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  1. Lefty5

    What overgrip is the best for sweaty hands

    Bro, Tourna Grip. Tons of pro's use it for a reason. Tons of pros use it even though they are not Tourna contract players. Tons of pros use it becuase its the best. Does it have drawbacks? sure. But if your question is what is best for sweaty hands, there is only one answer.
  2. Lefty5

    Wilson Baiardo Lite vs Alpha Ghost 2 vs Others

    Gotta put the Tourna machines in there if you're looking at that price point. Solid features, well built.
  3. Lefty5

    Tourna Tac/Mega Tac Durability

    mega tac and tourna tac are a lot more durable than tourna grip. The coolest part about mega tac is how long it stays tacky. I think I can go almost several months with it still being grippy. Not sure any other grip comes close.
  4. Lefty5

    Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour

    Gotta say I was impressed that I was able to pick up the BHS7Tour after month of inactivity and lost none of its playing qualities. I can't say the same for the strings in my other racquet, and it wouldn't be fair to Solinco if I said what string it was.
  5. Lefty5

    Whats your Favorite GRIP?

    +1 Mega Tac, especially in Spring/Fall. Die Hard Tourna Grip in the summer.
  6. Lefty5

    Are pros getting endorsement money paid during this lockdown?

    The huge clothing deals are on since they are multi-year....but come the end of 2020, will the racquet companies be on the hook to pay for 2020? or maybe partial depending on the start date?
  7. Lefty5

    Are pros getting endorsement money paid during this lockdown?

    With no tennis there is basically no visibility. Are they getting paid their endorsements?
  8. Lefty5

    Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour

    Has anyone strung this up at sub 40? I'm down to about 45 and everytime I drop the tension, it seems to only get better. Just wondering what the super low tension playability is like.
  9. Lefty5

    A string you had such high hopes for but was a complete bust...???

    Pros Pro Blackout. Garbage.
  10. Lefty5

    On the other end.... String that just blew you away and you did not see it coming... ???

    Tourna Silver 7 Tour is definitely my string of the year. Took a few tries to dial in the tension, ended up going about 3 lbs below my regular poly tension and it turned into magic. Likewise, to further stretch my buck I'm trying Tourna's premium poly. Reels for $31 out there if you know...
  11. Lefty5

    Best string for my blade: 4gL or Big hitter silver 7 tour

    without a doubt, silver7 tour. The playtests and the data support it. personal fav of mine and everyone I play with as well. And you save a lot of $$$
  12. Lefty5

    Tourna silver 7 tour in pure aero?

    I'd be curious to see how many people vary tension by 8 lbs at a time. In my own experiments, I usually go only 2 lbs, max 3. There's a big difference between 52 and 47.
  13. Lefty5

    Tourna silver 7 tour in pure aero?

    55 lbs seems very high for a string that does not lose tension.
  14. Lefty5

    Yonex supergrap durability issues?

    I like that sometimes too but the sticky from the tacky towels tears up my OG even quicker. I think the rosin powder works a little better in conjuntion with the OG's.
  15. Lefty5

    Luxilon BBO

    I feel like I can go down the string forum and write the same thing over and over again. Tourna Silver 7 Tour has the best tension maintenance ever, tested per TW. Huge spin and great control. I can also attest to the TM playing with it for a few months now. You can also buy a reel and...
  16. Lefty5

    Best setup for tension maintenance and control?

    Tourna Silver7 Tour wins here for TM. No need to string it high either since its holds so well. Low tension, huge spin, and I can't find anything better, no matter what price point your talking about either.
  17. Lefty5

    Why are pro shoes so slippery???

    I think they are just running, cutting, and moving so much faster than the average joe on the tennis court.
  18. Lefty5

    Yonex supergrap durability issues?

    The tack of Yonex and Wilson wear out ridiculously fast. I get about 30 to 45 min of tacky feel then it really loses its performance. Surprised more people don't complain about that. But agree with others that Mega Tac is extremely durable and I can attest to the fact that the tacky feel...
  19. Lefty5

    Side hustles for pros since they cannot compete

    They should all be offering small group clinics, even during the regular season. Imagine if a guy like Tennys Sandgren or Bradley Khlan or any top 200 to 50th ranked guy on the ATP came to your club. $500 a head and he'll show you how to hit his forehand, serve, or whatever they do well. You...
  20. Lefty5

    overgrip that feels like plastic

    Electrical tape.
  21. Lefty5

    String similar to rpm blast 16 but with less tension loss?

    The Tourna Silver7 Tour was rated by TW as the best tension maintenance ever. Plays a lot like RPM Blast as well. Seems like a no brainer to give it a try.
  22. Lefty5

    Strings for more spin

    Tourna Silver 7 seems to be the popular choice at the moment
  23. Lefty5

    There is no magic string

    Yes, that's why there's no reason to pay more than $10 for a poly.
  24. Lefty5

    gamma tnt2 fat core 16g

    Had this in a hybrid a while ago, the tension loss was too much to manage for me.
  25. Lefty5

    Comparison and Thoughts on Tourna Polys

    Has to be some of the best price to performance ratio around. I was on Black7 forever, changed to Silver7 and like the bump up in power. The Black Zone is a fan favorite on my team as well. Great round powerful and soft poly. Good as full bed and ideal as a hybrid.
  26. Lefty5

    Favorite Twisted String-

    +1 on Tourna Blue Rough. Powerful and tons of spin.
  27. Lefty5

    Your routine ESPN coverage gripe thread

    When Serena lost and Fed was about to lose to Millman, pretty sure ESPN was holding urgent meetings to discuss withdrawing from the Aussie open. They would have nothing else to talk about!!!
  28. Lefty5

    Tournagrip paint jobs and blackouts

    If it looks like Tourna grip, it probably is...
  29. Lefty5

    Replacement Poly

    Any of the Tourna Reels. The older, but still great, Big Hitter Silver will run you a mere $69.00 for an amazing string.
  30. Lefty5

    Do vibration dampeners really do anything?

    I just cant believe the racquet manufacturers have never invented something embedded in the grommets to dampen the sound. I remember I had an old Prince Response where the bottom strings would run through a gel pad in the throat. And yeah, I STILL used a dampener