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  1. dmbroddick

    Agassi polo

    Some European tennis sites have posted this up for sale in the last 24 hours. Any chance you will be carrying this soon? And if so, release date?
  2. dmbroddick


    Will the current line out be the last from Nike with the current RF logo? Or will you be required to pull it down from the site or your store because the deal is official now?
  3. dmbroddick

    Federer Air Xoom Vapor X AM 95 Heren

    Do you know if you will be getting this shoe next month? And if so, when it releases? Also, when does the next wave of Nike apparel and shoes release? Thanks in advance.
  4. dmbroddick

    Nike Fed 20 hat

    Will you be carrying the Nike Fed 20 hat? I noticed the Europe site has it up for sale. Thanks in advance.
  5. dmbroddick

    Fed Zoom Flyknit AJ3 8/21

    Do you know anything about a special Nike Zoom Vapor AJ3 for Federer releasing August 21st? And if so, will you be getting it?
  6. dmbroddick

    Fed 18/9 apparel

    Any chance we can expect any special apparel from Nike for Fed's latest achievement?
  7. dmbroddick

    Flyknit Vapor 9.5 US Open colorways

    Can you tell me when the Flyknit Vapor 9.5 models for the US Open/Fall will release and be available? Thanks in advance.
  8. dmbroddick

    Nike Flyknit Vapor 9.5 Release Date

    Can you tell me the release date for the Flyknit Vapor 9.5 Paramount Blue/Ghost Green? I believe the Nike stock number for it is 916834-403...
  9. dmbroddick

    Flyknit Vapor 9.5 Release Date?

    Do you know the US release date on Vapor 9.5 Flyknit black/white/volt?
  10. dmbroddick

    Fed Vapor 9.5 at Cincy

    Will this Nike Vapor 9.5 Roger Federer colorway be available at retail or is it a player exclusive? [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  11. dmbroddick

    IW Exclusives

    Will the Nike IW exclusives in your tent be available online after the tournament?
  12. dmbroddick

    Fed WTF Vapor 9.5 Jordan

    Will you be carrying the black Vapor 9.5 Jordan that Nike is releasing for the WTF?
  13. dmbroddick

    Next seasonal markdown tomorrow or 4/1?

    I apologize in advance, but I couldn't remember from past season for the life of me. Seems like forever since this season debuted around the first of January, but my memory says April 1st.
  14. dmbroddick

    Nike US Open apparel

    Do you know if you will be carrying the two Federer Nike shirts on the far right with the outline of his face with bandana and the red shirt with the white and black RF? Thanks.
  15. dmbroddick

    US Open Event and Player tees

    When does the US Open Nike event and player tees and gear release? I was thinking that it's usually the 1st of August, but didn't notice any up today. Thanks in advance.
  16. dmbroddick

    US OPen release dates?

    Can anyone on here, or with TW let me know the release date on the US Open stuff? The Nike shirts of years past for Federer, Rafa and the Open like "Advantage Federer", "Roger That!" and such.
  17. dmbroddick

    Vapor 8 blue colorway

    Can you answer my question now with regards to the blue colorway of th Vapor 8's that are on your Europe website? Will they eventually be available in the US? And if so, can you let me know when? Thanks.
  18. dmbroddick

    Feder Vapor spring 11 shoe

    I see pictures of the new Vapor for spring in both a yellow and blue colorway. Will you get be getting both colors, or is one exclusive to Europe? Thanks in advance.
  19. dmbroddick

    Federer shorts?

    I noticed that the Federer shorts for the French were a Europe only exclusive. Will this be the case with Nike going forward or can expect his shorts again in the US?
  20. dmbroddick

    The rest of the Nike Summer 2010 line?

    Do you know when the rest of the line will be out, such as the Federer Bluegrass FO polo and jacket? Thanks in advance.
  21. dmbroddick

    Federer 16 shirt and hat?

    Any word on any shirts or hats celebrating #16? Thanks in advance.
  22. dmbroddick

    Federer's Limited Shoe for the US Open

    Like the title says...
  23. dmbroddick

    Nike and Fed's 15th = anything special?

    I was wondering if there are any plans from Nike to produce anything special to celebrate Roger's 15th GS...shirts, shoes, jackets? Thanks!
  24. dmbroddick

    New Babolat racquets...

    I apologize in advance if I missed this somewhere, but is there a definitite release day for the new Babolat racquets? I have read anywhere from next month to fall of this year. I would love some concrete information. Thanks.
  25. dmbroddick

    Breathe Cage navy blue/university blue

    Did I miss it? Did you sell out of these? If so, are you getting a restock? If not, can you tell me when you expect to them? Thanks!
  26. dmbroddick

    New Nike Federer and Nadal tees?

    Will you be getting Nike tees like the one below?
  27. dmbroddick

    NYC 2008 Nike Jacket

    I see that you're currently sold out of this jacket. Any chance you will be getting any more in stock? Thanks-Nick
  28. dmbroddick

    Blake's Shoe at Indy Tournament

    I know in the past that you have carried some exclusive colors for Nike shoes(like the Breath Cage Davis Cup). Is there any chance you'll be carring the color combo for the newest edition that James Blake was sporting at the Indy Tournament? It was mainly red in front with a gold swoosh. I...
  29. dmbroddick

    TW STAFF-? Regarding Andy Roddick's US Open grey Pump shoe

    When Roddick's new Reebok Pump shoe in the grey color become available on the website? Thanks!