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  1. Adam1985

    How's my serve? (slow-mo vid)

    Any thoughts about areas I need to work on would be really appreciated. I would like to get more power on my serve still and wonder if there are any obvious problems with the mechanics of the serve that are preventing this. (I am also leaving Thailand, where I currently live, in about a month...
  2. Adam1985

    Video: groudstrokes - one year after starting tennis

    I've slowed down the video a bit. I have a few ideas about what I need to work on: - 'Staying with' the ball after contact - Consistent swing pattern (esp. with backhand) - Setting up earlier (i.e. seeing the ball earlier and reacting) Oh and I'm the guy nearside in black, not the woman far...
  3. Adam1985

    Control vs. Elbow pain

    I'm currently using a co-poly (Head Hawk). I love the level of control I have with this. I'm pretty new to playing regular tennis (about half a year) but I really feel I can be extremely accurate with this string. But... my elbow is starting to give me trouble. Admittedly I've gone from not...
  4. Adam1985

    Check my ground strokes and serve please

    Hey - been reading these forums a while, but just signed up yesterday. I'm pretty new to tennis. I started playing regularly about 5 or 6 months ago and before that used to hit maybe four times a year on average. But now I really have the bug - I try to play most days and when I'm not playing...