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  1. DismalFuture


    Rogie betters his record and pulls away from Djokovic, becoming the only player to lose 10 grand slam matches against the same opponent. We aren`t worhty :notworthy:
  2. DismalFuture

    REAL reason for Federer's loss

    I think there is something else and Swiss tennis federation and Switzerland as a country this time was involved to protect their player. The image and integrity of the game is most important thing than some injured players or any country player. I hope we can hear more of this but it may be...
  3. DismalFuture

    "They are against Djokovic because he chose the path of love"

    According to Pepe... Some tidbits from this interview: Q: Does it hurt you that your message has been questioned and might be considered frivolous? Imaz: "No, I respect these opinions and I speak from here(points to his heart)...People are free to speak their minds. They might call me a fool...
  4. DismalFuture

    Wawrinka to hold press conference on Dec 1st

    I don´t know if this was mentioned here before. It will take place in Geneva What will he announce? How worried should we be?
  5. DismalFuture

    Thiem won't win anything above the 500 level

    The brainless ballbasher will forever underperform. I'm calling it he won't even be able to fluke a masters on clay. Nadal will keep dominating clay and other younger and more talented players will win whatever the Nadal doesn't. As for other surfaces, Thiem is hopeless.
  6. DismalFuture

    Who is the GOAT?

    Simple question, who do you think is the GOAT (Greatest Over-achiever in Tennis).
  7. DismalFuture

    WTF or Olympics?

    Which one is more prestigious?
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    Bel2eve yes? Will the magic pills last until tomorrow night? Please Delpo, send him packing back to Alaska, I don't wanna see that face anymore: Argentinian Goat, no? Ole Ole Ole?
  9. DismalFuture

    Querrey vs Rublev = US Open Final

    Yes, you heard that right and you heard it here first. Big Sam is playing the tennis of his life and there's nobody to stop him until the final. On the other hand, the young Russian is hungry to make a big impact. I'm positive he'll go all the way.
  10. DismalFuture

    How far will Federer make it in Tokyo 2020?

    How far will he go?
  11. DismalFuture

    Will Fed and Nadal finally meet at the USO?

    The definitive match, the real GOAT decider. Will Nadal blow out early again? Will Federer's bad luck at Flushing Meadows continue?
  12. DismalFuture

    Dolgopolov match fixing Is it all over for the girly hair Ukrainian?
  13. DismalFuture

    Rank Federer's seasons

    Taking into consideration his level of play and accomplishments. From best to worst 2006 2007 2004 2005 2017 so far 2009 2012 2003 2008 2010 2015 2014 2011 2002 2016 2013 What is your ranking?
  14. DismalFuture

    Djokovic's announcement next week He has called for a press conference next week. Is he gonna take the rest of the year off? I think holding a press conference to just announce that he'll take some time off, isn't necessary...
  15. DismalFuture

    Will Nadal win the next 3 slams?

    At the level he is playing and the state of the rest of the tour, this doesn't seem too unlikely. What do you think?