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    I miss Patrick Rafter.....

    We need more serve and volley in today’s tennis
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    There’s only one player who can.........

    ... not lose a single match all season, yet have the WORST year of his career
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    2020 US Open has incredibly sucked

    ... so far, what we are watching is horrid
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    Mutua Madrid Open cancelled, official announcement coming soon....
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    Rios back to the pros!!!!

    Marcelo Rios has the Rocky VI syndrome!! Deep in his belly there's this fire to give it another go... He's applied for a wildcard to the Columbus Futures tournament starting January 7 in Columbus, OH. He would be the oldest player in history (43 later this month) to win a pro level event...
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    Now that Fed's done winning Slams...

    Will Djokovic stand up to the pressure and save his 20-slam record by continuing to give Rafa difficult times?? Will Rafa be even more determined to step on the gas and capture 3, perhaps 4 more slams to beat the all-time record?? Fed fans, I felt for you last night. But you MUST be happy that...
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    Verdasco v. Dimitrov... the making of an epic??!!

    Anyone else excited for this upcoming match?? To me it's def the match to watch in the 3rd round, followed closely by Schartzman v. Coric... discuss.
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    FS: Nike Courtballistec 2.3 US Open 2010, Neon size 8

    Hi all, Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Nadal Neon Ballistecs Size: 8 Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 8/10 *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): in superb condition. These aren't the glow in the dark ones, but the standard version that was also sold. Pictures...
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    The AO final we all want to relive

    All trolling and joking aside, let's take a moment to really think about what it would mean for these two to face off again come this weekend... Outside of being rivals on the court, these two are great friends off the court, and the level of respect they have for each other is hard to dismiss...
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    38 year-old Tommy Hass asks Marcelo "Chino" Rios to take him on Won't translate the whole article, but essentially Rios and family are relocating to the states. He is currently considering a coaching offer presented by Tommy Haas...
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    If he qualifies, should Nadal participate in WTF...

    Nadal has signaled that there's a chance of skipping the rest of the season altogether, regardless of whether he qualifies for WTF or not: 'I know what I have to do and I am going to do it. I have two months and a half until the next season starts, so I have two months and a half to put myself...
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    Nadal can't seem to catch a break!!! Pulls out of 1st rubber in Davis Cup vs. India
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    Rod Laver favors Nadal over Djokovic at potential RG meet, Emerson pulling for La Decima

    Rod Laver: "The way Nadal is playing right now, that's going to be interesting if Nadal and Djokovic meet in the French semifinal or final... You just don't know how Djokovic would react because he thought he was going to win last year... For me, I would think if they play at same level and get...
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    Nadal/Djokovic Semifinal is, in all reality, the Final @ Roland Garros

    Anyone else with me here? The winner of this match will raise the trophy come Sunday, weather permitting...
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    F/S Numerous Nadal Sleeveless and Crew

    All of these items are 9/10 condition, worn once or twice at most... Several classic sleeveless shirts and one crew from the Nadal collection (2006-2008)... $35 per shirt shipping only to CONUS All shirts are size SMALL except for Roland Garros Crew which is a boys size LARGE (fits like men's...
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    Looking for Nadal JUNIOR crew, 2009 Australian Open

    Hello fellow European tennis fans! I am looking for this shirt, Nike Nadal JUNIOR 2009 Australian open size LARGE... this was a European exclusive and was not offered in the US... could anyone help??? Thanks in advance!!!!
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    Nadal Sleeveless 2008 and Fall Polo 2009, Size SMALL

    I have 2 shirt from Nadal's collection for sale, VERY lightly used, 9/10: 2008 Nadal INDIAN WELLS Sleeveless SMALL (NEVER SOLD IN US) and 2009 Nadal Fall Polo in CONCORD/YELLOW I will post actual shirt pics tonight, please send me your offers, Thanks in...
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    FS: Breathe Cage IIs, size 9.5, multiple colorways

    Hey guys, I'm selling some VERY Lightly used (9/10) Breathe Cage IIs in the following colorways: Green/White/Zinc (as worn by Nadal in Roland Garros 2008) White/Red/Maize (special edition Olympics) White/Black (worn by Nadal in Sony Ericsson Masters 2008) All are size 9.5, I will post...
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    Nadal 2009 AO Day crew, JUNIOR size LARGE

    Hey guys, I'm looking for this shirt, Junior size LARGE. Anyone??? Thanks in advance
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    FS: Nadal shorts and sleeveless shirts

    For sale I have nadal 3/4 pants from 2008 season (white/black, black/blue, brown/green) size SMALL, all worn 3-4 times and in excellent condition no tears no stains. Also, 2007 Power Board shorts (Wimbledon white/gray, US Open gray, and indoor season Black) all size small as well, rarely worn...
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    Ballistec 1.3 color variances

    Check this website out: