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  1. gsquicksilver

    Pro Staff 6.0 85 Grommets Availability

    Hi TW, just curious if there will be a new shipment in for purchase of the pro staff 6.0 85 grommets. thanks!
  2. gsquicksilver

    Made in Belgium PS85?

    there this guy on the bay claiming his stick is made in belgium and that the first few batches were made by donnay. what do you guys think? item#200542268518
  3. gsquicksilver

    chopstik = great seller

    I just recently purchased this racquet from chopstik: He's a great seller with fast shipping and great communication. Would definitely do business with him again if the opportunity arises.
  4. gsquicksilver

    Wilson BLX/K-Factor Six-One 95 16x18 Grommet

    TW staff, any news on these grommets? They were slated to arrive 7/17. Thanks.
  5. gsquicksilver

    PureCarlosMoyaDrive = Awesome Seller

    PureCarlosMoyaDrive is a very honest seller and a very fast shipper. I received my racquet from him about 2 days after purchase. I would definitely do business with him again! Here is the for sale thread for reference...
  6. gsquicksilver

    Ever Wondered How Sampras Would Have Done If He Used a PC600?

    given sampras's style of flat ground strokes, ever wonder how sampras would have done if he used a PC600? some things to consider: -pc600 is slightly bigger in head size, which might have helped sampras at the french -dense string pattern of the pc600, for his flat strokes
  7. gsquicksilver

    Head Cap Grommets

    which cap grommets available on TW would fit theses sticks: prestige classic mid pro tour 280 mid+ thanks!
  8. gsquicksilver

    Prince Graphite II

    just curious, how much do you guys think i should pay for one of these used? 8/10 condition, oversized. thanks!
  9. gsquicksilver

    Tennis Warehouse Leather Grips

    quick question: which version of the tennis warehouse leather grips is closest to the size and thickness of the fairway leather grips? i'm planning to order soon. thanks!
  10. gsquicksilver

    Jimmy Connors Endorses Wilson Pro Staff
  11. gsquicksilver

    where's ana ivanovic's mojo?

    ana got upset by Alisa Kleybanova of russia. i'm just hoping she's not a 1 slam wonder like roddick. any thoughts?
  12. gsquicksilver

    KPS88 for sale now at TW!

    don't know if this has been posted, but the KPS88 is now for sale on TW!
  13. gsquicksilver

    TW no longer selling TW exclusive leather grips???

    is TW no longer selling it's own brand of leather grips?:confused:
  14. gsquicksilver

    Prince POG Mid Grommets

    to the POG experts out there, do you guys know if the new POG mid 93 grommets and bumperguard will fit on the old single stripe POG mid? my old grommets and bumperguard are worn out and cracking.
  15. gsquicksilver

    the sting is back

    looks like wilson brought back the sting and it joins the lineup in the K series. it sports the classic blue color it always had but it's no longer a high tier players stick like it once was back in 80's when it had the arch bridge. but it's cool to see wilson coming back to some old model...
  16. gsquicksilver

    so sad...just so sad to watch...

    sampras demolishing a ps85 st. vinny....makes me cringe just looking at it :(
  17. gsquicksilver

    Agassi's Kid!

    don't know if anyone saw this before, but i thought it was pretty neat. :D
  18. gsquicksilver

    Federer and Nadal had this to say about Sampras...

    Federer: "Obviously it's on my mind," Federer said. "But it's not like anything where I say I have to beat this record otherwise it's no good. Pete Sampras is maybe the greatest player we've ever had. So to come out and break his record, it's not the easiest thing, I know that. It takes me five...
  19. gsquicksilver

    Torn between the PS85 and Max200g

    i got bored recently so i decided to dig out my old max 200g's to hit with. after the first stroke, i was like, "whoa..." the sweetspot on that stick is dead on. so i kept hitting with it and today i also went to practice with that stick. i think i'm falling in love with it. it's more...
  20. gsquicksilver

    Fixing Warped Wood Frames?

    is it possible to repair/unwarp a warped wooden frame? for example, the tip of the racquet head around 11 to 1 o'clock is bowed in, is it possible to straighten it out?
  21. gsquicksilver

    Dunlop Max LT

    i just got this stick from the big auction site. it is still brand new. has anyone ever heard of it and know the specs?
  22. gsquicksilver

    Head Edgewood

    does anybody have any information about this racquet, a picture perhaps? i'm in the market to get one of these and was wondering if anyone would know what the value of this racquet is. thanks!
  23. gsquicksilver

    Dunlop XLT Boron

    i happen to come across this stick recently and was wondering if anyone has any info on this stick. in particular, was it a popular stick, how much it retailed for, etc.
  24. gsquicksilver

    White Wilson Buttcaps

    I was wondering if there's a chance the old white Wilson buttcaps with the red W logo would ever go back on sale/production again. All I see available now are the black ones with the red square logo. Thanks!
  25. gsquicksilver

    Head Prestige Question

    i'm a little confused. i'm a wilson PS85 guy, so i'm not quite familiar with the head line as i'd like to. i've seen racquets from head that look like the prestige classic, in particular the white version and the green versions. are there any differences between these compared to the...
  26. gsquicksilver

    White Wilson Butt Caps

    does anyone know if they still sell these? i'm in need of replacing some busted old white wilson butt caps that have the red logo on them, but can't find them anywhere. all i can find on TW are the black/silver and the black with red trap door.
  27. gsquicksilver

    New PS85 Grommets fit St. Vinny's...

    ...with some work. i got my new grommets from TW today and put them on a st. vinny stick. what you need to do is sand down the 3 and 5 holes on the grommets outer (if you are counting from the side bottom up). also the bumper guard holes 7 (counting from the end of the bumper guard up, both...
  28. gsquicksilver

    Anyone Here From The UCI Tennis Club?

    went hitting last night at UCI and came across some club members from there. i was wondering if anyone of them are on this board!
  29. gsquicksilver

    Orange County, CA Tennis Tourny/Leagues?

    do anyone one of you know of any tennis tournaments or leagues in orange county? preferably around the fountain valley or irvine area. thanks.
  30. gsquicksilver

    Babolat Strong Play 16

    Has anyone ever tried these poly strings? How do they compare to BB? I was wondering if this would be a good choice for a PS Tour 95 strung at about 55 pounds. Thanks.