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  1. BauerAlmeida

    Why is Isner solid from baseline and Karlovic is awful?

    Because just like there are players that are short (or average) and some are much better than others, the same happens with tall players.
  2. BauerAlmeida

    The most talented among these...

    Safin > Federer >> > > > > > Ríos> > > > > > > Kyrgios
  3. BauerAlmeida

    The most sudden decline ever?

    Guillermo Coria in 2006. Had a disaster season after finishing TOP 8 for 3 consecutive years, winning M1000s, being RG finalist and #3 in the world. Never became a top player again.
  4. BauerAlmeida

    Who will play the Wimbledon final against Djokovic?

    Nadal probably. He doesn't lose to Federer in a slam since 2007 and always routines Murray in natural-surfaces slams.
  5. BauerAlmeida

    Does Federer have another HC slam in him?

    This Wimbledon is his last chance for a Slam imo.
  6. BauerAlmeida

    Who would win: Roddick 2004 Wimbledon Final vs. Djokovic 2011 Wimbledon Final

    I think it would be close. It would also depend if it's on 2004 surface or 2011.
  7. BauerAlmeida

    Best 10 comeback performances in men's tennis?

    Agassi vs Medvedev in RG 99'
  8. BauerAlmeida

    Which player over the past 20 years wasted his talent?

    Agree with these 3. I would add Baghdatis and Haas too. Allthough Haas' main problem were injuries and I don't know if that falls in the "underachieving" category.
  9. BauerAlmeida

    Delpo proof of what isner is capable of ?

    Del Potro is twice the player Isner can ever aspire to be. Isner has a much better serve obviously (and volleys), but that's it. His ground strokes aren't better at all. His movement either. And JDMP is much stronger mentally and smarter.
  10. BauerAlmeida

    Congrats to Del Potro. Is he ready to break into the top 4?

    This pretty much. I think it will be 1-Djokovic 2/3-Nadal/Murray 4-JMDP Federer will already be behind them in the Race after IW and won't be playing until Madrid.
  11. BauerAlmeida

    Why hasn't Berdych won a slam after all these years?

    Djokovic was done after the USO. He went like 6-4 after that. 2011 was his best season because of what he did from January to September. Murray is the only one of the TOP 4 that Ferrer has a chance against. Berdych beats Federer regularly, Ferrer couldn't even beat him once. And even if TB...
  12. BauerAlmeida

    Why hasn't Berdych won a slam after all these years?

    I agree. Tsonga and Delpo are better players, but he is better than Ferrer. Ferrer is more consistent but Berdych's peak is better for sure.
  13. BauerAlmeida

    Why hasn't Berdych won a slam after all these years?

    Slow courts. He can't hit through Nadal and Djokovic who have an outstanding defense. He probably would've won 1 in the 90's.
  14. BauerAlmeida

    David Ferrer is better than Berdych, Tsonga and Del Potro

    Tsonga and Berdych have a slam final and a M1000. Ferrer doesn't have a Slam final and could finally won a M1000 when everybody else tanked and faced LLODRA in the SF and JANOWICZ in the final. Berdych and Tsonga are actually a threat to the top guys. Tsonga beat every top 4 at the slams...
  15. BauerAlmeida

    David Ferrer is better than Berdych, Tsonga and Del Potro

    Berdych and JDMP are a bad match up for Ferrer. But most of Ferrer wins against Del Potro came last year (as I said, Ferrer is atm the best of them). The 2 times they played after DP broke through and before he had the injury, he won them in straights. Still, Ferrer leads the H2H fair and...
  16. BauerAlmeida

    Top 10 in 5 years time

    1-Raonic 2-Nishikori 3-Del Potro 4-Djokovic 5-Tomic 6-Murray 7-Dimitrov 8-Harrison 9-Dolgopolov 10-Tsonga
  17. BauerAlmeida

    David Ferrer is better than Berdych, Tsonga and Del Potro

    LOL. At the moment he is a better player and deserves the #5 ranking. But Tsonga, Del Potro and Berdych are better players. Higher peak game and better career. It's pretty obvious.
  18. BauerAlmeida

    Which current pro would you go out for drinks with?

    Gulbis. If we were including retired players Safin obviously.
  19. BauerAlmeida

    Nadal is balding!

  20. BauerAlmeida

    The biggest myth in the ongoing Sampras-Federer debate....

    You can make a point about Laver or Gonsales (even Borg) being better than Federer. But Sampras not really. He is pretty much better at everything and the opposition he faced wasn't very different in terms of level.
  21. BauerAlmeida

    Why is nadal so much more popular than Djokovic?

    Less than Nadal though. And I'm talking about being in the top of the sport. Regularly competing for gs titles and the number 1 ranking. Djokovic started doing that 2 years ago.
  22. BauerAlmeida

    Can Djokovic Win 7 Australian Opens?

    No. He will win 2 more (6 total).
  23. BauerAlmeida

    If Sampras plays today, where would be ranked ?

    Nadal would have more chances against Sampras on grass than Sampras against Nadal on clay (if he would have any chance).
  24. BauerAlmeida

    Which non-Big-Four top 10 player will make the most improvements in 2013?

    Del Potro and Nishikori. EDIT: Just read the top 10 thing, so that obviously leaves Nishikori out. I would love to say Tsonga, but he will be always inconsistent and a bit of a headcase.
  25. BauerAlmeida

    If Sampras plays today, where would be ranked ?

    It's impossible to know. With his 90's game he wouldn't be so succesfull in this courts. So I say he would be ranked 5. But he would play completely different than he did.