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    Ultra Tour 97 Grommets

    Hey @TW Staff, any idea if/when you'll be getting these grommets back in stock? It seems like every time I check back they're still out of stock.
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    Average and smallest racquet head size on tour

    @vsbabolat played on the pro tour???
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    Kirschbaum Proline-X - good

    I'm a bigger fan of rough because it is even softer, but I agree, it doesn't play as stiff as the numbers suggest.
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    Kirschbaum Proline-X - good

    Max Power and Max Power Rough are good options
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    TF Icecode prone to break or bad stringjob?

    Just looks like a shank, not necessarily a bad string job. Also, ink struggles to stay on poly, just how it is.
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    Wilson Duo Power or Ultimate Duo opinions/experiences?

    Imo, you'll get more spin, but I agree that a stiff poly in the crosses is going to shred NXT.
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    Done with full bed gut. Way too harsh!

    I’ve strung 16 gauge gut in an 18x20 at 63 and thought it was soft after 30 minutes of hitting. Interesting to see how your perspective is so different than my own.
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    Do Any of You Prefer Regular Syn Gut?

    I’m normally a poly player but I strung a UT with Gideon Micro Super at 66 the other day and it plays well. It’s firm without being too stiff, produces decent spin, and the stringbed is dense so it should last me a while.
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    Are you stringing during the pandemic?

    It's snowed where I am too, (NW Ohio) but I've still seen people hitting and have made it to public courts a couple times when the weather is slightly more cooperative.
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    Gut/Alu Power vs. gut/4g, differences?

    4G will be a more consistent cross throughout its life. ALU will play much better for the first few hours, then you’ll have a period where it will be decent before dropping off a cliff. 4G is more stable but will never have the fresh ALU magic.
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    Jolly's Polys

    Where are you guys getting grey fire? I want to try a set but can’t find it anywhere.
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    A string you had such high hopes for but was a complete bust...???

    Diadem strings across the board were disappointing to me. I even had a discount on their products and never found a string that worked for me, although Flash was probably my favorite offering. More and more now, I am finding myself disappointed when I string my racquets with Solinco Tour Bite...
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    Lowest tension you have ever used?

    Some strings are better suited to lower tensions than others. Some players are also more tension sensitive than others. I've found that stringing in the low-mid 40's seems to mitigate how noticeable tension loss is compared to stringing in the 50's.
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    anyone here use gut/hybrid in a racquet with 18 mains? does the durability issues of the gut go away with 18 mains?

    I have an Ultra Tour (dense 18x20--at least imo) strung with 16 gauge VS Touch mains and a smooth poly cross back in December. I've hit with it for maybe 8 hours in that time. It's barely notched and is still quite playable although it has certainly gotten a bit softer. If I were to go play a...
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    Have you played with the Wilson nPro Open?

    Like a Pure Drive or Head Extreme but a bit softer. Pretty cool stick back in the N Code, K Factor, and early BLX days.
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    Jolly's Polys

    48 I think? Maybe 46. I fluctuate tension by a few pounds based on the weather.
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    Jolly's Polys

    i use the UT. Full ALU/ALUR is great
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    Jolly's Polys

    Better than Smart?
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    Best advice for anyone playing tennis more than 1 hour per month

    OP won’t post a video. That ruins the fun of this thread.
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    Best advice for anyone playing tennis more than 1 hour per month

    TTW is great because you’ll find such interesting characters. Restringing after an hour and patching string jobs all in the same thread. You love to see it.
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    Luxilon Natural Gut Full Bed

    OP, if you hit pretty flat and have an 18x20 string pattern, full gut will last you a pretty long time.
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    Jolly's Polys

    Couple hours in on Luxilon Smart and I feel this stuff is about to snap. Don’t hate it as much as @J011yroger but I’d never buy it at full price.
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    Best advice for anyone playing tennis more than 1 hour per month

    Hitting for an hour and a half today confirmed that 90 minutes was simply too long for strings to sit in a racquet. After only 2 minutes my fresh strings had already gone completely dead. I think I’m going to start restringing mid practice to make sure I never experience this again.
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    Best advice for anyone playing tennis more than 1 hour per month

    To be honest, one hour is too long. You should bring your stringer to the court and restring every other game for the best results.
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    Best advice for anyone playing tennis more than 1 hour per month

    This thread is up there with the guy who kept posting about how the two handed forehand was superior. Great read, OP.
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    Solinco Tour Bite Review.

    To be fair, mains dominate the characteristics of the stringbed. I’d really be surprised/impressed if you didn’t notice a difference between two fresh string jobs of either a hybrid or full bed
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    Jolly's Polys

    Does BBOR come in reels?
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    What’s the worlds most powerful poly string?

    Polystar Energy used to have that reputation, not sure if something has come along and replaced it.
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    Babolat Natural Gut Help

    It’s going to be more powerful but it’s not going to be a night and day difference between the two stringbeds assuming other variables are kept the same (same racquet, same tension, etc.).