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  1. CodyZzZ

    Same Swingweight, different lead placements?

    For a given racquet, assuming I can maintain the same swingweight but can choose one of the following: - More lead at 12, less at 3+9 - More lead at 3+9, less at 12 1) Will the balance be different if swingweight stays same? 2) Which one will be objectively easier to swing and generate racquet...
  2. CodyZzZ

    Yonex DR98+ Full Review

    Saw the DR98+ video review on youtube, thanks for posting, when can we expect the in-depth review on your website? Thanks.
  3. CodyZzZ

    Yonex Poly Air Getting a Reel?

    Hey T-Dub, Would you be carrying the the yonex poly tour air in a reel soon? I quite enjoy this string, a great soft-feeling poly that compliments the comfort of my DR98.
  4. CodyZzZ

    Help with fly clamping the last cross...

    Bought a Gamma Progression II 200 recently, really had fun learning how to string for the first time after 18 years of tennis! Anyway, after some research I'm still unable to find a good solution to my problem. On my DR98 or PS85, the last two crosses are spaced quite far a part, so the flying...