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    Frame for early twentysomething female beginner?

    Very different, thus why I listed them both. Pure drive for a stiffer, powerful feel. Blade for a more muted, controlled feel.
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    Frame for early twentysomething female beginner?

    It needs to be said: a beginner should probably start out with a $40 Walmart-special until they decide they want to be serious. If they've made that decision, go with a Pure Drive 107 or a Blade 104. If the beginner in question is relatively fit, I don't think the weight is an issue (to a...
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    Asics Gel Solution Speed FF Black/Silver Men's Shoes

    Mine do the same thing. It is a little better now that they are broken in, but I don't think it's going away entirely. Definitely weird.
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    Nike Vapor X

    I have been wearing Vapors since I started playing tennis about 8 years ago. Here are my thoughts on the Xs after 20+ hours of play: Pros: more comfortable and durable than past Vapors, they have the usual Vapor quickness, foot feels locked in, the colorways have been great overall Cons: the...
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    Asics Gel Solution Speed FF Black/Silver Men's Shoes

    I've played about 8 hours in my SS FF's now and I am thrilled with my purchase. I was a lifetime Nike guy, but the Vapor X has odd traction and it leaves my ankles super stiff after playing singles. Pros: The traction on the SS FF's is perfect for me. It's grippy, but it's easy to feel when...
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    What does Djokovic do against Nadal which the rest of the tour seemingly can’t?

    Djoker has a very offensive return of serve and an unbelievable ability to change direction vs. topspin (backhand down the line vs. Nadal's crosscourt forehand). Nadal's classic slice serve / inside out FH winner combo on the ad side is not nearly as effective vs. Djoker.
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    Yonex VCORE series 2018

    @frogboy2002 I am right there with you. The current 98+ is my all-time favorite racquet. I hope they didn't mess it up by removing the 20th cross string. The new paint job looks sweet.
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    Favorite tennis shirt of all time?

    Fed ATP Finals 2015. Bought this shirt, too. Great all around.
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    Anyone super picky about socks?

    Socks make a huge difference for me. I need something with a lot of padding. I am currently playing with the Nike Elite Versatility. The lows and the crews are both great.