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  1. chjtennis

    Djokovic vs Wawrinka, 2013 Australian Open

    This is where the great modern era rivalry took off. How many more great matches have we witnessed between these two warriors since this one? I also feel the same way about last year's USO match as the beginning of the great rivalry between Nadal and Thiem.
  2. chjtennis

    Wise Kyrgios Rips Apart Yung Zverev

    NK indeed has shown a little more maturity recently than some of the players who people believed were more mature.
  3. chjtennis

    Zoolander Zverev

    Is this some silly partying from Zverev? We shouldn't forget he is only a young kid, even though I think he should behave more responsibly .
  4. chjtennis

    Djokovic Turns Inward for Redemption

    Djokovic doesn't seem to have scientific mind but more emotional and spiritual mind. Not surprising, he seemed to believe Covid19 was not real.
  5. chjtennis

    New York, New Jersey visitors must quarantine. USO?

    Will Djokovic, Coric, Dimitrov, Troicki and others have to self quarantine?
  6. chjtennis

    Who's the tallest graceful ATP player you can think of?

    Sampras was at his peak a few years earlier, but he still was good enough to be no.1. Do you think we should give Djokovic no credit for beating Federer in 3 finals of Wimbledon from 2014? I don't think so, even though we need to maintain the perspective Federer is 6 years older and much farther...
  7. chjtennis

    Who's the tallest graceful ATP player you can think of?

    In 2000, the year Sampras finished as no.1, Safin beat Sampras at USO final to win his first slam.
  8. chjtennis

    Who's the tallest graceful ATP player you can think of?

    Yup, I feel he very much underachieved. He was one guy that made prime Sampras nervous.
  9. chjtennis

    Who's the tallest graceful ATP player you can think of?

    Yes, I agree Stich is the most graceful and elegant mover in the history of ATP out of tall guys. (y)
  10. chjtennis

    Who's the tallest graceful ATP player you can think of?

    6'3" was thought to be the tallest you can get to be consistently good enough to be no.1. Becker was that tall and most of the people believed anyone taller might be too tall. However, Safin was 9'4" and became no.1, and since then, taller players became more and more athletic. Of the players...
  11. chjtennis

    Toni says a UO skip could be in the cards

    I'm sure Nadal will play, especially if Djokovic is not able to recover in time. He doesn't want to miss out on a chance like this.
  12. chjtennis


    Djokovic serves as a warning to all those who don't really take Covid-19 virus seriously. Look at those people gathered on a beach of UK. We just have to stay more vigilant.
  13. chjtennis

    Reading all the Djokovic related pandemonium on TTW

    I thought Djokovic was silly but sympathized him for contracting virus. However, after the rubbish his dad said about Fed, "Why do you think he is still playing at 40? Imagine that, a 40-year-old man still playing tennis, when he could go home and do some more interesting things. But since both...
  14. chjtennis

    Now official: Djokovic joins Dimitrov and Coric.

    What can you say. Wish they recover quickly, but Nole was indeed silly. I hope this brings everyone to realization that Covid-19 is real and it is still here to catch us.
  15. chjtennis

    Roger Federer vs Andre Agassi Highlights US Open 2005 Final

    A great match. Prime Fed v old but still great Agassi. Like Prime Djok v old but still useful Fed.
  16. chjtennis

    Is Murray really greater than Hewitt?

    Now that Murray has that no.1 record(including YE#1), Murray can finally claim he is greater than Hewitt. He is ahead in slam count, so it's a no brainer.
  17. chjtennis

    Big 4 Record against Nadal in Clay Finals

    You troll! :p;) Seriously, had Murray done better on clay earlier, Nadal would've had more wins over him. A bit like Nadal not facing Fed often enough on HC before 2009 because Nadal wasn't yet quite as good on that surface.
  18. chjtennis

    do you guys think nadal can beat djoker in us open ?

    Anything can happen amongst Big 3. They are very close. Djokovic will always be the favorite, but it's very possible for the other 2 guys to beat him.
  19. chjtennis

    If the 2020 U.S. Open is held, it will be very important who wins the competition.

    It would be great if USO is on this year. However, I hope they won't rush it. Do it only if it's absolutely safe.
  20. chjtennis

    You guys think FAA won't win slam?

    Of course, he will and he'll be no.1 as well. The real question is if he will beat Big 3 to win a major or he will be no.1 while Big 3 are still decent.
  21. chjtennis

    Toni said yesterday, "Fed is the best ever, but it's more difficult to play against Djokovic"

    Uncle Toni must have forgotten that Rafa hasn't been able to beat Roger on non-clay surface since 2015. 2019 Wimbledon Great Britain Outdoor Grass SF Roger Federer 763 16 63 64 2019 Roland Garros France Outdoor Clay SF Rafael Nadal 63 64 62 2019 ATP Masters 1000 Indian Wells CA, U.S.A...
  22. chjtennis

    Djokovic-Federer at Wimbledon: a unique case

    If anyone cannot see 2014 Fed was well removed from his peak, more so than Djokovic was, there's not much point in talking about this. Even in 2012, Federer wasn't at his peak but obviously he was physically younger.
  23. chjtennis

    Is there a clay player from the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s that could have beaten Nadal at Roland Garros?

    Yup, we should learn to disagree with respect. From what I see, though, there's a reason why serve and volley is a lost art in tennis nowadays. If you don't absolutely push your opponent with your approach on the backfoot, even with decent half chance, most top 100 players of present era would...
  24. chjtennis

    Federer wants ATP and WTA to merge into one governing body

    I'd have to disagree with Fed on this. I actually want men and women's tours to be separated altogether. Even slams. Organizers will benefit from extra ticket sales and also visitors creating more jobs for longer for their local businesses. Men and women's tennis can then take whatever their...
  25. chjtennis

    Is there a clay player from the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s that could have beaten Nadal at Roland Garros?

    It's not just about how hard you train. The technology is more advanced and even the age is being defied to some degree nowadays. Players generally play at higher level now compared 20-30 years ago. Just watch some old matches from 90s. You can see how faster and stronger players are now and the...
  26. chjtennis

    Is there a clay player from the 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s that could have beaten Nadal at Roland Garros?

    With same type of training and equipment, I think Borg, Muster, Bruguera, Berrasategi and Kuerten might have taken a few wins over Rafa at RG. All of these guys have strength that could trouble Nadal.
  27. chjtennis

    Rafa hasn't won a grass title since 2010 and indoor title since 2005?

    Grass season and indoor season are both very short now and we know too well those have been dominated by 2 of the other GOATS, just like clay has been dominated by Nadal. No shame in that.
  28. chjtennis

    Compromise on Murray

    If people are talking about the status of Murray in GOAT discussion, I have a firm opinion that he is NOT a GOAT. He simply hasn't achieved enough. His achievement is about as good as Gustavo Kuerten's but nobody even sees Kuerten as a GOAT, he is not even in the discussion. You can't argue...
  29. chjtennis

    A question for the Maestronians

    Of course. Nadal is 5 years younger than Federer and should be in better physical condition. Federer looked very slow from late 2019 onwards. I haven't noticed that kind of decline in Nadal's game yet and everybody knows Nadal is the best clay player of all time, so he will keep winning a lot of...
  30. chjtennis

    An idea: in competitive tennis, players should only be allowed ONE serve per point, not two

    Why do you only handicap serve? How about strings and racquet? How about long, grinding rallies? Serve is another skill in tennis and it's clear you can't win consistently with only serves. Ivanisevic, Forget, Rosset, Rusedski, Philippoussis, Roddick, Isner, Karlovic and Groth are all best...