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    2019 Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph

    Michiba san ,wilson Japan sales representative,explains that 2019 RFA is "Black in Black" cosmetics over 2018 Prostaff "tuxedo"RFA. He says that 2018 Prostaff is 0.3 pt more flex in the hoop. In detail, 2019 design removes Swiss national flag in the throat.
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    Man, maybe i'm crazy, but i think the new RF97A 2018 is different from the 2016 version.

    In Japan,wilson Japan sales representative,Michiba san,says that Roger requested 0.3 points flexible hoop for 2018 tuxedo. , from 3:13. He says that this change is made public only in Japan.
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    RF97 Tuxedo Question

    Wilson representative in Japan says that New Tuxedo Pro Staff is more flexible in hoop area by 0.3 points. You can see 0.3 points in this video. I do not exactly what 0.3 points means.It may be RA figure.
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    Happy 30th Anniversary HEAD Prestige On Tour Since 1986

    Graphene touch Prestige is coming in video.
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    Happy 30th Anniversary HEAD Prestige On Tour Since 1986

    History of Prestiges presented by Fukky's shop.  
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    Happy 30th Anniversary HEAD Prestige On Tour Since 1986

    Congratulations. Revival of the Mid.
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    Federer's new racket

    Prostaff RF97 Jumbo According to wilson Japan sales person in the video,Wilson Japan will make it available by order.Price is 750 US Dollar. Delivered in the November.
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    Ellesse clothing 2017

    You can see ellese in ”anime”(animation catoon).
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    Nadal has new racquet?

    Head has a patent "Racket with moveably mounted bridge US 20090163306 A1"( If this technology is implemented,the line would be MMB line.
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    Kei's string order

    You can see the Kei's string order in London at His hybrid was Poly(4G) main Natural cross.But now he changed to Natural main.
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    New Toalson with Sharapova's coach!

    pandora The racket is called "Pandora".
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    New Graphene Radicals/Prestiges for 2014

    You can see G Prestige rev in Japan's shop.
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    Takao Suzuki's racquet?

    You can see Takao's racket. Dunlop Japan is one branch of SRI sports Ltd. SRI sports is the licensee of Dunlop trade mark. It develops original racket under Dunlop name and sell them...
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    Wilson Sporting Goods! We want a ProStaff 6.0 90!

    >but the lower shoulder area that you circled seems the same on both molds. Tennis coach who used to be a wilson Japan's staff player says that Federer's actual model's lower shoulder area is wider than Federer signature model.He says Federer request to lessen the flexibility of the throat...
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    Wilson Sporting Goods! We want a ProStaff 6.0 90!

    At Japanese discussion BBS,some people say that this signature model's mold is different from actual federer's one. You can see the Federer's actual model at I circle the difference at
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    Wilson Sporting Goods! We want a ProStaff 6.0 90!

    >if you check the site again, they updated it to say that the materials are the same :( I guess the quest for the 6.0 90 goes on Ichiki san,who is the owner of the shop, says he noticed that Amea Japan's web says n-Six One Tour 90 uses kevler in material,so he corrected the description of...
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    Wilson Sporting Goods! We want a ProStaff 6.0 90!

    Break Point >BTW, do you have any idea why Amer Sports is selling this racquet only in Japan? No,I have no idea. However,Amea reintroduced Ultra 2 for about 400 dollars in Japan this February and the number of reintroduction was limited to 1000 rackets...
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    Wilson Sporting Goods! We want a ProStaff 6.0 90!

    Bad news? The price of the n-Six One Tour Federer will be approximately 35,000yen=280 dollars.The Amea Japan has not decided the suggetted retail price. Generally the price of the racket is higher than US. Retail n-Six One Tour 90's price is 28,600 yen. However the price include (1)...
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    Wilson Sporting Goods! We want a ProStaff 6.0 90!

    >Well that proves it folks. Just as I suspected all along. Federer's racquet DOES NOT contain any HyperCarbon! Beak point Thanks. However,according to this website,the Amea Japan,distributer of wilson racket in Japan,request retail shop to keep the materials of the racket secret at...
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    Wilson Sporting Goods! We want a ProStaff 6.0 90!

    >BTW, do you have a link to a source that says that it will contain only graphite and kevlar and NO HyperCarbon nor nCode material? material Hi Modulus Graphite +Graphite+Kevler The differences are (1)material (2) space of...
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    Wilson Sporting Goods! We want a ProStaff 6.0 90!

    ProStaff90 will be relaesed in Japan N-Six One Tour Federer will be released in Japan. According to Press release,it is the same specifiation which Federer actually uses in the Tour.
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    HEAD new web page

    Head is preparing nano Ti Line. I'd like to hit the Nano Ti Prestige instead of FP Prestige.
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    Ultra2 revive

    >Do you guy read japanese? Wilson company ,foundeed in 1914, revive the ULTRA 2 MID for the celebration of 90 years of the company. To rereproduce it perfectly,Wilson remake the mold by tracing the racket.Because the design plans are missing. Wison has succeeded in reproducing it...
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    Ultra2 revive

    You will be surprised.
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    prestige classic mid xl

    >The XL is only .25" longer than the original Prestige classic XL sold in Japan is .75inches longer.(703mm) We can buy them even now ( I swithced to iPrestige(customized to 703mm). But I go back to Prestige classicXL with natural gut 17...
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    Wilson PS 6.0 85 in custom length?

    >Does anyone know where/how I could get something like this done? If you have a friend in Japan,please let your friend ask to "tennis shop eddy" ( I think it is not the competitor of the TW.) You can see the mold of grips in the second picture.
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    Thinnest replacement grip

    sg Please ask Yonex sales rep. whether they sell the synthetic replacement grip -product number "AC112L"in US. AC112L is the number in Japan.Yonex sell saying "AC112L" has a professional and direct feeling in Japan.
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    Ai Sugiyama's racquet?

    It is already made public in Japan and will be released late July. It is called"TOUR Harrier DB". It is NOT "MORE" construction.
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    wilson pro staff classic 6.1 vs wilson n-code six-one

    >>I guess this is because the classic is very stiff. I haven't tried the six-one. I tried nCode six-one 95 in Japan.It is very good racket.very powerful and good spin. IMO,it feels "iPrestige with better spin." I mean that it is very stiff,stiffer than classics and it may be severe to...
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    nCode video in Japan Site

    Usually 320g for n.. tour is an unstrung weight in Japan. It is right that Japan spec is lighter than US specs for 20grams. I think it is because of preferences of Japanese customers. Even if the tournament model,heavier model does not sell well in Japan. In the case of Tour 90, Wilson...