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  1. adista4

    Tourna big hitter silver 7 tour string breaking constantly... on the machine and merely getting 2 hours of play before breaking

    So, I ordered a reel of the mentioned string above based on the good reviews, but I can merely string a racket with this string because it breaks while stringing almost every time. They break at the grommets, I managed to string it on a LM Radical Os, and it lasted me 2-3 hours, before breaking...
  2. adista4

    Question for HEAD LM Radical MP users

    Hy guys, I want to know from those who still use or have used the Head LM Rad MP in the past, the stringing tension to make the racket more soft, without going too low on the tension. Currently I play with the Head Flexpoint Rad Tour strung with Signum Pro Hyperion 1,24mm at 26x25kg. I know the...
  3. adista4

    Is this a crack or a paint chip?!

    Hy guys, I recently bought a used pro stock Head Radical, and noticed this on the throat. Wondering if it is a paint chip only, or a crack. Do tennis racquets crack in that area? Thank you in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. adista4

    Head Flexpoint Radical Tour possible crack?

    Hy, just bought a Head Flexpoint Radical Tour and today noticed these on the throat of the frame. Are these cracks or paint chips? Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. adista4

    signum pro tornado on a prince textreme tour 100p setup

    Has anybody tried signum pro tornado on a prince textreme tour 100p in a full bed? If so, what tension? Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. adista4

    Lucas Pouille string tension

    Hey, does anybody know what tension does Lucas Pouille have in his Prince Tour 100P? Thank you in advance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. adista4

    Where can I find this bag? Help please...

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. adista4

    How do you properly fit tennis shoes?

    hy guys, I was just wondering how much space there has to be from the tip of your toe to the toebox of the shoe with socks on for a propper fitting of your tennis shoes. I'm currently wearing adidas adizero ubersonic 2 and mostly play on clay. I don't know if for the future I might want to go up...
  9. adista4

    Prince Original Graphite vs Prince Graphite Composite vs Prince Graphite Pro (all OS)

    hy guys, I have 3X POG OS 4 stripe version, and wold like to buy something similar, how does the POG OS compare to the Prince Graphite Composite and the Prince Graphite Pro? I could get these for a bargain...thanks in advance!
  10. adista4

    Luxilon Savage Black vs Luxilon Adrenaline Rough on POG OS

    I was wondering which one is better for spin access, power, control and comfort on my POG 4 stripe Oversize. Thanks in advance!
  11. adista4

    how do the new rebel 95s play???

    I just bough two prince exo3 rebel 95 and I found all that I was looking for in a tenis racquet. Serving big, maneuvrability and solid groundstrokes. BTW I have the 2009 version. Do the new rebels play the same as their predececessors?
  12. adista4

    prince rebel 95 code on the inside of the throat of the racquet...what does it mean

    so I bought 2 prince rebel 95 2009 versions from a guy and on the inside of the throat there is a code next to the exo3 logo:TX220A-95; 7TQ28 <B> do all the rebels 95 come with that code or are my racquets pro stock?
  13. adista4

    question for TWE prince exo3 tour 18-20

    Does TWE plan on bringing rhe prince exo3 tour 18-20 older model back in stock anytime soon?
  14. adista4

    Nikola Mektic racquet?

    Does anyone know what Nikola Mektic is using in this photo?
  15. adista4

    donnay ultimate pro?

    How does this frame play? I'm looking to buy one at a very low price, would like some feedback from users who played this frame, thank you in advance.
  16. adista4

    do I have a correct ball toss?

    Hey guys, I have been struggling with my ball toss for a while now, and I finally ended up with this. Do I toss the ball correctly, or do I bend my elbow too much during the toss? This was the major issue in the past....
  17. adista4

    Donnay WST Devil F100

    Just bought an old donnay wst devil f100. Does someone have any info on this racquet? I can't find anything on the internet regarding this stick.
  18. adista4

    the differences between Head Radical Tour (zebra) and the Head TT Radical Tour

    Hey, I would like to know the main differences between the zebra and the candycane from users who used both. Thanks in advance
  19. adista4

    Head Radical Tour TT OS (zebra)

    hey, I just ordered a head tt rad tour zebra OS and I would like to hear some input on the racquet by whoever ones one. I currently play the POG OS and the Head Radical LE OS. How do you guys compare these racquets to te zebra?
  20. adista4

    nike air max breathe 3 durability

    I recently bought a pair of breathe 3's and I was wondering about the durability of these shoes compared to other versions of the shoe like: BF 2, Breathe Cage and Cage 2. If anybody could give me some feedback, that would be great.
  21. adista4

    Prince Original Graphite OS

    Just ordered a POG OS and would like some thoughts on the racquet from any of you guys who still use them. My previous racquets are all Head Radicals: i.radical, LM rad and LE rad. Is the POG somehow similar to these in terms of playability?
  22. adista4

    adidas CC Feather III

    I wonder if anyone could give me some feedback on the CC feather III, because I'm considering buying a pair to use on hardcourts. I know it's specially built for claycourts, but I used some feather II's on hardcourts in the past and just loved them. Are the II's and III's any similar? I...
  23. adista4

    knee pain and popping sound when I bend it.

    Never had any problems before, but yesterday after my match I discovered my left knee makes a popping sound and started hurting when I bend it. Anyone experienced this before? Thanks in advance
  24. adista4

    me hitting against the wall
  25. adista4

    adidas ambition IV logo

    anyone using these? how are they? any good, because I was thinking getting a pair for clay and they are really cheap...thanks in advance:)
  26. adista4

    for ROVEX;)

    hey buddy they just arrived in my store:D I got one on grey...they are so much cooler than black:D
  27. adista4

    can someone explain me the european grip size measures

    I'm looking to buy an aero pro drive cortex and I want the grip size to be 4 3/8...and the options are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...could someone help me with this? I'm from europe and ordering from TWE
  28. adista4

    my freshly strung HEAD AA LE Radical OS PIC

    it's strung with Signum Pro Hyperion 1.30 mm (I'm a die hard SP fan:D) at 28-27kg. I think it looks awesome, just wanted to share with you guys. I use this racquet strictly for tournaments
  29. adista4

    Courtballistec 1.2

    have u had any experience with this shoe? Because my local nike store sells them pretty cheap...and I was thinking if it was worth it
  30. adista4

    to technifiber champion one tennis ball users

    I need some feedback on technifiber champion one tennis balls because I'm considering buying a 24 cans case. At least some feedback on any tecnifiber tennis balls would be apreciated