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    Slow surface to fast surface HC, how to adapt?

    Hi all. Any tips on how to adapt technique when moving from long term training on slow high bounce HC to very fast low bounce one?
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    Doping at USO 2020

    Are there any serious checks? Or are they more tolerant this year due to the unique circumstances? Some players look quite suspicious tbh.
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    Optimal tension for maximum power?

    I’m sure this has been discussed before, so please indulge me. I’m curious about what is the optimal tension that gives maximum power for different string materials. If I understand correctly, NG is more powerful at around 60lbs, while nylon prefers tensions in the lower 50s, and polyester even...
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    NXT Soft

    Anyone tried it yet? How does it compare to the other NXT strings?
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    Is this serve legal?

    I play often against a guy who, while serving from the ad side, throws the ball well to his right and basically serves from the deuce side. I told him this is a fault, but he insists that since his feet are on the ad side, it is correct. Is he right?
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    Do stringing patterns affect racket performance?

    Sorry for the probably silly question, but I have this problem with my blade 98 18x20. Every time I have it strung, it comes back to me with a different stringing pattern and tie-off positions. Only the first stringing job came back similar to the recommended pattern by Wilson, but I can’t find...
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    What happens if you string full bed multi at low tensions?

    Let’s say at 51 lbs and below. I’ve always used multifilaments at the middle range of my rackets, typically 55 lbs. I like them the most at the end of their life, as they become a bit mushy but much more spinny. Anyone tried multis at low tensions? What are your impressions? Note: I’m not...
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    Increasing tension for spin with multifilament?

    I’ve always used multifilament at 55 and NG at 57 because of my sensitive arm. I have a spin friendly technique and I get moderate spin with my usual strings. Yesterday I was coerced into demoing a new racket for a club event. It was strung with some kind of poly strung in the low 50s as far as...
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    Luxilon NG tension recommendation

    Hi guys, I’m new here so I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right forum. I’m a 50 years old recreational player. I have been using NXT 16 at 55 lbs for the last couple of years. I just purchased Luxilon natural gut 1.30 to try it out but I’m not sure what would be the equivalent tension to have...