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    Luxilon Big Banger Original

    I'm confused. Luxilon Big Banger Original's stringset claims "enormous power". Does this mean that a powerful player can hit the ball even harder and still maintain control or does it mean that the string itself provides more power without additional effort by the player? :(
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    Head Two broken grommet holes now connected

    :cry: While stringing a Head Intelligence iS6, the mainstring broke through the grommet and also broke through the part of the frame which separates holes 11 and 12 (counted from the throat). Holes 11 and 12 are now connected and it seems that this has rendered the racquet unstringable unless...
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    Head RIP Ti Fibre discontinued

    Head RIP Ti Fibre has been discontinued and I'm desperate to find a similar string. Can anyone suggest a comparable? :confused: Thanks.
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    Landing foot on the serve

    When serving, most, if not all, current top ranked pros land momentarily on the undominant foot and then almost immediately land with all of their weight on the dominant foot. Right handed players land momentarily on the left foot and then on the right foot. Left handed players land...