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  1. Digital Atheist

    A Tribute to ISR on the Serve (for Chas)

    Thought this was interesting. Given the frame rate and overall poor quality, shoulder action still appears quite strong (Vic Braden commentating).
  2. Digital Atheist

    Interesting Take on Shadow Swings & My COVID-19 Experience

    Not sure about this, but for those with an old frame lying around, maybe it will prove useful: Been doing a few shadow swings of my own at home, mainly on the serve. It's been full lockdown for nearly 3 week here and since I had some extra time on my hands, I decided to mess around with...
  3. Digital Atheist

    Another take on ATP versus WTA Forehand (TPA Tennis)

    Quite an interesting video. I do like his overall approach.
  4. Digital Atheist

    Why I Don't Trust The Speed Calculator

    Here is the original video (HD) from when I was practicing raising my toss arm. As you can clearly see, the above is moderately gentle and there's more in the tank, also demonstrated by the fact the ball starts dropping into a standard 21" fence. Out of curiosity I decided to check the speed...
  5. Digital Atheist

    Serve Toss and Tossing Arm Positioning

    Historically I've always struggled to achieve a vertical (or near vertical) tossing arm. I know I'm not alone on this and it's one of the things I agree with @TimeToPlaySets on, since I've always been aware of the issue but it's been hard to correct without messing up other aspects of my motion...
  6. Digital Atheist

    Serve Update

    After receiving a fair amount of advice in my initial serve thread on here a while back, it's taken some time to actively hit the courts and make some changes as it is Winter here, but I think I am finally making progress. Still a WIP of course - particularly the tossing arm and toss in general...
  7. Digital Atheist

    For those struggling with the ATP "style" forehand ...

    Tomaz from FeelTennis has recently released an interesting video on developing a fundamentally sound modern forehand. For those who are struggling with the pat the dog/flip check points, there is an alternative approach that is supposedly simpler and may prove helpful. The accompanying article...
  8. Digital Atheist

    Just Another Amateur Serve ... Critique Away

    Greetings all; I'm new to the forum having made a few introductory posts, so now it's time for the dreaded video footage! Figured I might as well get it over with starting with serves, given I really think it's the toughest shot to master. I really need to have words with my *hitting...