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  1. djokovic2008

    Djoker is done winning tour titles.

    After seeing him lose at the Qatar open, indian wells and now Miami it's seems Novak just doesn't have the will to fight for titles he has won many times other than the slams. I think the serial winner he used to be has gone but will still win the slam titles other than Roland Garros.
  2. djokovic2008

    The Edmund Forehand

    I remember seeing him in the French last year and really liking his forehand. This year it's come on even more as he has more confidence with it He flips the racket face right round facing the opposite direction then he flips it really quickly generating great racket head speed. Thoughts?
  3. djokovic2008

    The sad realities when supporting Raonic!

    1. When he misses the 1st serve against quality opponents he is toast. 2. If he goes a break down that's it for the set as he has no return game. 3. Even if he is a break up against quality opponents he gets tight and can't close. I can't see this guy winning a slam.
  4. djokovic2008

    How the hell has Queens won tournament of the year for 2015?

    The players vote this also based on the condition of the courts and player services. I can think of many tournaments better than this like miami and Indian wells for a start.
  5. djokovic2008

    How can anyone critize Andy Murray?

    This guys resume is top class he has beaten all the top guys in the biggest events. He shows up in most tournaments, beats nadal and djoker on clay in recent weeks plus his master series wins, olympic gold etc. How can anyone compare him to Roddick the gap there is massive.
  6. djokovic2008

    New UFC Champion Mcgregor states: Precision beats power and timing beats speed" Is this Djokovic?

    Having just seen Connor Mcgregor beat champion Jose aldo in 13 seconds last night. He then stated in the interview afterwards that precision beats power and timing beats speed. Is this why djoker is head and shoulders on the ATP tour right now?
  7. djokovic2008

    Why fed serves well against everyone but Djoker.

    I wish people on here especially in the match forums would stop asking why fed is serving badly against djoker when they play finals. It was the same at Wimbledon when he served great vs murray but not against djoker. The pressure fed feels against djoker when serving is immense not too much the...
  8. djokovic2008

    Peter Fleming: "Djokovic is the best mover on a hardcourt I've ever seen"

    After Novak's win in in Indian wells former doubles champion and Sky commentator Peter Fleming states that not only is Novak the best mover on a hard court he has ever seen but only Rafael Nadal and Bjorn Borg are better movers on clay. Discuss?
  9. djokovic2008

    Djokovic's Sampras style 2nd Serve!

    When he was coming up Djoker always talked of his two favourite players which were Agassi and Sampras. Obviously we see the Agassi in Djokovic's game but as his serve has improved over the years he has been trying that hard 2nd serve down the T that Sampras was so good at. I have seen him do it...
  10. djokovic2008

    Is Novak's AO Acheivement more impressive than Rafa's FO reocrd?

    Now I get alot of people will say "no way" but when you think how few really good clay court players there are in todays game whereas EVERYONE plays well on hardcourt then you see it differently. Djoker has Rafa, Murray, Federer ,Wawrinka, Berdych,Nishikori and basically anyone in the top 15...
  11. djokovic2008

    Djoker's Serve

    Q. Is it the Boris Becker effect we're seeing on your serve? NOVAK DJOKOVIC: Definitely he's got his contribution there, no question about it. He has joined the team last year. It's been 12 months that we've been working together. He's working closely with Marian and the rest of the team...
  12. djokovic2008

    what elements of Djokers game have Improved since 2008?

    No doubt since 2008 winning his first slam novaks game has gone from strength to strength with lapes in 2009 2010. What elements have improved and by how much? 2008: Forehand=6 Backhand=8 Serve=7 Netplay= 3 Composure=6 Movement=8 Stamina=5 Mentality=6 ROS= 8 Overheads=5 2014: Forehand=8.5...
  13. djokovic2008

    NOVAK:"people are seeing Roger always being a top 3, top 2 guy That's not happening"

    "So I think people are seeing Roger always being a top 3, top 2 guy and competing for Grand Slam titles. That's not happening, and all of a sudden it's a huge surprise." With the ridiculous threads about where is fed at now, well Novak could not of said it any better. He is not a top guy...
  14. djokovic2008

    Why has DJOKER got such an awful smash??

    Its getting embarrassing :oops: now as the whole tennis world knows its poor, it cost in the the USO final against murray and again vs Nadal at the FO. Nadal on the the other hand has such a confident dominant smash same with Fed, Murray not as good as those two but steady enough. The rest of...
  15. djokovic2008

    The FO NEEDS NOVAK to make the final.

    Look nadal is a lock for the FO unless he meets novak we all know this by now. However novak may be prone to losing concentration in the early rounds and getting beat by a berdych, tsonga etc and if this happens Nadal will EXTRA confidence and DESTROY the FO and anyone in his path. Let's be...
  16. djokovic2008

    Did Novak TANK Madrid?

    After watching the Dimitrov match again it was one of his worst performances for a long time yes WORSE than the haas performance in the wind. 4-1 up in the tiebreak then just blows it with unforced errors. Then the second when dimitrov is cramping and djoker misses a sitter?? Plus not much...
  17. djokovic2008

    Has there ever been a CLEANER ball striker than Djokovic?

    Now before the fed fans bring fed without thinking, he has shanked and framed more balls of his backhand especially that i've had hot dinners. I was thinking players like Berdych, del potro and nalbandian and more would be appreciated.
  18. djokovic2008

    Nick Bollettieri: Djokovic is the most complete player of all time This comes from an Icon in the tennis world a man who has coached Agassi and many others.
  19. djokovic2008

    Other than playing NADAL, FED has never done so much running!

    No wonder instead of looking 31 vs Murray he looked 41. Fed has never been used to being jerked left to right except when playing nadal and we all know how that ends up. Now with Murray and djoker fed has to do this more regulary on a hardcourt clay and grass and he cannot handle it even if he...
  20. djokovic2008

    Are tt posters really that ignorant? you never saw how special djoker was from start?

    There's a lot of people on here having to eat humble pie right now yes you know who you are with threads like " Is djoker a one slam wonder" or who is better roddick or djoker? Come on any sensible tennis fan could see his coming is tomic dimitrov and the likes winning masters series and slams...
  21. djokovic2008

    Djokovic 2.0

    Now whether you like djoker or not or if you think he is a pusher by nature or a baseline controller or whatever, we can all agree there is a mode from say 2011 called 2.0 and when he finds this level of play like today then no matter what you must agree he is an absolute joy to watch?
  22. djokovic2008

    Calling all FED fans, Whats feds top 5 most painful loses?

    1. vs Nadal 2008 wimbledon final 6-4, 6-4, 6-7(5), 6-7(8), 9-7 2. vs Djokovic 2011 US Semi 6-7(7), 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 7-5 3. vs Djokovic 2010 US Semi 5-7, 6-1, 5-7, 6-2, 7-5 4. vs Nadal 2008 roland garros 6-1, 6-3, 6-0 5. vs Nalbandian World tour finals 2005 6-7(4), 6-7(11), 6-2, 6-1, 7-6(3)...
  23. djokovic2008

    Where does DJOKOVIC stand now?

    Do you remember when people on here were comparing his career to the likes of roddick and courier, well where does he stand now? Can he get to the respect levels of rafa then roger or will it just come down to slam count to decide that.
  24. djokovic2008

    Djokovic: best player for the last two years!

    There can now be no doubt he has been the best for the last two years and won this tournament without losing a match. Fed said he could not have played any better which is true he was good but congrats to djoker the best in the world.
  25. djokovic2008

    IT'S OFFICIAL djokovic and Murray lose in purpose!!

    Anyone with half a brain can see what's happening this week atleast fed did it the right way by not entering,this is too obvious.
  26. djokovic2008

    Would Isner, Raonic or karlovic have won a slam in the 90s?

    With the surface speeds back then certainly raonic and Isner would have had a good chance. This tells me the that the surface speeds are just about right at the moment given the quality of today's final where all round players can shine.
  27. djokovic2008

    The boring standard American Technique

    After watching Johnson, sock, Isner and we all know how roddick plays when is the American coach system going to change. Its the usual big forehand and serve, weak backhand and no change in gameplan. Watching Johnson vs Gasquet, Johnson running around going crazy trying to run round his backhand...
  28. djokovic2008

    RODDICK:"I have to deal with having an average backhand"

    ANDY RODDICK: He hit about as many dropshots today as I ever hit in my career, so... (Laughter.) Yeah, I mean, he has a good base. I mean, he can create something. Now it's just a matter of ‑‑ he's got to be a little bit quicker. I have dealt with an average backhand for many years and...
  29. djokovic2008

    How can any REAL tennis fan be happy Nadal is injured!

    When the likes of blake, mathieu and monfils are out injured you get threads wishing them back because people like to see as many good tennis players out there as possible. People on here seem to love the fact Nadal is struggling, but personally as a djoker fan if fed, nadal, murray or any...
  30. djokovic2008

    Raonic return of serve.

    I'm watching him play bagdatis who is only serving at 35% 1st serve percentage which was actually 19% for most of the set. Yet he has faced no break points and won 92% on first serve and 75% on second serve and he is just happy just to roll the second serve to the raonic backhand knowing full...