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    SRUalum great seller

    Bought racquets on Tuesday, at my door Thursday morning. Sent me a tracking number link 5 minutes after sending payment. A++
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    Wanted: Pure Drive Lite (any version) (paypal or PD team trade)

    Wanted a PD lite any version, any grip considered. It can be beat up as I'm just going to feed with it. I have a new edition PD team in 1/4 to trade. PD team is a 9/10 and barely played. email: brianmhowell @ gmail . com
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    Fs / t: pure drive play (2013)

    Racquet: pure drive play Grip Size: 1/4 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 100 Condition (x out of 10):8 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): maybe used for a month. Great shape *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): works fine, I don't have the cord...
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    I love the....Pure Drive Team (2015)

    I demoed one and couldn't be happier. Long time PD user, but the half ounce less weight made it more maneuverable, swing faster, and just be all around easier to use. I'm hitting a bit more out in front, and able to hit returns so much better. Love love love.
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    great transaction with G-12!

    paid him for a Bab PD team (2004). Item was as described. Would do transaction again. A+ Thanks!
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    PD aholics, Unite! (current PD questions / content)

    Hi my name is Cobra Tennis and I'm a PD aholic. It started out well and pleasant. I would only test the waters and just have the occasional weekend binge session with the PD. But, my life took a turn whenever I realized I couldn't live without it. My wife left me, my kids left me, my dog even...
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    Commercial stringing re: Pro's Pro strings

    Just a blog of sorts: At the club we have accounts with one big racquet / string company, and a couple of other strings---no minimum account purchases or anything like that. My country club is small, and I'm pretty much a one man operation except during the summer when I have a person helping...
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    Wanted: Pure Drive Team 1/4 or 3/8

    Looking for the PD Team circa 2004-5 in 1/4 or 3/8. Any shape is fine. They look like this: located in the south east. email: brian m howell@ gmail . com (no spaces)
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    Roll Call: enough with poly, give me SYN GUT

    I've tried every poly under the sun it seems like, even solincos NGDY green string for the past ten years. I keep one of my frames with POSG 17 in it and whence ever I use it, it's just like home. The spin, the feel, the comfort, all there.'s only $2.80 right now a set.
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    Wanted: Solinco Protocol 300

    Looking for a protocol 300 in 3/8 grip but will consider others. email me at brian m (no spaces in the email)
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    Things We've learned playing Mixed Doubles:

    1. It's all about how aggressive you hit to the women opponent 2. gotta have your lady hold her serve 3. the drinks afterward are clutch! 4. _________________________ 5. ________________________
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    Alpha Gut 2000---anyone still using this? hybrid setup?

    As a stringer, it used to be my goto cheaper multifilament or string for non chronic string breakers who didn't want syn gut. Anyone using it in a poly hybrid setup?
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    Prince Orig Syn Gut

    Any chance of this being carried in reels? Particularly 16g white? Thx
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    Here's something you won't like:

    As a placebo (and with permission), I strung up 3 of my client's racquets. He usually always has Tour bite 16L in his wilson 6.1 16x18 @ 50lbs. All variables always the same. No pre stretch, 2 piece job, wilson pro knots, same pulling speed. At the beginning of every month he refreshes all...
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    Wanted: Solinco Protocol 300s

    3/8 grip size only. Any condition is fine. Thx
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    Help identify this Prince...

    Found at the courts a couple of days ago. Prince graphite series 110. No crossbar. Blue stripe all around. 70/30 composition of graphite / fiberglass. Hologram prince sticker Pog without the crossbar?
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    Solinco Protocol Line: Old PD Team Mold?

    Got to hit with a friend's 300 yesterday, and the frame feels eerily familiar to the PD Team that came out. If the string pattern were the same, I would swear it's nearly the same frame... Great hitting frame!
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    YAST: Yet Another Solinco Thread

    I'm a pretty regular Tour Bite 16L user (full bed) and am wondering how SOFT and Diamond Rough plays in comparison. I have a sample pack here of Diamond Rough here in my hands and it feels pretty flexy and not as stiff as usual poly. The texture is insane. Any experiences?
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    Prince Original Syn Price

    TW, About 6 months ago, if you ordered more than I think 5 (?) or so sets of POSG the price was discounted to 2.80. Is this special / practice no more?
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    Post your last TWO string jobs:

    1. Prince 100 Tour Lite with Babolat VS @ 59 lbs. 2. Wilson K 6.1 w/ Gamma Syn Gut @ 60 lbs Stringing gut with o-ports! Tons of fun. Luckily my machine has an auto electric brake which makes it a whole lot easier than the old crank brake.
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    Solinco Tour Bite: How often do you restring?

    I have a client who is tearing through TB about once every 1.5 weeks, saying that it normally goes dead after about 10-12 hours. For you TB users, what is your string life like? I'm considering throwing it in for the spring league season and am curious. Thanks.
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    A quick word about Pro's Pro (I wouldn't be surprised)

    The Prince rep was at the club and I was talking to him as I was stringing a few frames. I got to talking about Pro's pro and how they are so cheap. I mentioned that Prince TopSpin has been hard to get a hold of for a few months (think it is back in stock now) and that Pro's Pro's "TopSpin"...
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    Top 5 Strings every Stringing business should stock

    For my shop (in terms of sales): 1. RPM Blast (I get more calls for this than lessons, honestly) 2. Luxilon Big Banger (Not so much as RPM, but people still ask) 3. Prince Syn Gut Duraflex- "ughhhh I dunno just string it" 4. Babolat VS (still wildly popular here) 5. Tie between Wilson NXT...
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    Best GUT setup in an ESP racquet?

    Have a customer who wants something very arm friendly and is using an ESP racquet. He primarily uses pacific tough gut or VS but the ESP frame eats them quickly. I suggested doing a multi in the crosses to save $. Poly may be too stiff and would surely eat at the gut even faster. Any ideas?
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    Sportsfan10 is A+ buyer

    Super easy transaction with mark. Would do again. Fast payment and communication. Thanks Mark!
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    Anyone here know a guy named Bill Brasky?

    Anyone heard of him?
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    Favorite cheap nylon reel?

    I like pacific nyltec at $40, but is there anything even cheaper that still plays decent? PTN? Forten?
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    Wise Tension Head...worth it?

    I have a Lockout (silent partner jazz) machine that I've been very pleased with and so have my customers. I string about three or four racquets a week...but for customers whom I doubt would notice the tension difference. As a part time stringer, anyone have any experiences with it? Did you...
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    String that is biggest pain to string?

    Just strung two racquets with the new volkl cyclone red....grrrr. It's like stringing barb wire
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    Oh look what just came in! I'm in the US btw.. :)