have served and volleyed more. The times I did I won with clear winners. I also was aware of the parents watching but after the match, I joked with them and complimented them on the kid's wins. They were very nice and thanked me for playing. The kids were very...
  8. Heck

    Played My First UTR Round Robin

    These kids were more skilled than some of my tennis friends lol. If you take away the fact that there is a huge age difference and just judged it by the quality of the tennis it was a great day. They were not goofing off or distracted. I was the one losing track of the score lol. It was...
  9. Heck

    Played My First UTR Round Robin

    Here we are still in a tennis lockdown but one club had a UTR event so I joined up. Soon I realized that it was mostly junior players and I almost bailed out because I did not want to be the creepy old guy. I started thinking it would be fun to see how I can do and get a first hand look and...
  10. Heck

    Back to serving (Video)

    Nice to see tennis starting back up but sad to see no tables and chairs and police tape lol. That building in the back was put up in the last few years? I don't recall it when I was there last. Oh and my arm felt weak when I started to serve again but it is getting tennis strong again. I did...
  11. Heck

    Social Distancing Doubles?

    If I were afraid of an infected ball I would just stay home. I just plan to clean hands often during tennis play and (quick) ** Quit picking my nose on changeovers.
  12. Heck

    Women vs Men Video Recording

    So some of you may know I do a few tennis videos on my YouTube channel. I asked a 4.5 female who I pretty much had just met. She found it interesting that I had a channel and that is when I told her about my idea of doing match play vs all types of players. I said it would be nice to see how a...
  13. Heck

    Post videos of yourself playing well.

    If I remember someone had asked for a video and he asked me if I can post it up for him. Maybe I am a neutral avenue for him lol.
  14. Heck

    Foot injury: what is it called

    I started to suffer from plantar pain for a few months. It only slowly got better as I started to used a massage gun on the spot and worked the whole leg. It is all connected. Still played and it is 95% healed.
  15. Heck

    What constitutes captaining?

    A ban only hurts a player capt. If they can't play they will capt by proxy. It would suck not to play on teams. But I think a better way to punish a capt is time and a fine. But the issue of trying to enforce a fine is another story. All slaps on the wrist but really. If they find strong players...
  16. Heck

    Morality/Sportsmanship Question

    So tonight I played mixed with a partner that does not have much match experience. The har tru was brushed but the lines were not dusted. I told the home court player that maybe we should clean the lines but he said it was ok lol. This is 6.0 match by the way. So I overruled 4 line calls my...
  17. Heck

    4.5 Doubles Video

    Good match. You sure that last ball was long? lol.
  18. Heck

    Strange tournament match

    His partner was his 18 to 20 something daughter so we were feeling sorry for her. She just played like she may be used to that. They were using signals on every serve so they play together often.
  19. Heck

    First USTA 8.0 match of the year

    Mixed is fun but as I say about doubles, in general, it is fun and a great challenge if you have the right partners. If you are not on a team that feels like all friends or a mini family then it may not be fun. I play 6.0 as a 3.5. Is it the best tennis? Maybe not sometimes but I still have to...
  20. Heck

    Strange tournament match

    Well, it's my story and it is confirmed by my partner and 2 spectators of ours lol. I did not mean for it to be a rant just a story of what happened to me. Now the mark. The opponent I suspect was asking for us to show him the mark because he claims dirty courts leave marks. I assume it was a...
  21. Heck

    Strange tournament match

    The next round we faced a college 12 and 10 utr pair. We were lucky to grab one game a set 6-1 6-1 from them. They played great tennis. They were the 8th seeds but they lost 6-0 6-1 to the 1st seeds in the next round. The level of tennis was crazy but I am glad I have seen and felt it lol.
  22. Heck

    Strange tournament match

    I joined a tournament over the holiday and it was open and way out my 3.5 level. We got lucky with a buy and then a good chance to win the pair we faced. The match turned into a circus midway when we started to lead. My partner and I called a ball wide on a serve. The problem player asked if...
  23. Heck

    3 x 3.5 and one 4.0 causal doubles match

    I was paired with a 4.5 female that has been to nationals several times. She crushes overheads and volleys at the net. She has a low slice return that I can be aggressive on. My job is to serve smart. I can place the serve well so that sets her up at the net. We went undefeated in the season at...
  24. Heck

    3 x 3.5 and one 4.0 causal doubles match

    Thanks but the USTA did not bump me as I expected. The good thing is I get to play in mixed 8.0 with my 4.5 partners. You are correct. He is a bit rusty from a year off.
  25. Heck

    3 x 3.5 and one 4.0 causal doubles match

    I had a good match for the last one of the year. I am in red.
  26. Heck

    Post videos of yourself playing well.

    In the last doubles match of the year, I caught one of my best serves on video. Everything went right and the ball just popped off the strings. Felt great!
  27. Heck

    Post videos of yourself playing well.

    TTPS recently sent me his 3 year update video.
  28. Heck

    Farewell to @nytennisaddict

    Lots of interest in TTPS in this thread. He recently sent me his 3-year update video.