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    Djokovic already better than Nadal

    Despite djokovic has won less slams than Nadal in my opinion they are better distributed and in addition he really dominated an era. Nadal has always been the number 2 in the ranking; at the beginnin behind Federer then behind Djokovic. What's your feeling?
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    Federer runs toward FH @ W2019 final

    I noticed that one of the problems of Federer during the final with Djokovic at Wimbledon was the movements to the right, towards the forehand. Every-time Djokovic hit a down the line, even if not a big one, Federer went into real trouble. During 2014 and 2015 wimbledon final his main problem...
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    Records targeted by Djokovic

    Records targeted by Djokovic: Equaling Year end no. 1 - High chance he will do this year. No of weeks at no. 1 - He will do it by July next year. Equaling no. of ATP Finals win - end of this year Equaling no. of Slams title - by end of 2020 Most number of Masters 1000 wins - this year Do you...
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    Is Djokovic a better player at Wimbledon than Fed?

    It's true that Djokovic has only 5 slams against 8 of Federer, but he's leading 3-1 the h2h!
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    Has Djokovic a chance to win 8 wimbledon titles?

    Has Djokovic a chance to win 8 Wimbledon titles? I actually think it is doable. He's 32 years old, if Federer is still competitive at 37 he still has 4-5 shots.
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    Wimbledon 2020 - A new king?

    By July of 2020 Djokovic is going to overtake federer on: - no. of weeks at no. 1 - almost sure - year end no. 1 - almost sure If he adds 2, 3 slams I think he could be considered the better player compared to Federer and Nadal. What do you think?
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    ATP Finals 2021 - Turin

    It seems that ATP Finals will be hosted in Turin from 2021. In some hours the official announcement. A pretty good week for Italy.
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    Racquet suggestion for amateur player

    Hi, what racquet would you suggest to an amateur player? I own an aeropro (2012) but it’s time to change it, I never liked it so much but I could play with it. My favourite one was a pure drive 2011, pure drive 2012 was different and I didnt like it. Recently I tried a wilson blade but I didnt...
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    Nole Slam no2 is coming

    I dont see anyone standing a chance with djokovic this year at US open except maybe Nadal in the final. Next slam is his favourite slam. Then at RG anything could happen. An accomplishment like this would put him above Nadal in the GOAT race, maybe also Federer.
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    Finally Nick Kyrgios hires a new coach

    Finally Nick Kyrgios hires a new coach: Lahyani.
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    US Open winner is going to be YE1

    Most probably the US Open winner will be the YE no. 1: If Nadal wins he will have a very big margin on Federer and Djokovic. If Federer or Djokovic wins, they will be really close to Nadal but with last part of the season on which they are clearly favourite on Nadal. I don't see Zverev or Del...
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    Nadal's return of serve at RG

    I just read an article saying that Nadal at RG was returning serves at 4,5mt (as average) outside the baseline. Length of the court is 11.89mt, so he was returning at about 16,39mt from the net. If we put the case that a player decides to serve with a dropshot, the ball could fall about 3-4...
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    ATP Top 10 - Average is 30 years

    If the current ATP top 10 will be confirmed at the end of the year, for the first time the average age will be 30 years.
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    Nadal to win 15 RG

    Federer is still winning slams at 37 years, Nadal has 5 years to catch 15 RG to surpass Sampras with just one slam.
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    Most winning at US OPEN - last 10 years

    I just realized that the most winning player of last 10 years at US OPEN is Nadal with no. 3 titles.
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    Will anybody surpass Fed's record at Wimbledon?

    Will anybody surpass Fed's record at Wimbledon? If you think about it is a massive record, wimbledon is imho the hardest slam to win.
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    Federer seed no.5 at Wimbledon?

    Because of the different way of calculating the seeds at Wimbledon, Federer is already no.5 seed at Wimbledon with good chances of improving to no. 4 considering he has almost nothing to defend. Am I right?