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    Nick Kyrgios, what do you see in him?

    Surprised he won and full of admiration. Bigger tests ahead now he has expectation on his shoulders. Hard to live up to the hype at such an early stage in his career. If he's zoning tho he can beat anyone that's for sure. Will be interesting to see if he can win when he's not 100% which is...
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    Serena with a disorientation scare in doubles

    Migraine? Would explain the doctor talking about not being able to see the ball. I've had them and they suck.
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    Nick Kyrgios, what do you see in him?

    Good call on Tsonga comparisons. Makes some amazing shots. Misses some easy ones. Big, big game but can he do the boring stuff well? He seems to be slapping and swiping at the ball quite a lot - seems like a footwork issue and he clearly does not want to rally with nadal (which is wise).
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    McEnroe: "Nadal is the best volleyer in the top 100"

    This. A thousand times this. McEnroe will say anything controversial and contrary to get attention and fulfill his role of being entertaining and 'the enfant terrible' of commentators. One second he's saying that players should call their own lines, the next that doubles should be...
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    Everyone calm down - Murray not too special

    What a nasty piece of work.
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    John Invadale apologizes for Bartoli insult

    Insensitive, classless and rude comments for a tv or radio presenter to make. It is stupid beyond words that people cite 'freedom of speech' as a defense for people making insulting comments about others. Yes, you are free to say unkind things about others, but more often than not it makes...
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    This Grass Sucks!

    Sam Smith (ex top 100 wta player and bbc commentator) put it thusly: "Players these days are more reliant than ever before on traction, especially on hard courts. "You need to be much gentler and lighter on grass and skip over the surface. You can't be so dependent on pushing off. I think the...
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    It's not the Surface at Wimbledon

    Just to be clear; this is not the case. All of the courts are in pristine condition from day 1 of the championships. I've been to Wimbledon about 4 times on the first Monday and I have seen it for myself.
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    Is Seles Ill!!????

    I wonder if she was just ill on that day - that's why the other players kept asking her if she's OK. If it was something worse surely she would not have accepted the invite to play? She was not even bothering to hit her forehand with 2 hands!
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    Why is Wimbledon played so soon after RG?

    I really wish they could move Wimbledon to start in the second week of July (i.e. have 4 weeks between slams) so that we can have a masters event on grass somewhere on mainland Europe. Grass court tennis is really entertaining now in my opinion. However, the $$$ made at the US Hardcourt...
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    Which knee is it?

    Seemed to be the left.
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    Nadal's Switch from Clay to Grass results Highlites his One dimensional game?

    As many ex-player commentators have already said (and I generally take their views as less baised than those found here!) this just shows that Rafa's knees are now at a stage where the movement required on grass is troublesome - especially when Rafa has played a lot of tennis and has little...
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    Why does everyone seem to hate Andrew Castle?

    He is soooooooo smarmy - it either comes naturally or is because he presented the vapid waste of time that was 'Good Morning Television.' His commentary just seems lightweight. Like it is aimed at a 70 year old house wife who has never seem a tennis match before.
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    The Australian open wont be broadcast on the BBC

    1. The bbc is having to make lots of cuts everywhere. If losing most of the AO saves wimbledon then I think it is worth it. Whilst I support the continuing existence of the bbc to deliver original, quality content the license fee was spiralling out of control. 2. Frew McMillan is my all time...
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    Is it just me or does murray serve better to the ad court?

    Top spin slice second serve???????????
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    Is Rafa really the CCGOAT?

    Deciding if Nadal is CCGOAT by way of debating how good Federer is on clay is totally flawed. Nadal is soooooooo far ahead of any other good CC players that saying that talking about how good Federer is on the red stuff is next to irrelevant in this thread. To answer the questions, yes...
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    OK, This is Driving me Nuts

    I could well be wrong but wasnt Greg Rusedski one of the first to do this between every point? It is purely for psychological reasons I think - helps to calm and focus the mind. Still really annoying tho!
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    If you were to give advice to Andy Murray, what would it be?

    Sorry but: 1) Andy has said on numerous occasions that his mom, or mum, does not give him any advice on his tennis at all. She is just there to cheer for him. No reason not to believe this. 2) Davydenko a pusher? Really? My advice: 1) Play more aggressively more often - even against...
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    Maybe its just me, but why didnt people just hit deep to the graf backhand.

    Asking you to give a balanced opinion on Graf and Seles' careers is simply the dumbest idea ever conceived but it is only slightly dumber than you expecting anyone to take you seriously.
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    Seles would have been the greatest ever without the stabbing.

    Graf will go down in history as better than Seles that is for certain. However Seles is still one of the greatest and it is fair to say that her record would have been much better had she not been stabbed and that would probably have meant that Graf's record would still be amazing but not quite...
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    My o2 final gripes....

    Wow you get annoyed pretty easily! What are the chances that the guy who crashed into your car is a TW forum user?! I suppose you never know.
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    Has there ever been a player with a two-handed forehand and a one-handed backhand?

    Pancho Segura definitely hit a two handed forehand and I think that his backhand was one handed. Played a long time ago though! With the exception of Santoro, Knowle and Sluiter I am not sure that there are any players active today who hit a two handed forehand
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    Yeah, Graf's competition is so much stronger than the Williams sisters

    I would never put Sabatini in a list of the 'mentally strong' I also would never claim that choking is a new phenomenon. However, with the exception of Venus and Serena (and Sharapova when she is on), there are a hell of a lot more chokers in the top ten than there has ever been. Including the...
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    Yeah, Graf's competition is so much stronger than the Williams sisters

    I have not read anywhere in the thread what I think is the major difference: It is not technique - today's top players have excellent technique It is not athletisism - most of today's players are in excellent shape, better then 10 years ago let alone 20 It is the MENTAL part of the...
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    2 Handed Players

    And Akiko Morigami
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    2 Handed Players

    Byron Black hit with two hands on both sides, Frew MacMillan also did (very successful doubles player), Maria Antonia Sanchez Lorenzo did too, Nadal hit two hands boths sides when he was young, Miriam Casanova used to hit two hands both sides before developing a one handed forehand...
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    Fed get's lucky again.......

    B.O.O. H.O.O You make your own luck over a 5 set match.
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    Roddick is THE man!

    Hope that Roddick has a great hard court season - I think he is playing the bet he has ever played. A-Rod and Stefanki are a great team. It was pretty sad to see him so devastated after the loss but I hope he wakes up tomorrow and sees what potential he has over the coming months.
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    Michael Stitch " Wimbledon girls are just there to sell sex"

    Wow what is this a **** size-comparison thread? "I am so manly I cannot help but perv on the women" "all they are good for is looking at" "I cant wait to go and look up their skirts" blah blah blah This is plain sexist, but I am guessing the guys who make these comments don't care and...
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    federer is back

    How gracious of you