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  1. AndI

    Es Nadal - Christmas TIme

    When I was in Barcelona a few wees ago, I saw signs with the word "Nadal" all over the place. I was impressed, they must love Rafa so much! Well, it turned out that "Nadal" means "Christmas" in Catalan - which, if you do not know, is the language spoken in Catalonia. Even though it was just a...
  2. AndI

    Gamma X-ELS Review With Pictures and Details

    This review is applicable to both, Gamma X-ELS and Gamma Progression II ELS. These are identical machines, with only difference that Progression has a red base without side drawers while X-ELS has a blue aluminum base with two small side drawers for tools. All essential for stringing parts and...
  3. AndI

    Gamma X-ELS (or Progression ELS): questions to current and past owners

    Background: Looking to buy a stringing machine for my son and I. We do not plan to do a lot of stringing jobs, just as many as our own needs and perhaps needs of our friends would warrant. Motivation is not as much to save money on stringing, but to be able to install any strings we want when we...
  4. AndI

    Playmate Volley tennis ball machine: Extended Review

    1. Introduction. I spent several weeks researching ball machines before buying one. While I understand and appreciate the benefits of plastics in modern manufacturing and the reasons why the majority of ball machine manufacturers use plastic parts, I was attracted by the all-metal design of...
  5. AndI

    Compatibility of ball machines with regular balls

    This forum had many discussions about selecting a tennis ball machine. I read many of these posts and found that they contain wealth of practical knowledge, but I am still confused if ball machines from different manufacturers are equally good when it comes to using different grades of balls...