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    applying tournagrip ?

    Actually, I had the pleasure of talking with the founder of Unique and the creator of tourna, and he told me that which side to use is completely up to the user, and that the purpose of the plastic was simply to make it easier to peel the grip apart. The side with the plastic was designed for...
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    Difference between indoor and outdoor

    Do you think the scale has any effect on playing? Outdoors a court is small in scale, while indoors the court is larger in scale.
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    Poker question. help!

    ibemadskillz, you said ibemadskillzz you're so stupid, can anyone answer? you're saying that a royal flush of diamonds is equal to royal flush of clubs? god, people are too dumb. It is impossible, in hold'em, for two people to both have royal flushes, unless the royal flush is on the...
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    *US Spoiler* Wow, thanks ESPN

    Thank you for completely ruining the surprise of knowing who wins the doubles match. I was watching the first set, when all of a sudden i see scrolling across the bottom: Croatia leads US 2-1, followed by the score of the match. I feel like Jerry in the first episode of Seinfeld, trying to...
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    Preview of Nadal VS. Hewitt

    But why aren't they just having the coverage start at 11, like they normally do, so that they would be able to broadcast the match live?
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    Preview of Nadal VS. Hewitt

    Are they even airing the Nadal Hewitt match live? The ESPN site says they're showing the Roddick match, which starts at 11 Australian, while the Hewitt match can't start until at least 3. ESPN's allotted time for tennis is 7-10, so I'm really confused as to whether I'll be seeing this match...
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    Who will Roddick sign with?

    There is no way Roddick will sign with the same company Federer plays for. Reebok let's him do whatever he wants, or gives him clothes that fit his persona.
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    Anybody play poker online?

    I play on pokerstars for real money.
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    Anybody play poker online?

    Anybody play poker online? And if so, which site?
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    USTA breaking down on non-members in their tourneys

    There's a simple solution to your problem: Don't play in their tournaments. The USTA is an organized league, and they need to pay for their advertising and their employees. What, you want them to not collect any money? How would they operate?
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    Bush is declared an ***hole by....CNN?

    Yea, i'm not sure what you guys are talking about, since Fox news has had many more allegations of being to the right than cnn has been to the left. And CNN actually has more people tune in every day than Fox news, it's just the ratings set up makes the ratings higher for Fox.
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    Continental for volleys?

    Yea, you should probably learn to use the continental grip on all volleys, since it will pay off in the future when you play players who really hit the ball hard and you don't have enough time to really switch between grips and hit a solid volley.
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    Try-outs tomorrow...a few thoughts

    NYU is right, top 30 in a section usually won't mean a D1 scholarship. In fact, I have a friend who is top 5 in our section, top 100 nationally (in 16's) who is a senior now and leaning towards Washington University, which is D3. He has been recruited by some D1 schools, but doesn't think...
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    Babolat Racquets

    Where in Connecticut do you teach Jay? You teach any of the high ranked ct kids (salmon, santoro, russow-kantor)?
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    pro grip

    What do you mean what sort of continental grip? There is only one continental grip.
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    HELP I HAVE FLAT FEET!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe you're doctor was telling you to look towards your education because he thinks you're dreaming when you think you have a shot of making it in the pros.
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    I think it would be cool if they used motorized wheelchairs instead of normal ones.
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    what a surprise....Roddick breaks serve record AGAIN

    Yea, the speeds of the serve really don't mean anything unless you compare them to other speeds from the same type of radar guns. You can't compare the speeds of a davis cup serve to those of a regular tournament serve, unless you can some how figure out the actual speed difference between the...
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    cool photo

    Yea, cool shot, though it would have been cooler if the focus had been on his racquet and the face had been out of focus, instead of the opposite.
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    how to beat someone that slices all the time?

    haha kobble you think this girl, a highschool JV player, will be able to hit "one of those short topspin angles like Fed does?"
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    I Need Serving Tips...

    BB, is it true that it's easier to hit a serve with more pace with a lower toss compared with a higher toss? I seem to remember one of the announcers saying something like this during the US Open.
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    how to beat someone that slices all the time?

    is this high school? And how competitive is the highschool tennis-wise?
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    Wonder Wedge. Does this really work?

    Did they pay you or give you any sort of compensation for using your endorsement on their website BB?
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    Mcenroe show

    The reason nobody is watching is because mcenroe is a horrible interviewer, and is not naturally funny. He's one of the best ever at throwing a tantrum, but not at hitting the punch line. Why watch him when you could watch Letterman, Conan, or the Daily Show? Good guests, but ruined by mac...
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    Tennis try outs...? help!

    no, top division one players are closer to 6.0, and monfils is much higher than a 5.0. If you are really 3.5, a 5.0 would be able to completely massacre your shots, sending them into the corners where you can't reach them. Maybe if you make a deal and say they have to hit right down the...
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    I Need Serving Tips...

    When i've worked on my serve i've honestly never thought about doing the "back-scratch" position, and never had a coach tell me to do it. The things i've always concentrated on are keeping my head up, keeping my tossing up as long as i can, and keeping my arm loose, along with knee bend and hip...
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    turning pro

    go to tournaments, win tournaments, enter bigger tournaments, win bigger tournaments, accept money, bam you're officially a professional tennis player.
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    Tennis try outs...? help!

    you're either underestimating your ability by saying you're a 3.5, or you're underestimating what a 5.0 truly is. I'd probably guess the that the most plausible answer is that you don't understand what a 5.0 is.
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    Svetlana won! Thank Goodness!

    perfmode she's always served like that. I saw her last year at a tourney and she still served sidearm like that.