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  1. iplaybetter

    Prince 3000 stringing machine for sale-1500

    Hi all selling my prince 3000 stringing machine, its in great shape 8/10 id say. Comes with lots of good tools including a red handle babolat starting clamp. Pictures available upon request, I am located in MD, asking 1500. Killer machine, small price jump from the prince cranks but the quality...
  2. iplaybetter

    Prince 3000 stringing machine for sale

    Hi all , looking to sell my prince 3000 stringing machine. Its a killer machine in great shape, probably 8/10. Comes with lots of tools including a red handle babolat clamp. Looking for $1750, I am in Maryland and willing to drive a reasonable distance or ship (cost will be figured out)...
  3. iplaybetter

    Prince 3000 stringing machine for sale

    Hi all, looking to sell my prince 3000 stringing machine, it is in excellent shape, probably 8/10 if not a little better. Its a really fantastic machine with some unique features that set it apart. Comes with lots of tools including a red handle Babolat starting clamp. I am looking to get $2000...
  4. iplaybetter

    Prince 3000 hold down stock modification

    I finally had the time to do this modification to the hold down stocks on the prince 3000, The idea is taken from craig brotman who is a tour stringer stringing on prince machines (last I checked), If you have used the machine you know that the wings on the stocks can make seeing the holes...
  5. iplaybetter

    Any word on the new alpha electronic machine

    i havnt had much time for tennis lately but the season is coming into swing so im back wondering if there is any news about the new alpha electronic machine that has been supposed to be out soon for a while now...
  6. iplaybetter

    Starting clamp comparison:Alpha(sold by tw), GSS, red babolat

    just picked up a red babolat starter today, will post comparison pics and input once i have strung with it a bit. stay tuned!
  7. iplaybetter

    Sliding adjustments...?

    So i am in europe and am going to get to play on some red clay. I play on green at home rather allot and am a very good and natural slider. I have played on red once in the states and found myself unable to slide as well but it may have just been me/the court. so my question is do you have any...
  8. iplaybetter

    FS: Prince ozone tour 4 3/8 grip 7/10

    I am selling one of my old(not really old just not current playing stick) prince ozone tour's. It is about 7/10 condition with a good bumper. Currently has a leather grip and some lead but that can be changed, looking for $75 strung and shipped or $80 if you want the leather. Have good...
  9. iplaybetter

    Absolute best cutters?

    So my xurons decided to snap on me(more to come on that later), and i have decided that i do enough rackets to let myself splurge on the best. So with this in mind, what are the best, hands down? I know xuron, i have heard tronex(which ones tho), anything else? thanks for the help, iplay also...
  10. iplaybetter

    EXO graphite 93 and 100, what they are and what they are not

    I am noticing a lot of threads talking about these, and many of them seem to lack understanding of what these frames are and are not. I hope for this thread to be a place to ask, tell, and read about these rackets. I will post a review for both rackets when I have the time to do so in a manner...
  11. iplaybetter

    3 new strings from Prince

    along with the new rackets they are coming out with new string, i have 3 types including a multi, a poly, and a hybrid will have more including pictures after i Finnish stringing should have pictures and rough playtest by this evening
  12. iplaybetter

    New prince sticks, specs +some new prince string

    am in the process of stringing up the new rebel and new POG100 also some new strings will post pics and specs after i hit with them later Graphite100 specs: unstrung weight-315gm 11.1oz unstrung balance-33.0cm 13in swing weight-300 power level-775 head size- 100sqi racquet length-27in...
  13. iplaybetter

    verry good transaction with brownbearfalling

    payed promptly and was just a generally good buyer, would not hesitate to deal with brownbearfalling again
  14. iplaybetter

    should have my hands on the new prince rackets withing the next two weeks or so

    If things go as planned, i should hit with them not next week but the week after, also expect to be stringing/customizing a batch or two the next weekend just giving a heads up, will have pics when i can get them
  15. iplaybetter

    335-$90 shipped, 16x20 4 3/8, 9/10

    one tecnifbre 335 16x20 4 3/8 grip stick has only been hit with for 5 mins, but has some very very light wear from being in my bag with other sticks can be strung as you wish assuming i have the string thanks,
  16. iplaybetter

    can we go to 3 lines on the sigs... yes im actualy askin

    just wonderin if we go get another line, totaly agree with the size limit concept just have found as of late that wheni want to throw a zinger in there i cant fit it just wonderin, expecting a no but figured that there is no chance of change if we dont ask thanks, iplay
  17. iplaybetter

    so... i broke myself says it all, but now i got some nice Ti hardware
  18. iplaybetter

    how to stay in shape, tennis and other, after severve ofside clavicle fracture

    well, i destroyed my clavicle doc said i could go hit so ill do that some, but its awkward with the arm in the sling, cant ride for real so im down in terms of fitness but can use the stationary bike any suggestions?
  19. iplaybetter

    so who has their new prince bag?

    i got mine the other day and :shock: its sweet :mrgreen: any one else get one yet?
  20. iplaybetter

    matched pair of tecnifibre 335's 16x20 4 3/8

    i am selling a matched pair of 335's i would say that they are in about 7.5/10 condition, but coudl easily be called 8/10 looking for $175 and that is with a tour 9pack can be strung to your specs
  21. iplaybetter

    matched pair of tecnifibre 335's 16x20 4 3/8

    i am selling a matched pair of 335's i would say that they are in about 7.5/10 condition, but coudl easily be called 8/10 looking for $175 and that is with a tour 9pack can be strung to your specs
  22. iplaybetter

    Cyclist, what do we think of tubeless for the road

    I just got Dura ace tubeless rims, and Hutchinson fusion 2 tires, have yet to ride them tubeless, but the hubs are butter, so what do the rest of you guys think ps, chess can i get some suggestions on uber budget tri bikes?
  23. iplaybetter

    cyclist, can i get your help on some new phat rims

    check out this thread and ad anything you can thanks
  24. iplaybetter

    So the racket roddick had rush-strung last night was done at...

    63lbs huricane mains, and vs crosses i was watching the stringer :mrgreen:
  25. iplaybetter

    2x tecnifibre 335, 4 3/8 16x20, 7.5/10

    two 335's matched for weight and balance, hoping to sell as a pair, but will split if i must, almost all the lead is hidden. each is 7.5/10, used a bit, not primary frames hoping to get $165 i can string them as you want thanks, email:
  26. iplaybetter

    My clasified ads

    i dont like these "why didnt it post" things, but i ahve tried multiple times wiht mutiple objects, and nothing has gone up? whats the deal?
  27. iplaybetter

    Compilatation of commonly, and repetitivly asked questions about stringing

    like my attempt int he stringing machine section, i will try again- disclaimer strings are very subjective, to each their own, dont blow up at me, i am just trying to make a compilation of things asked over and over Things often asked on the board: A)are reels worth it? reels are a very...
  28. iplaybetter

    The Be All End All Of Stringing Machine Inquery Threads

    The Be All End All Of Stringing Machine Inquery Threads, Well sorta this is my attempt at making one thread to eliminate the many threads that pop up on a regular, and repetitive basis klippermate vs. gamma X-2: the debate will go on, they are very similar, each has a plus and a minus, the...
  29. iplaybetter

    10 hole throats

    i strung a 18x20 hybrid tour the other day, and was suprised that it had a 10 hole throat what other sticks have this?
  30. iplaybetter

    Babolat R????????????

    any one :confused::confused: see:TORU YUSUKI here:http://www.g r a n d s l a m s t r i n g e r