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    Alpha Gut 2000 vs Head Fibergel Power

    yeah NLBwell - you are right about the open string patterns. At 16x19 that I use, with 100 sq in head, and at the lower recommended range, strings move a lot and the sawing motion = broken strings. For both those strings, it's 8 - 10 hours for me in hot weather, longer in winter with less...
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    Alpha Gut 2000 vs Head Fibergel Power

    have been using both strings a lot and have found some interesting properties in the last year. I found that the Alpha string hits great first hit right after stringing. No break in period for me. It's uber soft, good power and control like most multifilaments, but as soon as you notice a...
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    Stencil (those who do it)

    I make stencils from simple drawings from the internet. My 10 year old wanted a sword, simple enough. I am currently into Chinese characters for my own hybrid (all nylon) but have had a silhouette of a person hitting a 2 handed backhand, a mountain bike, an alien face, nuclear power symbol...
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    Alpha Gut 2000 vs Head Fibergel Power

    thanks guys, some good strings to try!
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    Alpha Gut 2000 vs Head Fibergel Power

    I'm going to be stringing for some grayhairs (like myself) with some arm problems and these both sound like good, affordable multis. Has anyone had experience with BOTH of them and can offer a good compare/contrast between the two? I need some softness and also some durability for my friend...
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    Boxers or briefs while playing?

    whatever Rafa wears he needs to change... "adjusting" his underwear 1-2 times a point gets beyond annoying. He should just wear a jock and compression shorts... then nothing is going to "ride up"
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    Pete Sampras dampener

    and a slightly smaller/lighter but cheaper version of these dampeners can be bought at most Lowes or Home Depot stores... they are called cable grommets, to protect wiring.
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    Insoles - advice

    I have used various Dr Schols arch supports for about 25 years. Helped me back when I had "runners knee" in the 80's for distance running and I have used them ever since for tennis as well. I go with the 3/4 size for the shoe that go from the far back to almost the ball of the foot...
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    Lead Tape questions.

    With regard to lead tape, a litte goes a long way. It's surprising how different a racquet can feel with just a square inch or two... so my suggestion is go light on it.
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    Just hit the ball

    Though I voted NO, I want to scream at the TV and yell "JUST HIT THE BALL" when Djokovic or Nadal are bouncing the ball 15, 18, 20+ times before their first serve. Rafa does much better for 2nd serves... maybe 8-10... just HIT THE BALL already.
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    Need ideas on how to teach topspin to kids

    my sons are a bit younger, 6 and 8, but I occasionally show them visually and demonstrate topspin, (and backspin) with a volleyball, showing the action as I toss it toward them standing 10 feet away. This at least begins to help them understand in a real dramatic and easy to see way that the...
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    Elbow Issues: Calling all string experts!

    Not sure how Tennis Elbow differs from Golfer's Elbow, but here is a good link about what causes tennis elbow... look for the link on the lower right of this first page-- And as others have posted, that racquet is heavy enough, head light, and sort of flexible at...
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    Gosen Strings

    just used Gosen OG Micro 16 in the crosses for the first time - instead of the more durable PSGD I have used for 5 years - and it seemed to have just a bit of extra pop.. but I expect the durability won't be as great... we'll see. (use Tecnifibre NRG2, or Tec. Multi-feel in the mains).
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    Best racket weight for serving?

    heavier is generally better but swingweight is a factor of total weight and balance. I just demoed some sticks from TW and one I could barely serve with one of them because of the even balance (I am use to head-light). This became especially true when trying a kick serve because or the...
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    Anyone going to Indian Wells?

    This will be my 15th time or so going to IWells. You stress about them busting you for bringing in certain food/drink, etc. but they are pretty casual about it and give it a cursory inspection. But I always go on the middle Sat or Sunday when there are crowds waiting to get it so maybe in...
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    Stringing tips?

    I have been stringing for maybe 5 years and it takes me around 20 minutes for crosses too, which I find acceptable, and it takes longer if the racquet is not familiar to me. It's not the worst 20 minutes of my life, even without earbuds in or a movie on in the background, I enjoy it. If I find...
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    how much string will I need for a Chris Evert pro?

    the logo I use under my name is actually the " i " from The Incredibles.... a great film that kids and most adults enjoy, rent it today!
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    What's the most $ any of you earned in a year by stringing?

    I usually gross about 10,000 a year... but oh, that's yen... at today's exchange rate that's about $122 USD!
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    TW's new secret tennis court

    Funny, the last two posts were about driving through "slo", and it made me think huh, Slovakia? Though I have lived in LA for almost 15 years now, I have never wanted to venture up to San Luis Obisbo. It is as the dating community here in LA refers to dating someone living across town, they...
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    Mains and Crosses Tension Difference?

    I have been stringing 2 lbs lighter in the crosses for years. The first rational I heard (and I thought it made sense) was that cross strings are shorter than the longer mains, so they naturally will flex/stretch/rebound less than the mains so that's why I have done it. You can also go...
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    how much string will I need for a Chris Evert pro?

    it's for a neighbor who was hitting with his 8 yr old daughter... at least she had a real racquet. I took pity on him and to butch it up a little I will probably return it with a Batman stencil. thanks everyone for the advice.
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    how much string will I need for a Chris Evert pro?

    the power pads? are those the little tiny strips of leather they used at about 5 and 7 o'clock? I don't have them but can see that on this particular racquet they use to be there. If those are important I can either find some bits of leather or a reasonable facimile of something synthetic.
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    how much string will I need for a Chris Evert pro?

    basic 1975(ish) wood racquet. Looks to be the standard 65 sq inch head. I have culled from reading other posts that I should string it around 45 lbs (will use cheap syn gut) but I wonder if I need to cut 30, or 33+ feet off my reel? and I can't believe 3 shared holes each side! You don't see...
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    cross training with golf

    I think basketball is great for cross training as are soccer and ice hockey. They all involve antipating the opponent, and are often gently aerobic followed by intense anaerobic sprinting and effort, much like tennis. The benefit to these other sports is less cost, less time but all three I...
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    Forehand Serve Return- worst part of my game

    you might try standing with a continental grip- a neutral volley grip. If served to the forehand, you can chip it back, hopefully deep. You see the pros do this more than you think, but anything chipped back mid-court is going to be toast.
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    The 3 Golden Rules of Tennis

    I like the 2nd one especially. I write often about the mental side of tennis in my own blog--
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    Need psychological advice for overcoming Double Faults

    when I coached high school (lots of kids there with confidence problems-on and off the court), I would remind the kids that after a double fault (DF) that they should throw in their next first serve at 75% power, maybe like a 2nd serve. If after a DF you miss the next 1st serve, that means you...
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    Video clips of players throwing balls?

    don't have anything for you but I have heard that throwing footballs, maybe for the weight, grip (?) is a helpful practice for the service motion.
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    Any strings that play amazing until they break?

    I play with a hybrid of Tecnifibre NRG2 (mains) with PSGD in the crosses and feel like it plays BEST right before it breaks. Not that it has any appreciable break-in period, but when it frays and gets ready to snap, it plays great for me. Hybriding it also holds down the cost if that's any...
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    which tennis bag can exactly hold up to 12 racs without cover?

    I'm thinking with that much gear you need a suitcase with rollers! I also play hockey and lots of guys carrry gear in roller bags as well, especially the goalies. But again, unless you are teaching beginners, and most of them already have racquets, you should be able to carry your gear easily...