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    Ultra Tour 97 Grommets

    Hey @TW Staff, any idea if/when you'll be getting these grommets back in stock? It seems like every time I check back they're still out of stock.
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    Ultra Tour String Playtest Thread

    Having not made anything like this in a while, I figured I would use this thread to test different string setups in my Ultra Tour. At the bottom of this post is the list of strings I have played, as well as my short list of strings still to try in the frame. I will update as I go along, likely...
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    4G Rough vs. ALU Rough tension differential?

    I have a client that normally uses ALU Rough at 48 lbs. in an 18x20 pattern. Recently, they've wanted to try 4G Rough as they like Luxilon's rough offerings, but want a little better tension maintenance. I've only played regular 4G, and 4G soft, so I have no idea what 4G Rough plays like, though...
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    Head Comp Pro question

    A family member gave me a Head Comp Pro as a gift (the white one with red stripes, as it seems there are multiple versions). I put CAP grommets on it and finally got to it hit it the other day. I really enjoyed it, and might get a second one. How close is this to the original Prestige Mids...
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    Gamma Fixed Clamp Problem

    Hi all, I'm having a problem with my Progression ST II clamps; more specifically, the base of one of my clamps doesn't like to lock in place when I clamp the string. As a result, sometimes the clamp will unlock while still clamped to the string and I'll feel the need to start over because the...
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    Stringing report from an open level tournament

    Despite being a lowly 4.0/on the verge of 4.5, I play a few open tournaments for fun. This weekend I’m playing one in Illinois where, between my matches, I had the chance to string 14 racquets today for a variety of players, many of whom are legit open level players. Below are a list of racquets...
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    Wilson Duo Power vs Control Duo

    I had a client drop off their racquets with prepackaged sets of each of these strings. I didn't think much of it, but noticed that both hybrids contain the same string, ALU Power and NXT Power, and that TW carries both packages. Is there a reason Wilson sells the exact same strings in a hybrid...
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    Guillermo Garcia Lopez strings?

    I watched some of his match today and noticed he has black strings with a "W" esque logo on his stringbed that I've never seen before. Anyone know what he's using?
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    Strategem 8?

    A client of mine breaks strings at least once every other week and is looking for an alternative to RPM Blast, which they have used exclusively for almost 6 years now. In a recent conversation, they had brought up the idea of trying Pro's Pro Strategem 8, which is supposed to be an equivalent...
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    Tennis in Denver, CO

    My roommate and I are driving to Denver later today and will be coming into the city some time tomorrow morning. I'm a high 4.0 low 4.5 and he is rated 4.5 (we live in Northwest Ohio, for reference, I know that not all 4.0's are the same depending on the region of the country). Anyway, what's a...
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    First impressions with a PS 6.0 85

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    First impressions with a PS 6.0 85

    This isn’t a full review, as I’ve only played with it once, and besides, it seems like over half this forum either owns, or has owned this racquet before. I should start by saying I’m not sure which version of the pro staff this is, other than that it doesn’t have a bumper guard, just a grommet...
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    First impressions with a PS 6.0 85

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    First impressions with a PS 6.0 85

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    Wilson Quality Control...

    I just bought 3 of the new Lime Green 18x20 Blades (I know, this thread is useless without pics) and I have to say, Wilson did surprisingly well with these! Unstrung and with plastic on the handle they came in at 307, 308, and 308 grams respectively. Also, each feels fairly similar swinging...
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    2015 Blade 98 issues with cracking?

    I bought my Blade 98 18x20's last year used, but by someone that I know personally who had hit with them maybe six times tops. Admittedly, I play often, but I don't throw my racquets frequently (maybe 3 times in the last year total) and generally take good care of my frames. Both of my 2015...
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    Just tried gut/poly again

    I hate that I love this stuff. I had a set of Pacific Classic from last year sitting around and strung it up in a hybrid with Tour Bite crosses in my Blade 18x20's. I'm really digging it and the tight string pattern helps durability a lot. But now I check prices and Classic gut is up to almost...
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    One racquet shorter than the other?

    Having recently broken my strings, I had the chance to notice that my 2 new racquets when put side by side are not the same length! Despite being the exact same model, purchased-albeit second hand- from someone that ordered then at the same time, I can't help but find it odd that one of my...
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    Jesse Witten: Talent trumps athleticism?

    Watching him play on livestream right now, and I couldn't help but wonder how good he could have been had he actually bothered to get fit. I know that Witten hasn't had much of a career besides one U.S. Open where he made the third round and took a set off of Novak, but even so the man had an...
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    Leather grip slipping

    Hey guys, I just bought a pair of TW leather grips to put on my new Blades and unlike previous leather grips I've used, the tapered end on the butt cap seems to be sliding further underneath the grip as I wrap it around the handle. This might not make a lot of sense, but basically the grip is...
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    2015 Wilson Blade 98 18x20 grommets

    Hey TW, I saw online that the Blade 98 18x20 grommets are listed as being the same for the K Factor, and BLX models. Is this true? I'm asking only because on other websites, the 2015 model the grommets are listed separately from the previous versions.
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    Natural Gut hybrid w/. Tour Bite Diamond Rough

    Has anyone tried it? I know Tour Bite would absolutely tear through gut mains, as would Barb Wire, and likely Hyper G and Revolution as well. I do have Diamond Rough sets lying around and didn't care for it in a full bed. Does anyone have any experience with this hybrid? I doubt the string would...
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    Did TSK borrow his teammates racquets all season?

    I know this is an odd, and really meaningless question, but did Thai Son Kwiatkowski just borrow his teammates racquets all season? Looking through UVA's highlight videos from their matches this year, it appears as though he used three different racquets this season, finally settling on the...
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    Serving mods for Blade 98 18x20

    Hey guys, I'm trying out the 2015 Blade 98 18x20 and I absolutely love it. It feels super forgiving, powerful, and I still feel like I can cracking a heavy, consistent groundstroke without fear of losing too much control compared to my Prestige Pro. The only issue I'm having is with my serve...
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    YouTek Prestige Mid

    Hey all, it looks like I'm going to be buying a YT Prestige Mid, mostly because I'd like to collect them, but also so that I can play with them, of course. I've never had much of a chance to hit with the mid before, but like I said I'm interested in it for collection purposes. What should I...
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    Arm friendly alternative/upgrade from the IG Prestige Pro?

    Been using these frames going on 4 years now, and I'm potentially looking to get something new, and something relatively arm friendly. I've tried the Graphene Prestige Pro, Graphene Radical Mp and Pro, Babolat Pure Strike, Wilson Pro Staff 97, Blade 98, and a few others but nothing quite has the...
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    RIP WIU Tennis

    Just saw today that the WIU men's tennis team will be canceled following this year. I guess you have to figure that'll happen when you go 2-36 in the last two years, but it's still sad to see programs be cancelled. I had a chance to go there and play out of high school (since they'll recruit...
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    Solinco Hyper-G

    Do you guys know when this is supposed to be released? I thought it was supposed to be around the U.S. Open but that's already passed.
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    Head IG Prestige Pro

    Anybody else still smitten with this racquet? I switched to it 3 years ago and even now nothing plays better in my opinion. Even with my current sticks getting beat up and worn out I'm considering ordering more just so I don't have to try to switch to something else. It might not be a true...
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    Pure Strike 18x20

    My Prestige Pro's are beat and cracked up a bit. I'm thinking about switching to this as I can get it for cheap, but I don't want to just jump in and pick them up and find out I don't like them. And demoing isn't an option. How do these compare to my IG Prestige Pro's? Obviously the string...