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    More 1HBH critique please - after 1 year

    I like your BH; nice strong semi-western grip, low takeback, swing up for good topspin, and nice full follow thru. My suggestion is that you need to be looser in the wrist. You are very stiff thru the ball and while this is a traditional virtue, you will have a much more natural BH when you...
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    Wrist on Forehand Takeback

    No one has mentioned that when Nadal begins his forward swing the first thing that happens is he drops his arm and the strings become parallel to the court ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE Murray. So while their technique is different, both begin the forward motion from a "strings facing the court" position...
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    Could Hawaiian FH be the easiest, with the least timing problems?

    Hawaiian Grip Yes for sure a Hawaiian grip
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    Wawrinka's technique

    I think Wawrinka's power comes from the Kinetic Chain + he releases and sort of throws the strings at the ball. This is the emerging technique to hit with max energy for pace and spin. You can see this in his straight arm finish all the way around his body due to the acceleration of the strings...
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    Could Hawaiian FH be the easiest, with the least timing problems?

    I taught myself the Hawaiian FH a few years ago It took several months to get it right and be comfortable with it. Keys I found were .... 1. Must hit it way out front. Hitting it late near the body is DEATH. Low balls are not a problem if hit out in front. 2. I must rapidly suppinate my forearm...
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    FH: Throwing racquet motion

    ...... but the truth is it all works. Wise words from Bendix IMO I believe the game is evolving to where the push or pull groundstroke is being replaced by a throwing/snapping action thru the ball. I teach Physics and the frozen frames in videos are deceiving. It appears the wrist is leading...
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    Babolot overgrips

    Thanks for the information. Unexpected comments for sure. I have not used them long enough to see these effects but will be on guard. Thanks again. I hear many people like Yonex and Wilson of specific types which I forgot but will look up again.
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    Babolot overgrips

    Babolot overgrips feel pretty good to me. Feel soft and seem to last longer Anyone have any comments on this grip which just appeared here in Bangkok ??
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    Do you really hit up on a kick serve?

    You are right ! This thread got out of hand. The OP was reporting he sees a high bounce [kick] when he serves by hitting DOWN on the ball. Then I confirmed his observation from my own experience. Note "hitting down" means strings go from high to low NOT hit the ball on top so it goes down to...
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    Vic Braden teaches to use BH and FH grips on volleys?

    Vic Braden had a video back in the 70's [many in fact] that discussed the two alternatives of using Continental and not changing grip OR Changing grip from Eastern FH to Eastern BH. He demonstrated how quickly one can change it and it was his conclusion that either method worked fine.
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    Do you really hit up on a kick serve?

    Here is Ron Waite's classic article on a backspin serve. This is not the serve I am talking about but it does relate in that some people find backspin 1st serves effective. This technique does not mention something fundamental to what I do...
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    Do you really hit up on a kick serve?

    ^^^^^^ See my edit in my above post #50.
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    Do you really hit up on a kick serve?

    Bhupaes; No one is disputing these fundamentals of low to high for a kick [topspin] serve We are not even saying you should do this high to low pronation technique. We are reporting what we have found from hours and hours of practice. I noticed this pull down action with many of the pros I have...
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    Do you really hit up on a kick serve?

    Suresh ??? Have you forgotten your thread ? Hitting down [that is with the strings going high to low] is a valid technique with great results. No doubt about it. It yields a kicker, but more than that, it is one that has good pace rather...
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    Do you really hit up on a kick serve?

    That is a pretty good video of a classic American Twist kicker. Here is another view of the video from post #35 The right side view shows his strings going below the ball after the hit. The classic kick swing brushes up from...
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    Do you really hit up on a kick serve?

    No responses to my post ? I was hitting my serves nicely today. Perhaps many misunderstand what BinB and I are talking about. It is NOT hitting the ball on the top half and driving it in to the court. It is the strings moving from above the ball to below it while the face is opening up a bit...
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    Tired of Generic club pros with ignorant lessons

    Strategy you can get from books or a good HS/College coach. But learning technique is much harder. My method is this ..... Find an advanced player that has a shot you admire and want to learn. Then ask him to teach it to you if his price is reasonable. He KNOWS how to do it and knows the keys...
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    Push vs. Pull Forehand

    I was tempted to agree with this at first. But .......... Everyone knows that the more extreme the grip, the more out front and higher becomes the ideal contact point. That would imply extreme grips ==> push When I hit with my Western FH or even Hawaiian [I taught myself to hit with this...
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    Push vs. Pull Forehand

    What is logically associated with a PULL ? ANS: The object is behind you. What is logically associated with a PUSH ? The object is in front of you. So a pull is a late hit near your body and a push is an early hit out front. I think it is just that simple. Of course there are shades...
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    Learning to serve

    Great advice [as usual] from CoachingMastery
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    Plantar Fascitis-- Need shoes with Very good ARCH support/ Steroids ?

    Here was my solution to PF Post by "paulfreda" Hope it helps someone because I KNOW how painful physically it is and how painful it is to have to stop playing for days or even weeks at a time.
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    Plantar Fasciitis and footwear

    Never heard of Superfeet. Thanks I will try them out. But I doubt they will feel as good as several gel soles. We'll see
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    Going back to tennis after PF - Need advice

    My cure .... I bought tennis shoes 2 sizes larger than normal and in the wide 2E size so there was plenty of room to put 2-3 layers of Dr Scholl's gel pads inside. My PF disappeared for good. Only issue was getting used to these large things on my feet and that turned out to be mostly my...
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    Plantar Fasciitis and footwear

    I tried everything to cure my plantar faciitis several years ago, but nothing worked. Then I thought about it for a while and realized the best thing for my feet would be if somehow they could walk on pillows. So I started stuffing Dr Scholls pads inside and quickly the shoe became to tight. So...
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    Supination during FH

    Where did you get this idea that many pros pronate thru the FH ? I think most suppinate; closed face opening toward a square face thru the shot. Here is Murray hitting with Ferrer. No pronation on FH here.
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    Supination during FH

    Well Federer suppinates on his FH and he clearly does not use a Western grip. It is much closer to Eastern. As Lee said, the strings do not need to be parallel to the net if the swing path is low to high.
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    Supination during FH

    Seems to me that ..... IF ..... one wants to pronate thru a FH groundstroke, the face ... MUST ... be open just before contact. If that were not true, how can the ball get over the net with a closed face and a forearm pronating [turning CCW] ?? A pronating forearm will cause the face to close...
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    video: push or pull forehand?

    Isn't a push really just hitting it out front early ? And a pull is hitting it more back near the body hitting it late. I find hitting early [push] I need to pronate [forearm turns CCW] thru the ball, kind of covering the ball. And hitting late [pull] I am suppinating [forearm turns CW]...
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    Totally lost my forehand

    There are literally 10's of ways to hit a FH. It is the most variable shot in tennis IMO. That is why most good players have bad days with it now and then. Start from scratch but this time document with writing each new technique you learn. Practice practice practice.
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    Help with pronation

    Another good video