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    Prince hairpin shape - foreign pallet?

    Hi All Ii I were to remove molded material from the handle of a Prince precision racket, what kind of shape would the hairpin have? I mean if the material are removed , would it be possible to install a pallet from Head or other brand? Simply put, can a pallet be installed on a Prince hairpin...
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    Prince Precision Graphite II 730 grommets

    Hi I am looking for grommets/bumperguards for my Prince Precision Graphite II 730 rackets. Please advise if you have some for sale/trade... Best lphansen larspaulihansen at yahoo dot dk
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    Onestring shake racket

    Hi Has anyone tried the Onestring Shake racket? It is a bit diffucult to get info.. Best Lphansen
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    Wanted : Angell asl 3

    Hi I am looking for an Angell asl 3, grip 2 or 3.. Good condition or better.. Preferably within the EU.. Let me know what you have? mail to larspaulihansen at yahoo dot dk
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    DrumWizOHBD great trader

    Just traded with DrumWizOHBD across the Atlantic Ocean! Despite the long distance everything went well. DrumWizOHBD Is very recommendable Lphansen
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    YTex Protour 16L String lime

    Hi I have 10 sets of Ytex protour 1.25 mm for sale or trade. Looking for cash of trade for other high-end strings. Many references as lphansen Mail to larspaulihansen at yahoo dot dk
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    Angell TC 97 custom

    Hi I am looking for one or more Angell tc 97 custom. Any specs and gripsize but not totally thrashed please! Mail to larspaulihansen at
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    YNB very recommandable

    I just did a trade with ynb. Transaction went smooth.. I would be happy to do another even though it was intercontinel.... Ynb is very recommandable! Best lphansen
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    Angel / Vantage 100 sqin

    I am looking for Angell or Vantage frames with flex 70 and 100 sqin head in good or better condition. Weight and grip size does not matter. Please send pictures etc.. to Larspaulihansen at yahoo dot dk Regards Lphansen
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    Foam to reduce vibrations and sounds

    Hi Has anybody here tried to inject some kind of foam into a frame. I mean not only in the handle but into the entire frame ? If so could you please explain how to get the foam all the way to the hoop without the foam expanding and cracking the frame. I have some hollow frames that need...
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    Dan Berger

    Hi I sold a racket to Dan Berger. Very good transaction in a good tone.. Dan is very recommandable :) Lphansen
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    Vantage VT 321 or Bastcore 30 (or Angell )

    Hi i am looking for these above mentioned frames. The Vt 321 is ofcourse the 100 sqin ra 63 racket! Bastcore 30 is also the 100 sqin. The Angell should also be 100 sqin and ra 63. With regards to gripsize ,weight and lenght is not importent as I'll customize anyway (but not shorter than...
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    Vantage VT 321

    Hi I' m looking for Vantage VT 321 rackets in good condition or better. Gripsize and weight is not important, however they need to be flex 63 hence vt321. I prefer frames in black but I'll consider all colours. Due to too many rackets I would prefer to trade with some of my rackets for...
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    Volkl pallet

    Hi I need 2 volkl pallets plus buttcaps in 4 3/8 or 4 1/4.... Have pallets in 4 1/2 for trade. Regards lphansen
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    Vantage bastcore bc 30

    Hi, I have 2 x vantage bastcore bc 30 for sale (or trade). They are both at least 9/10, only strung once and has very little court time. They are both grip 4 but I can provide 3 and 5 as well! Please make reasonable offers. Pictures available and plenty of references as lphansen...
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    Rlau - very recommandable

    Hi, I did a great trade with Rlau.. He is very recommandable.. Regards lphansen
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    FS (or trade)

    Hi, I have 3 x Boris becker Delta Core London for sale or trade.. Bought from TW recently and used sparingly. Condition is 9/10, grip is 4.. I dont use them any more and I hope that somebody else can get good use of them instead. I´m in Denmark and in good standing. You can make...
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    Great trade with JT_2eighty

    Just completed a long distance trade with JT_2eighty! Good communication on both sides.. JT_2eighty is very recommandable ! Regards lphansen
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    Boris Becker Delta core London

    Hi, I have for sale : 2 x Boris Becker Delta core London.. Condition is 9/10, hardly used , only rash on bumper. Grip is 4 1/2.. Asking price is 100 eur for one racket/ 175 for two plus shipping.. Plenty of references as lphansen.. Regards Lars
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    Wanted fischer pallets

    Hi, I'm looking for Fischer pallets in size 2 ! Regards lphansen..
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    WTB WTT - BB Delta Core London

    Hi I´m looking for one or some of these rackets.. Stun me with pics and prices !! I have rackets / strings or cash .. Regards lphansen.. larspaulihansen at yahoo dot dk
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    Wanted: yonex rdx500 98 sqin. 16 x 19 , 4 3/8

    As the title says one or two of these rackets in good condition. Also looking for bumper/ grommet for same racket. Possible trades: 2 Babolat anniversary grip 4 2 Wilson hyper hammer 5.3 , Henin racket, grip 4 2 Volkl V10 extended grip 4 3 Fischer Pro Tour ft grip 4 295 g 8...
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    JT_2eighty very recommendable

    Just traded strings with JT_2eighty.. Everything went smooth.. Thanks lphansen
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    FS/FT Babolat anniversary RED

    Hi, I have for sale (or trade) 2 x Babolat pure drive gt anniversary. They are 9/10 condition, only played very few hours.. Grip is 4 1/2, one freshly strung with babolat vs gut and lux. alu power, the other with highend multi filament and alu power. Fitted with babolat leather and bumper...
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    TW Europe service check

    Hi , I bought a bunch of stuff from the European chapter and the parcel arrived surprisingly swift, excellent... Among other items I needed a new bumper for a Head prestige Pro racket, but only one of the sidebumpers was correct version; the other half was for the MP version. A few mails...
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    Many rackets FS/FT

    3 x Volkl c-10 pro extended, grip 4. (2 in condition. 7.5, 1 in condition 9). 3 x fischer pro tour ft , 295 gr, grip 4, condition 9 or better.. 2 x wilson hyper hammer 5.3 powerangle holes, grip 4 (Henin racket), condition 8. I'm interested in either cash or trades for Head prestige...
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    HELP needed with MADRAQ

    I'm the happy owner of a Madraq racquet and I'm about to restring it. If You recently have strung a Madraq racquet, have a pattern or know how its supposed to be done please share your knowledge. For instance does it have to be a 3-piece job, how much lenght is required and what...
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    esky_lid very recommandable

    Just did a deal with esky_lid ! Transaction went very well even though it was all around the world ! Prompt payment, smooth transaction.. Regards lphansen
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    FS (or FT) Babolat PD Roddick GT Plus

    Hi, I have one Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT Plus for sale or trade ! Condition 9/10, grip 3 (4 3/8)... Asking price 125 us$, however the racket is situated in Europe ! Regards lphansen larspaulihansen at gmail dot com
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    Excellent and smooth transaction with Ray Wong

    As the title say all went smooth despite long distances... Ray Wong is very recommandable ! lphansen