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    Average and smallest racquet head size on tour

    Anyone playing with anything less than 93? Anyone playing with anything greater than 100?
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    Wilson Six One 95 - the red and white racquet

    Wasn't the Wilson Six One 95 used by some pros at one point? It is a hard racquet to buy these days? I don't seem to see it around as much.
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    Wilson Six One 95 - the red and white racquet

    Is this racquet still made? I think at one time some pros were using it?
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    Nathan Ponwith NOT at ASU now?

    He was listed on the ASU roster after transferring from UGA. But now it looks like he is off the roster?
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    Any Pros Using Nike Air Zoom Vapor X-HC

    Does anyone know?
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    Under Armour Schools and Shoes

    Do players on Under Armour teams (UCLA, Auburn, South Carolina, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Cal) wear Under Armour tennis shoes or do they wear Asics or New Balance? I think Under Armour schools' teams that are in a sport where Under Armour doesn't really make a shoe (or not much) for their sport...
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    Wilson Six One 95

    I've always liked the way this red and white racquet looks. Does anyone on the tour still use this racquet?
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    John McEnroe Nike Air Trainer

    The Nike cross trainer that McEnroe wore as his competition shoe - did he have Nike make more of a "tennis sole" for it or did he even just keep the original Air Trainer sole?
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    Will Glenn Stepping Down at UGA

    Any idea if there's a backstory here?
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    Under Armour Shoes

    What shoes are the guys wearing who are sponsored by Under Armour? Under Armour doesn't make a tennis shoe I think.
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    Nikes with the replaceable soles

    Whatever happened to these? I actually loved the way mine looked and felt but Nike stopped making them.
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    Using non-traditional racquet bag

    Just curious but do folks use this kind of more rectangular bag to carry racquets and if so, any disadvantages? I know a lot of standard racquet bags have that insulating material that should avoid overheating the racquets if you throw your bag in the trunk. Any other problems...
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    Uniforms at NCAAs

    I guess the sleeveless look is officially out and dead. I don't recall seeing any teams, even in the Georgia heat, go to the sleeveless look. Are we going to see vests in cold weather (seems very practical to me like what Boris Becker would do sometimes) or sleeveless in hot weather come back...
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    Top Women Pros and McEnroe's spot in college lineups

    Are there any teams that say will qualify for the NCAAs (top 48 or so) where a top 5 female has a shot at playing somewhere in the line-up (including doubles)? Where would John McEnroe play today on one of those teams? My guesses are: a) No top 5 woman is in the singles line up for sure at...
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    John McEnroe competitive today at NCAAs?

    Understand that McEnroe is still hitting pretty well and could play with a lot of the top pros for just one set. Where would McEnroe play today in a top team's lineup? I'd surely slot him in one of the top doubles slots but where would he play singles?
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    College uniforms

    A few thoughts and would love to get folks' responses: 1) Are there teams that let singles players wear their own choice of uniform? I've seen Stanford have 3 different looks. 2) Is anyone out there wearing sleeveless? I saw Pepperdine all wear sleeveless at the NCAA semis but you...
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    Men wearing sleeveless

    Who is still wearing sleeveless and do you think this is something that will eventually fade out or continue?