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  1. Peters

    So the A380 was a failure. It was always a massive gamble. Shame, since by all accounts it's a wonderful jet to fly in longhaul.
  2. Peters

    Novak slippy-sliding on hard court

    After watching the match earlier against Hewitt, did anyone else wince every time they showed a slowmo replay of Novak planting his foot and laterally sliding to reach for shots? The way he does it, it seems like a major accident waiting to happen to his ankle. All it would take was his foot...
  3. Peters

    Where did that Murray thread just go?

    Erm...we were discussing that incident in the Murray/Troicki match about the ballboy/let scenario in here a few minutes ago. The thread had plenty of valid tennis discussion but it appears to have been deleted, as far as I can tell. Can one of the mods confirm what happened to it? Some of...
  4. Peters

    Editing posts

    Fairly new to this forum, but unlike other forums I can't seem to find the option to edit my posts. It's mainly just for things like spelling mistakes and so on.. Is editing disabled on this forum?