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    Bag Check: Tennis Rackets

    These are the sticks that I currently have in rotation. I actually have two Prince Beast 98s (best deal in tennis right now IMO), two Donnay Pro One GT 97s and I'm down to one Head Pro Tour 280. I have them all strung up at similar tension and weighted up within maybe a tenth of an ounce of each...
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    dlw doesn't mess around (excellent seller, trader)

    Real straight shooter. Frames were everything and more as he described!
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    Should screen doors be legal for amateur players?

    I've been told that ATP and WTA rules prohibit anything over 110 sq" being used in sanctioned competition. If this is indeed the case, why does the USTA allow these 130 sq" monstrosities to be used in league and tournament play? I would think that it's a bigger advantage for a player to be...
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    OK to use contoured or rough poly for Gut hybrid?

    Recently got some Klip Legacy and intend to get two hybrids out of it. Want to go Fed style with the poly in the crosses. My buddy is the stringer, I provide the strings - he does a good job and gives me a good rate. I haven't used real gut for over twenty years, don't ask me why cause I...
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    Head Comfort Zone string

    Anybody have any idea what became of this great string? My favorite 17g string ever - great power, great control, easy on the arm and it lasted forever. Any chance they just changed the name? Just can't understand why they'd stop making it.:confused:
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    Trampoline effect

    I had an interesting revelation the other day with a racket I bought to back up my main frames. I saw this racket on fleabay and from the specs thought it would make a nice backup for my PT280s - It's a...
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    What's your G.O.A.T. racquet?

    Bet you can guess mine.:p Regarding the poll, only ten choices available, sorry.:oops:
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    Should I add poly?

    As you probably guessed, I use Head Pro Tour 280s which are control oriented low powered frames from yesteryear, but like new condition. I'm about to restring two of them (one's too tight, the other 16g and dead feeling) and wanted a little advice. I have a Dunlop comfort hybrid 17g(poly...