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    Can Serena be considered an all time top 5?

    Come on, Court won 11 AO in an era nobody was playing it. In addition slam count is overrated, Serena would have retired 5 years ago if she had the slam record. IMHO Navratilova is the goat.
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    IF 2019 Djokovic v Nadal ends 19 slams each, 35 masters each, who is greater or are they dead even?

    Djokovic already has a better results overall than Nadal: Much more weeks at no 1 5 atp finals to 0 Ahead in the h2h Better distribution of slams won
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    Worst Grand Slam Finals in history???

    I would add wimbledon 2013, I fell asleep during first set. Then, wimbledon 2017. Rg 2013. Almost any murray djokovic final at AO
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    Most boring playstyle?

    Almost all Murray vs Djokovic matches.
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    COVID-19 and the clay season

    It's spreading everywhere, 1050 cases in Spain too. Daily increase seems to be + 25% / day
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    Alexander Bublik : "I hate tennis with all my heart. “I only play for money”

    Same for me, but my salary is probably 1000 times lower.
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    Please review my serve

    Great serve. Maybe toss of the ball to much in the court?
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    how do you consider federer 's 2015 season ?

    He really played great on 2015. In the wimbledon final I remind he deserved the first while in the second Djokovic deserved it. Then 3rd and 4th set Djokovic became unplayable during the rallies. US open final was a really bad final, I remember a lot of mistakes both from Fed and Djo. Anyway it...
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    Federer not on practice schedule today

    Dont know, probably nothing in particular. Source is trustable
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    Federer not on practice schedule today

    italian journalists confirmed he was in the court today...he trained "behind closed doors" and because of that it wasn't written in the official practice schedule
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    If Wawrinka manages to win slam #4, do you think many would prefer Stan's career over Murrays?

    No way: Murray reached number 1, won atp finals, many masters 1000, Wimbledon. I wouldn’t change one Wimbledon title with two Australian open.
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    Djokovic already better than Nadal

    Despite djokovic has won less slams than Nadal in my opinion they are better distributed and in addition he really dominated an era. Nadal has always been the number 2 in the ranking; at the beginnin behind Federer then behind Djokovic. What's your feeling?
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    Was Djokovic the greatest in the greatest decade?

    He obviously was the best in this decade, but I'm not sure this was the greatest decade.
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    Your realistic expectations of Jannik Sinner at AO 2020

    It all depends by the draw. He can beat top 20 players thus he can reach 4R but if it is drawn with most of the top 10 players in the 1R he's immediately out.
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    Best match of 2010-2019 is...

    It's not easy to see a complete murrovic match; I literally fall asleep during their wimbledon final on 2013. Anyway I remember their shanghai matxh on 2012, it was very good you are right.
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    Best match of 2010-2019 is...

    Anyway I loved fedal 2017. It had all, quality, drama, history.
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    Best match of 2010-2019 is...

    E One of the best for sure! I would also add RG tsitsi wawrinka 2019
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    Your realistic expectation from Roger Federer at the Australian Open 2020

    He needs to improve his return game. Last year it was completely terrible.
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    Predict 2020 Slam champions

    In no way rafa is not going to win rg. He is going to do it till he retires
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    Predict 2020 Slam champions

    Ao: djokovic Rg: nadal W: djokovic Uso: sinner
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    Circus Tour Finals strikes again

    Propose it to the ATP along with Rafa's idea to play the Finals on clay. By favour ask them also to ITF to play Roland Garros on grass court.
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    Circus Tour Finals strikes again

    Propose it to the ATP.
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    Circus Tour Finals strikes again

    So, you would put out of the tournament tsitsi, but what about zverev who lost against tsitsipas?
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    Circus Tour Finals strikes again

    Of course he did. His won/lose set stat is definetly better than Nadal and Zverev too.
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    Circus Tour Finals strikes again

    Unfortunatelt for Rafa 2 players did it better.
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    Federer Shanghai Uniqlo 2019

    I liked a lot his shanghai outfit, unfortunately it is not available here for dispatching in Italy.
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    The future of men's tennis is Italian.

    Fognini reached QF at Roland Garros on 2011. He didn't play the match against Djokovic because of an injury.
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    Year End #1 In Doubt?

    - Nadal has said he probably will play only a couple of tournaments after the US OPEN. I think that things can change if he wins the US OPEN giving him good chances of being YE1 otherwise I guess he'll stick to the plan. - Federer can be YE1 if he wins almost anything from here on, which frankly...