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  1. AceyMan

    thin gauge (18L and below) poly players : what strings are you digging?

    Asking all players who have found success with narrow gauge polyester and use this setup at least somewhat regularly (specific frame, etc.) I want to use such string in my old school 18x20 sticks and would like to start in a good place. Also I'd Ike to pick a good one to keep on hand for...
  2. AceyMan

    At age 58 it’s time for a new generation player frame: Follow My Saga Here

    from the first post Since you started testing with a HEAD frame, maybe you could easily demo the new Speed Pro 360+. On paper it looks worthy—18x20, low RA (62) mid-weight, constant beam. There hasn't been much talk about it, but I'm looking at 100 in² sticks these days (I'm a '66 edition...
  3. AceyMan

    Will anyone here admit...

    In all fairness, I'm an "RRC" —reformed road cyclist—but now I'm perfectly happy with my urban commuter bike (dynamo hub, belt drive, hydraulic disc brakes, full fenders, 42mm tyres). /Acey It is all-black, and so, Velominati Approved <grin>.
  4. AceyMan

    will you guys carry Gosen AK Pro CX 16 again?

    I'll go one further: besides the 16 ga sets, when will you stock AK Pro CX *reels* <thinking_face>. /Acey
  5. AceyMan

    Will anyone here admit...

    You must be a road cyclist. To the point, I try to get to colors that are versatile or match nicely, but that's less important than how the color plays. In some ways, a mismatched racquet is bada**, like what they used to call a "works" motocross racer: factory custom everything, nothing was...
  6. AceyMan

    Is Kevlar still the most durable tennis string?

    fwiw, I like kevlar and come from the String It Low camp. It's inelastic—like those steel strings in that bamboo(?) frame pictured above—so once it's taut (no slack) it can't really get "tighter". My Ultra Tour is strung at 18 kg (Ashaway 17g) / 20.5 kg (IsoSpeed Pro 17g) and is as firm as X-1...
  7. AceyMan

    Head Radical Tour XL, is it a good racquet?

    Spot on. I haven't hit mine much but (a) it feels super flexy just banging it on the palm of your hand, and (b) it's got a hella swingweight. /Acey I put yellow PSGD in mine with a yellow Supergrap and it looks *glorious*.
  8. AceyMan

    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    I'm in Culver City and I do string-for-hire. (If that's nearby to you I'd do a pre-stretch no problem; it's just a step I haven't been doing (yet) for myself. /Acey
  9. AceyMan

    Margaret Court will remain the woman with most majors

    [looking into the future] That's Ash Barty you're talking about, right? /Acey Bummed Ash is skipping the FO. I want the world to remember a backhand slice can still help win titles.
  10. AceyMan

    Why isn't Thiem warned for his coaching?

    I can't wait to see the full tape of the match (don't have cable & all the sports bars are shuttered due to the pandemic) to see how the the chair did. /Acey I have been avoiding news reports so I don't yet know who was officiating
  11. AceyMan

    cyberflash or silverstring?

    I wonder what TTers are players of either of these (as of now / mid Sept 2020) ? if so: Have you tried the other one? Is it your daily driver twine, or was, and you've moved on to some "greener pasture" (perhaps neon green? <wink>). I've played both in limited fashion but I'm a poly player by...
  12. AceyMan

    Thinner gauges feel tighter?

    The "feel" of a string is correlates with the strain value (I think that's the term) which is a <some metric> per unit volume measure. ergo, the feel of a given string correlates with the square of gauge. For two different gauges set Tension * gauge(mm) ^2 equal for both. You'll see how much...
  13. AceyMan

    Same grommets? Pure Strike 2nd gen and 3rd gen (18x20)

    Different set, at least construction. The 3rd Gen has the diamond textured orange head bumper and the 2nd Gen (P07) has a plain black bumper. The drillings maybe identical, if so, then you could install the 3rd Gen set and get part of the look. /Acey
  14. AceyMan

    Djokovic disqualified from the US Open for hitting a lines woman in the throat.

    I agree. But I wonder. Have you seen kids on Social Media hitting tiny targets with behind the back flicks and other trickshot swings. Novak could knock a booger out of a gnat chasing a bumblebee late for work ... if he wanted to. Just something to think about. /Acey
  15. AceyMan

    There is no rule saying a player who hits somebody MUST be disqualified

    When I TRAINED (hard) for for my FAA license they impressed upon us the difference between 'shall' and 'may'. This was a poorly adujcated decision from what I know at the time of my writing. No skin in the game other than a purist of the game. (I sell handmade singles sticks, DM if...
  16. AceyMan

    do thicker strings give you a lower ball flight and depth control?

    Rafa plays straight 15L/1.35 RPM Blast and has for some time now. I welcome any corrections, of course! (at 25 kg as his normal stringjob, fwiw). /Acey
  17. AceyMan

    Head vs Yonex Grip Size comparison

    If you have any doubt, size down. I'm like you, and I'm committed to never ordering any more L3 gripped frames. /Acey I have a mathematical rant about this very thing on my to-do list. Maybe I'll get around to it soon. Best of luck getting a grip that fits.
  18. AceyMan

    Djokovic disqualified from the US Open for hitting a lines woman in the throat.

    Unrelated: but the depth of thought shown by the majority of you guys here reminds me why I hang out in Hacker News more. We have standards of behavior there. /Acey
  19. AceyMan

    do thicker strings give you a lower ball flight and depth control?

    Even though I'm an 18x20 player I'm moving towards thicker gauges. I am not a string breaker so longevity is not a factor. I'm just finding the stringbed with the stout gauges gives me the bounce that I expect from the racquet. Also I enjoy the swingweight/twistweight changes with the heavier...
  20. AceyMan

    String advice for Ultra Tour 18x20?

    You just need to fashion your own tools. I made scoopers out of dowel rod that wouldn't nick the graphite (NEVER DIG INTO COMPOSITES WITH METAL TOOLS) and got 90+ of the foam out. After that, doing the silicone refill was easy peasy. /Acey
  21. AceyMan

    Best Overgrip!!!

    @g4driver Yes, those dewpoints are insane. I suspect if I were back playing in ATL I'd be looking at the V Dry or similar wraps, but for the sweating we do here in LA most peeps still can use the tacky versions.
  22. AceyMan

    Tell me we are not watching crap tennis

    They can play amazing tennis. Watch the FAA v Rublev 2020 Adelaide semi (if you have TChan access). What. a. match. But, yeah, NextGen slugfests don't happen as often as when the GOATs are against each other (or whoever else is hot/Top 10 at the time).
  23. AceyMan

    Tell me we are not watching crap tennis

    My question then, What year will he win his next RG title?—will he even get one more.
  24. AceyMan

    Racquet recommendation

    an unmodded Wilson Ultra Tour (? Ultra Pro in the Fall lineup, I'm told) comes to mind. /Acey I have a SLAP injury, as well, but never had surgery. Best of luck with the rehab.
  25. AceyMan

    Wanted: Tecnifibre tfight 315 limited 16x19 (2013 version red and black)

    If this gen Tfight Ltd used pallets like mine do, then a size change just means a pallet swap, which is much less of a hassle. great sticks, btw. @Tecnifibre Official should make the Ltd a regular issue frame. So obvi.
  26. AceyMan

    Isospeed Grey Fire Official Thread.

    So when will @TW Staff begin stocking this rope? Curious minds want to know! /Acey p.s. Reels, too, please.
  27. AceyMan

    How can a racquet be good at slice but not topspin?

    So can Barty*. And she is a slice master, too. /Acey *—current world #1, as of this writing.
  28. AceyMan

    String advice for Ultra Tour 18x20?

    They should just include a tube of silicone with the frame. It is *made* with ballast additions in mind. (But plays decent "naked"—the layup is very plush but firm.) Great stick. /Acey
  29. AceyMan

    Best Overgrip!!!

    Now if TW will start to carry the 30 pak of of TPC we'd dance a jig. (Hasn't happened at the time I post this.) I'm a fan of this Volkl, as well. Similar to this is the Solinco Wonder, and both are what I'd call an "80% Gamma Supreme" but cheaper enough to count (much as we often look at...
  30. AceyMan

    Cheap/ good strings for stringing as a side job

    Hmm, not on my calculator at today's TW pricing, because the Topspin is on a 220m reel. But it's close ( < 3%), in favor of Cyber Flash.