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    Extremely YELLOW strings

    I am looking for some violently yellow (fluorescent is OK) 17g or 16L syn gut strings to hybrid with the Technifiber Black Code I use in my Yonex RDS001 90's. I have tried Gamma and Prince, they are pale yellow. I want something that approximates the color of the frame, any suggestions?
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    German Hex Strings = one factory

    My guess is that there is only one factory in Germany turning out poly strings for likely dozens of brand names. They all seem to play and feel alike, MSV, Signum, Alpha, etc... Can anyone verify or discredit this idea?
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    Wilson Rep for Colorado

    Does anyone have a name and contact info for the regional rep for Wilson Tennis in Colorado? Thanks!
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    2 Hour Old Revo Newbie Dumb ?

    UPS delivered my Revo today, I thought it was a refrigerator box. It is extremely well packed! Setup is reasonably straightforward, but the shaft that holds the crank handle appears to be installed backwards. There is a little spring loaded ball that would expand when the crank handle is fitted...
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    Fast Shipping from Alpha

    I just thought I should mention the fast shipping on my new Alpha Revo. I ordered it Tuesday afternoon, they expected the new machines to arrive Wednesday. They shipped it Wednesday and UPS will have it here (Colorado) tomorrow (Friday). I am excited! I will update this thread after I get it...
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    Cart/Starting Clamp Suggestions for Revo 4000

    I am buying a Revo 4000 next week - I am thinking about buying a cart or something that is on wheels. I string while sitting in my recliner, so the height of the base of the stringing machine needs to be about 18 inches. I also need something attractive... Also, should I buy a starting clamp at...
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    Head Radical Bumper Guard

    The liquidmetal radical bumper guard is a big improvement over the ti or i radical guard. Has anyone tried to use the 'new' guard on an older radical? Results?
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    I love the Babolat PC Team MP Demo (but)

    I am demo'ing the Pure Control Team MP, and it seems to be a very solid, well balanced stick. I was disappointed with the Volkl Catapult 10, even though the specs seem very similar. I am thinking of replacing my trusty Yonex RD Ti 50 Standard length rackets that I have used for about 4 years. I...
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    Wilson Sting

    Anyone familiar with this racket? It says 'Wilson Sting Largehead' - it has no grommets, what vintage was this racket? Anyone know original price?
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    Removing Heat Shrink

    How difficult is it? TW added shrink and I would like to 'downsize' the grip .