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    Andy v Andy in Miami Tennis Cup right now on ESPN3

    They are playing in this exo tournament right now on ESPN3. Other matches were already played yesterday, final tomorrow. Wish I'd seen that Ferrero match. Surprised the crowd is so sparse.
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    Ken Meyerson, Tennis Agent (Roddick, Gonzo, etc) passed away at 47

    Here is the article from ticker: Roddick's agent Meyerson passes away at 47 Ticker - Thursday, October 20, 2011 Ken Meyerson, the longtime agent of Andy Roddick, passed away in his sleep...
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    Novak Djokovic splits from 'no gluten' Doctor

    According to L'Equipe, the French paper, the doctor who recommended Novak go on a gluten free diet has left the team. This was posted on twitter today by Christopher Clarey, who writes for the International Herald Tribune. LEquipe reports #Djokovic has split with Igor Cetojevic, doctor who...
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    Dent, Gambill, Goldstein to play Colorado State Open in Denver, Sept 9th - 18th

    For those of you in Colorado jonesing for a little bit of "pro" tennis... and Pro-Ams, Clinics, Grey Goose lounge, etc.
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    Robert Kendrick suspended for one year, until May 2012.

    Not a fan of his, but this seems to be a bit too much. I think 6 months would have been more fair.
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    Karlovic got a Miami Main Draw Wild card after all

    Per his twitter this morning: Woke up to great news that I got a WC into Main draw which is more than I asked for. Thank you @seopen. I better go book a practice court. So there must have been a late withdrawal last night, which put...
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    2011 TW Weight Loss club

    I brought up this idea after reading some of the posts in the Gastric Bypass thread. Before I post my fitness/weight loss goals for all the world to see, I would like to see who else is interested in posting theirs. Perhaps we can help each other out as the year progresses in this thread...
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    Sampras' trophies & other memorabilia stolen in LA

    From the LA Times:,0,1757631.column Hopefully going public will help him get all of this stuff back. If not, I bet his fans can help him with some of the memorabilia, I know I have a few of his magazine covers.
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    ABC/ESPN2 to broadcast Indian Wells, Miami next year. Buh-bye Fox Sports.

    All hail Larry Ellison! From the ticker: ESPN2, ABC to broadcast Indian Wells, Miami November 09, 2010 Indian Wells and Miami will be broadcast on ESPN2 and ABC next year. The SportsBusiness Journal reports that the ATP has negotiated for the two events to pay to be broadcast on...
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    MDA Telethon on Labor Day pre-empting USO for some US Viewers

    This happens every year, so this is a reminder for those of you who don't live in cities with CBS owned affiliate stations*, check your schedule now to see if your coverage will be pre-empted on Monday by the MDA Telethon. Some stations might have another local stations pick up the coverage for...
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    Nike Knockout Tennis event (Nadal, etc) on Ustream right now

    This hit and giggle is being streamed via right now (5:30 pm Pacific Time). I believe Federer is also going to play at some point. Right now its some horrific amateur/pro match.
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    Tommy Haas is going to be a daddy.

    Get married already Tommy. :) 07-05-2010 | "How time flies" Dear fans! Wow, I am really impressed how beautiful Vancouver and Vancouver Island (Victoria) is. I have always heard about it, but actually being there and seeing it with your own eyes was special. Victoria is where David...
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    Wimbledon Qualifying - Singles and Doubles, Men's and Ladies'

    It's the most wonderful time of the year... The Gentlemen's Qualifying draw: Gentlemen's Doubles Qualifying Draw: Monday's schedule...
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    Sampras vs Agassi, May 22, 2010

    Pete Sampras just did an interview with Steve Hartman and Justin Gimelstob on KLAC am570 in Los Angeles (and Fox Sports Radio) and Pete mentioned oh so casually that he was playing Andre in an exo on May 22nd, and possibly a few more times for the rest of the year. That's all he said, no...
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    Miami TV Schedule

    Here's the TV schedule (copied from MTF again). (paid service) ~~~~~~ FSN (National) - this is the schedule that the National network will put staff in the booth (Robinson, Gimelstob, Davenport) and make broadcasts available to the local...
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    Indian Wells TV Schedule (2010)

    I'm just copying this from the info posted at M T F so no credit due to me at all... **Friday, March 12 10:30 p.m. ET (live) Hit for Haiti ** *******************
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    Thanks Tennis Channel

    Hey Tennis Channel I know you get more criticism than love here at the TW forum, but I just wanted to thank you for all the tennis you are showing this week - Dubai, Acapulco, and now Delray Beach. I'm sorry that I've actually missed most of your coverage but I've been hooked on Olympic curling...
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    Tommy Haas becomes American citizen (dual with Germany)

    Who speaks German? Tommy Haas has recently become an American citizen, as written on the German side of his official website (gee Tommy, now that you're officially an American, shouldn't that piece of news be on the English side?). Looks like he's keeping his German citizenship and will hold...
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    Hewitt had surgery, out until Roland Garros

    Lleyton Hewitt is giving a press conference in Melbourne right now, here are two twitter posts about it: Matt Cronin: Hewitt tore his labrum off the right hip bone and had ligament damage. Just had surgery and hopes to be back just before French Open Jon Wertheim: Hewitt walks in on...
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    Roddick and Blake not playing Davis Cup in 2010

    According to Peter Bodo at
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    Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, buys 100% of Indian Wells including the land.

    Matt Cronin posted this possibility to Twitter last week and now it looks like a done deal. There is a press conference today out in the desert (maybe even as I write this) and Cronin is posting more bits and pieces to his Twitter right now. I'm sure there will be full details as the day...
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    Roddick re-signs with Lacoste through 2013

    Andy is doing (or just finished) a press conference in London right now to announce that he will stay with Lacoste until 2013 (info via t e n n i s h e a d Live on twitter, reporting from the O2 Arena). I'm sure there will be more detailed reports in the next few hours.
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    Commuting to the World Tour Finals by boat

    Earlier this week I was looking at the location of the O2 Arena on Google maps, wondering where players and media would be staying since it's kind of at the 'edge' of London along the very bendy part of the Thames and commuting can be a nightmare there. When Justin arrived he told me what hotel...
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    Tommy Haas has H1N1 flu

    According to German Eurosport: Google translation: Professional tennis player Tommy Haas was ill with swine flu. "I have a test done because I thought that I had swine flu. The test was positive," said...
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    K Swiss signs Sam Querrey for 2010

    Sam Querrey has signed an apparel and shoe endorsement deal with K-Swiss, according to a published report in the SportsBusiness Journal From the Tennis Channel twitter, Sports Business Journal is subscription only, here's the article preview linked from Google...
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    The actual excerpts of Agassi's book, from the London Times.

    Here are the links to the actual excerpts from Agassi's autobiography in the London Times that started all the fuss, along with a few links to other articles in the times covering the reactions and whatnot. Part one: Part two...
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    Maria S. has a go at Jankovic/Azarenko in five words.

    Maria is probably going to get into a little bit of trouble for this one
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    Wimbledon Men's Final videos - on court interview and others

    For those of you who missed it, or weren't quite clear on what was said (or forgot that Federer said 'he's going to win this one day, I hope') A snippet of Andy's press conference...
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    The Nike commercial for Federer's 15th Slam

    Featuring Pete Sampras, John McEnroe and others:
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    Roger Federer NetJets commercial right after RG match point

    For those of you outside the country that did not see this, NBC aired a new NetJets commercial right after match point in the RG final today (okay, that and the title was just to make easier for the search engine). Here's the link: Short, but very...