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    Federer achievements

    20 majors
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    20for20 #17: 2017 2R, Istomin vs Djokovic

    Super. Loving the series. However, just like Federer at Wimbledon 2014 & 2015, and at USO 2015, you may have missed #18
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    Since Wimbledon 2001 only two lefties have been in a Grand Slam Final.

    Excellent research and excellent stat. Thanks for sharing
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    Federer the Iron Man of Tennis...

    Lovely article thanks for sharing
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    Djokovic vs. Federer: A decade at Wimbledon

    6>5 (Really nice analysis by the way)
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    2011-20 Djokovic is the greatest decade of all times

    Call me old fashioned but I'd rather win 17 majors than 16...
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    The Spectator's Grand Slam

    Seen all 4 finals. FO 2016 USO 2016 AO 2019 WIM 2019
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    yes or no : dominic thiem wins more than three grand slam in his carrer ?

    This post will be bumped in 8 years when Thiem has more than 5 majors. Heck it may even be bumped in June if he has 2 lol
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    Dominic Thiem is now 14-17 against the "Big Three"

    I believe @Red Rick was being sarcastic
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    I stake my rubles on Rublev: the official Andrey match watch

    There's a certain consistency and beauty about a 64 64 64 scoreline. (That's about all that can be said about a match where we failed to see a breakpoint)
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    I stake my rubles on Rublev: the official Andrey match watch

    The streak lives Saw the whole thing Wish someone could find a gif of cersei lannister saying "power is power" That's how I feel about the forehand right now
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    I stake my rubles on Rublev: the official Andrey match watch

    You've come to the right place ser
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    I stake my rubles on Rublev: the official Andrey match watch

    Guys this thread is a labour of love about Rublev. In it we shouldn't give a flying f*ck at a rolling donut about billionaire tennis players, and their shady business dealings. Let's keep it real before something bad happens to the thread. Thanks and take care.
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    Great article, made me sympathize with Zverev Respect for coming through tough times.
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    I stake my rubles on Rublev: the official Andrey match watch

    Getting the year started with a goaty endorsement.....wowza
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    Five set epics your favorite won in which you felt the opponent was the overall better player in the match

    Fedr v JMDP, FO 2012. Won a 5 setter but JMDP was better, and got injured. Also Fedr v Wawrinka AO 2017. To this day I have no idea how he pulled it out. He was a goner
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    Major thing we are forgetting that happened this year

    Huge titles (majors + YEC) Federer 26 Djokovic 21 Nadal 19
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    Federer keeps improving his h2h

    Djokovic, Nadal, Murray ages 2010-2014: 22-27 2015-2019: 28-33 22-27 is the peak of a player's ability It might help to do some serious analysis once in a while
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    As it’s the off season what’s the craziest.............

    The craziest place I've ever seen a tennis match is centre court for the 2019 men's Wimbledon final. I planned for 3 years to get the ticket, and my scheme came together at the last minute and I scored the ticket. Throughout the match I kept pinching myself and thinking I can't believe I'm...
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    Federer is now 1-9 against #1 at Slams

    Lol always happy to get in a stats mudfight. To save me the trouble of reading the thread may I request you let me know what are the main messages you wish the stats to tell? Thanks
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    Federer is now 1-9 against #1 at Slams

    I'm here. Lurking. How can I be of service?
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    IMPORTANT POLL - Who will be most successful player in 2020-2029?

    There's a very real chance one of the big 3 goes on a 3-4 major splurge near the start of the decade, and thereafter results are fragmented between many talented but not dominant players. Leading to one of the big 3 being the winningest player of the decade.
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    Safiullin Betterer than Safin - Diamond Age Report #LXVII

    Gobsmackingly brilliant homage to the peerless @Meles Sheer genius
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    Age distribution of all Open Era major finalists

    End of decade is a good time to update methinks
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    Is it time to get tickets for the final in case the dream matchup happens

    I am flying 9 time zones to watch the match. Will be in New York for 36 hours.
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    Djokovic: "Today, I Retire for Serbia"

    He should either have finished the match, or given a walkover