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    Krejicova’s racquet

    What is the yellow racquet of Krejicova
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    String option to compensate for low power racquet

    I love the feel ( I guess the combined weight, balance, mojo, secret sauce, etc.) of my old Head Extreme Team OS. BUT, because I’m ancient and getting slower and weaker I need more power than I’m getting from the low-medium powered Head as it exists. Please give me some string options...
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    Gavrilova's Racquet

    What model Yonex is Gavrilova using in the Australian Open?
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    Wanted Head Extreme Team Microgel Teflon

    Want to buy one Head Extreme Team Microgel Teflon racquet. 4 3/8 or 4 1/2 grip in 7/10 or better condition.
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    Best Tennis Channel Commentators

    I'm enjoying the Bret Haber/Jim Courier commentator-combo on TC; maybe the best. Any other nominees?
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    String Tension and Spin Relationship

    To the degree that the "spiny" strings, such as Big Hitter Black 7, provide more spin, how does string tension effect that spin? If you are trying those strings hoping for more spin, do you string looser or tighter or does it really matter?
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    What tension for similar playability when changing racquets

    Stringers and others with suggestions, I will appreciate your advice. My goal is to have as close to the same playability/feel in a new racquet as I have in my current one. Data I assume are relevant: current racquet--Wilson Cirrus BLX One: 118" head; 16 x 19 string pattern; 14" mains; 55-65...
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    Try Big Hitter Black 7 Or Not?

    I'm an old dude who has generally strung my OS racquets with soft multis. This habit goes back to dealing with a case of TE when I first started playing some 25 yrs.ago and no arm problems since. I also, for the same reason, started stringing at low tensions--43-50 lbs.--and continue to do so...
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    Head Microgel Extreme Team models

    Can someone tell me how to differentiate the 2008 and 2009 Head Microgel Extreme Team racquets? I know the 2009 model has teflon on the grommets but is that easily noticed? Are there any other noticeable differences such as color, etc ? Thanks.
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    James French great seller

    Had a very positive experience purchasing racquets from James French (flynnclu).
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    Phishing responses to ads

    Have you had many reports of phishing responses to ads placed on the board? I just received a suspicious reply to a "Wanted" item I placed that could be the start of a phishing expedition. Thanks.
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    Head Microgel Extreme Team Teflon

    Looking for a 4 3/8 or 4 1/2 in good or better shape. E-mail me at lobman@ Thanks.
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    WTB: Volkl Quantum V1 OS

    Looking for a Volkl Quantum V1 OS in decent condition (7/10 or better). Look in the back of your closet and let me hear from you. Thanks. Contact me at:
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    Interesting Take On "Arm-Friendly Racquets"

    One of the more popular topics on this board, and on most other tennis-topic postings, has been that of "arm-friendly racquets." Over the past several years, opinions from "experts" and us common Joes have been shared on this obviously important matter to most tennis players, at least those of...
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    Chris Fowler and Brad Gilbert

    For those watching the Australan Open on TC, does it bother you that Chris Fowler disses Brad Gilbert in a condescending way?
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    Closet Clean Out--Misc. Racquets for sale

    The following racquets are for sale. If interested in further information email me at Prince EX03 Black. 7.5/10. 4 1/4 grip. $65 shipped. Volkl DNX V1 OS. 7.5/10. 4 3/8 grip. $60 shipped. Prince Air DB OS. 7.5/10. 4 3/8 grip. $40 shipped. Volkl V1...
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    Syn gut vs multi stringing tension

    In changing from synthetic gut to a multi on my Angell 105 should I restring at a lower, higher or stay at the same tension to keep the same feel? If I change, how much? I assume there's something in the stacks on this but I couldn't pull anything up. Thanks in advance.
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    Ollinger good seller

    Ollinger was a pleasure to do business with. He promptly answered a number of questions about the racquet I bought and in detail. Thanks Ollie.
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    Slazenger Phantom 105

    Pulled out my old Slazenger Phantom 105, circa 1990, from "the closet where I hope my wife does't look", put it in my bag and switched to it in my regular Thur. doubles match after being down 0-2 and (with my partner's help!) ran off six straight games. I had been playing with 12+ oz racquets...
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    Clay Court Tips

    Have started a regular clay court doubles match with three buddies that is very serious (losers pay for lunch!). I haven't played on clay much so I would appreciate any and all tips from you dirt ballers out there. I know all those South American players slide into the ball but I'm not sure I...
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    Tomic's shoes?

    What are those flashy Nike shoes Tomic is wearing at the Australian Open?
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    Glucosamine--Magic bullet or snake oil?

    I know it's been mentioned in the past, but what do you know and/or think about the effectiveness of glucosamine on knee problems, specifically tendonitis? I've done some research and the studies are mixed and most of those studies focus on reducing the pain of osteoarthritis. Some studies...
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    Tension Formula ?

    What is the guide for what tension to use in stringing when going from one size racquet to another. For example, if I string my 110 oversize @ 54 lbs. and switch to a 105 midplus, what would be the equivalent tension to use? Ditto for going to a 100 mid ? Thanks in advance?
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    Volkl feedback

    I've been playing with the Volkl V1 Classic recently and with other Volkl models prior to that. I love the comfort and maneuverability of the V1 (and all Volkls I've tried). But, as I've aged and slowed, I'm feeling the need for a little more power assist from my racquet--possibly going to a...
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    Wanted: Weed 3/4

    Looking for one of the old Weed 3/4 racquets in decent condition (7.5 or better). Check your parents' closets! Thanks.
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    Different listed SW for new Warrior DB Team

    TW, Your listed specs for the new Prince EOX3 Warrior DB Team 100 show a swingweight of 320. The listed swingweight on the racquet itself is listed as 280. So what's the story? :confused:
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    Power ratings confusion

    On your Racquet Help page you note that a heavier racquet = more power and that a stiffer frame = more power. But as I was comparing two racquets of interest, the Head Youtek IG Extreme OS (10.5 oz. and 70 stiffness) and the Babolat Overdrive 105 (9.8 oz and 68 stiffness) you note that the Head...
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    WTB (or trade for): Boris Becker V1 OS

    Looking for a good (8/10 or better) Boris Becker V1 OS. E-mail pics and infor to : Thanks.
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    Update for Volkl DNX VI OS

    My old standby--Volkl DNX V1 OS--is getting a little worn and I'm looking for a new, or recent, replacement that is as close to it as possible. Someone suggested the Boris Becker V1 OS. Will appreciate anyone's comments who has compared the two or who has other suggestions.