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    Are you happy that you were bumped up?

    Well, over half of the team I captain has been bumped and with ones that have been bumped over the past three years we can get back together. Bring up the ones that did not get bumped and we are one big happy family again.
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    USTA ratings cheater in Greensboro, NC?

    Well, I do know that while at VT, this Mr. Payne was awarded the Most Improved player in 1988 and given the Bernstine Award (Team Spirit) in 1988 as well. Maybe he just improved a great deal this year. He was not good enough to play in most of the regular season teams matches and did not make...
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    USTA ratings cheater in Greensboro, NC?

    Sorry if I was not clear. He did play during the regular season (3-4 times in doubles). It was the first two days of round robins in the state tournament that he did not play. Did not play until the semi and finials. My point about this was to reply to a statement by the OP I think that they...
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    USTA ratings cheater in Greensboro, NC?

    Well, I played on one of the 4.0 teams in Greensboro, NC. We lost to the team in question on the first match of the year with two super tiebreakers and a finial score of 3-2. While we could not get our best line-up out for our first two team matches, that match did ultimately determine the...
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    Western (NC) Singles Championship

    that is too bad. At least in Greensboro, there were lots of teams and a good time for all. I love playing singles rather than the mixed doubles of the middle summer months.
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    Western (NC) Singles Championship

    Just checking to see if any here are playing in the Western Regional Singles League Championship in North Carolina. This is the USTA Singles league Championship for half of the state. Also, any playing in the Eastern?
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    Looking at possible replacements for LM Prestige MP

    Tim: Here is my update. I have ended up saying with the LM Prestige MP. I had tried the flexpoint and did not like it at all. I hit with the MG Prestige briefly, but I really need to put my strings (ALU-60lbs) and grip to really know. I end up having to buy just to find out if I like it. I...
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    Getting ready for the Singles League in North Carolina

    We will be starting up the Singles Leagues here in North Carolina soon. I am looking forward to it (except for playing on the 95+ days in July). This year there are going to be two regional playoffs after the local season. One will be the Eastern section of the state and the other the Western...
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    Average Age of USTA Players on Your Team

    Well, I was the oldest (45) until we got a 4.5 bumped down on our team that is around 60? Our average is around 30 or so.
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    Looking for sandbaggers for 4.0 team in Greensboro NC

    Safin: Look me up during the NTRP this weekend. I will be playing doubles only in the 4.0 draw. #2 seed playing at 9:15 sat.
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    Looking for sandbaggers for 4.0 team in Greensboro NC

    Well, Drew Mathews is fast and he does have a weapon. His speed, groundstrokes and consistancy. He lost once in 8.5 combo, lost none in 4.5 league (all singles), no loses in 8.0 mixed, won out at states at 4.5 (singles) and went 15-0 in NTRP 4.5 last year. The only singles loss he had was in...
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    Looking for sandbaggers for 4.0 team in Greensboro NC

    I have not played either. I will see Cory in the NTRP this weekend and get back to the question.
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    Leading up my Nintendo Racquet

    Just an up date. My son has now gone to a players set up as well. He has really picked up his game as well. He is the only one in the house that has broken the Gut/Lux hybrid wrist strap so far.
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    Looking for sandbaggers for 4.0 team in Greensboro NC

    Right now the best that are signed up for USTA are me (just kidding), Cory Orms, Dan Koening, David Berger, Venkatesh Peruvemba, Scott Schofer (Burlington), and Mike Parker. I Know there are a few more I left out and a couple that have not signed up yet. There are several very good doubles...
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    Looking for sandbaggers for 4.0 team in Greensboro NC

    His coach is too well known around here and his drop shots would give him away every time.
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    Looking for sandbaggers for 4.0 team in Greensboro NC

    Moonshine: I know who you are talking about. Have already talked with him, but he said a team out of Texas has already contacted him and if he is going to play he will play with them.
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    Looking for sandbaggers for 4.0 team in Greensboro NC

    kevhen: I am not sure if it is not too late to appeal back down. The weather is very nice here and if it is a little too cold or wet the first few weeks of the spring season we try to move indoors. Also, we have the Reggie Bush package if you have a strong enough record, with a free house to...
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    Looking for sandbaggers for 4.0 team in Greensboro NC

    I know you sandbaggers have been catching a lot of grief lately here on these boards. With all that NorCal stuff and such. But I came here in peace with an offer of redemption. We would love to get a few true 4.5s or even 5.0s that have either lost on purpose to keep your ratings down or have...
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    How dumb is USTA to automatically grant appeals

    You will be able to appeal again next year, but the automatic appeal grant that you got this year, will not work next year. My uderstanding from officials is that the automatic appeal grant will not happen two years in a row. You could appeal again next year, but the computer will not give it...
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    How dumb is USTA to automatically grant appeals

    Here is a link to the computerized automated appeals process. My understanding is that this is "Phase 1" of the process. This computerized appeals process is based solely upon you true rating number and not the rounded...
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    How dumb is USTA to automatically grant appeals

    My understanding is that now that it is an automatic grant to your appeal if you are very close to the cutoff and that it is all done by the computer you can only have one appear work for you. So while in the past, someone could appeal every year and possibly get it granted, that can not happen...
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    How many from North Carolina got moved down?

    Well, here in Greensboro, I don't know of anyone that got bumped down. Our team had two bumped to 4.5 and one appealed back down. There were several others bumped to 4.5 from other teams, all of which were very appropriate. There was one 4.0 that got bumped, but while he has had very solid...
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    2007 Year End Ratings

    I talked with a state coordinator last night. He told me that he had the data and they were working on getting them ready for posting and should be out on monday/Tuesday (week of Thanksgiving) if everything goes well. Only if they have serious problems will it be after TG.
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    How long do you need to evaluate a racquet?

    I have been evaluating my LM Prestige MP for the past 4 + years. I think I have come to the conclusion that I like it, but I may try to evaluate the the MG Prestige. What I have found is that after 4-5 years of restringing and heavy play that they start to loss a little too much pop. I find...
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    Someone Please Explain this One....

    The computer has nothing to do with wins and loses. It goes by individual set scores. So if John was computer rated to start the season while the others were self rated, the self rated take less to get bumped. If John only won at a rate of 6-3 or closer against the other two players and also...
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    differences between lm prestige and fxp prestige

    I did not like the FXP version. I still play with the LM MP version. I have now stocked up on them (7 in all) and unless the microgel Prestige is a world beater will be using them for a long time. Solid racquet. The FXP was about the same specs, but felt much more head light and did not have...
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    Anyone play other sports?

    Yea, I went with a group of guys from NC to UCSB for some games. They had some very good teams back in the late 80s and early 90's. But we did too. DC was also a great area for players as well. When I moved to FL for graduate school, it was not as good down there. Some good players in...
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    Anyone play other sports?

    Played football, basketball, golf in HS. Golf was just so I could get out of more classes during tennis season. In college, I played Ultimate and continued playing thru graduate school. Ultimate was the most demanding game I have ever played and has alot of physical moves similar to hitting a...
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    Stay Away from Poly?

    First of all, you have not told us what the arm pain is. This is a complicated limb, with the shoulder, elbow, and wrist,hand. If it is just pain, but no loss of strength, then we would need to know if it is throbbing or constant, does it get worse or better while playing, does...