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    Delpo for the gold

    I've been watching Juan Martin's matches and so far, I see he's in a great level, similar to the 09 US Open. He's blasting his inside out fh, serving very good, and most of all, the same intensity...Maybe representing his country is giving him a boost. He would have to meet fed in semis...
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    Delpo's practice
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    prettiest and ugliest player's girlfriend

    Coria's wife is really a HOTTIE.Maybe the prettiest of all... The ugliest is surely roger's girl,Mirka...#1 tennis player of the world and that girl,that's strange,usually they pick up only good level
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    Monte Carlo MS

    Who do you think are the candidates to win this master series? Personally i think is between Coria,Gaudio,Federer and Nadal...