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  1. Benben245

    2006 Fed v Moodie

  2. Benben245

    Drug testing during Covid

    How has the procedure changed or differed at the us open 2020 compared to previous years?
  3. Benben245

    Will Felix Rise To The Occassion?

  4. Benben245

    SW difference between Raonic and Tsits

    Is there a 'significant' SW difference between Raonic and Tsitsipas? It certainly looked like it today. The plow through and depth on raonic's groundstrokes more than made up for his lack of agility. Stiffness?
  5. Benben245

    Roger would be better off with a closed pattern RF97?

    An open string pattern on an 85-90 inch racquet strung at a similar tension to a 98 square inch racquet open is night and day different. Id like to see Federer try an 18/19 or 18/20, adjust tension, and blend the best of both worlds, precision and forgiveness. What do we miss as fans: the slice...
  6. Benben245

    Did Federer/Djokovic ever test/try the opposite string patterns?

    Just curious if anyone with an hear to the Wilson Pro room ever hear something about Fed trying 18/20/18/19 or conversely Djoker trying 16/19 with Head or Wilson.
  7. Benben245

    Risk Premium/appearance fees

    Do not be surprised to hear rumblings of huge appearance fee demands by top players leading up to the French and US Open. Without ticket sales is the purse even the same? Makes absolute sense to incorporate risk premium into negotiations given the circumstances. Ps. What do Nielsen ratings look...
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    2002 Paris Federer v. Haas

    Lovely ball striking. Nice being reminded of the prodigious talent of Haas prior to injuries
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    Prime Agassi spanks Fed in 2005 US Open

    Rewatched today, was looking at that second set and thought what if, Agassi had his wheels and stamina?
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    2004 US Open surface 2004 Federer vs 2011 Djokovic best of 10

    Thoughts? 6-4 Djokovic ? 5-5? 6-4 fed?
  11. Benben245

    Delpo 2009 backhand never recovered

    Wrist inflections on a forehand are one thing depending on your grip and style,but a two-hander can require more contortion with both wrists and I think this is why Delpo's backhand has never been the same. Its not even close, his backhand today is 75% of what it was. Very underrated and very...
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    Krygios backhand potential....

    Krygios's backhand to me, is so solid, conservative, and clearly raw, I wonder. You can rip this post apart very easily with the amount of 'what ifs' surrounding Krygios, Nadal can tell you that, but, still I dwell on how good it could be.
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    Nadal’s current level vs Agassi Prime

    The title immediately implies this is a thread about who would win best out of 10 on different surfaces or something to that effect. However, I’m asking the crowd if Nadal’s athleticism and stamina today is on par with Agassi in his prime and if so, is there anything Nadal can do to retool his...
  14. Benben245

    Medvedev athleticism/stamina at 6'6

    I am overwhelmed by Daniil's combination of elite stamina and superb athleticism, nevermind that he is 6'6. In just 18 months, he has surpassed Del Po in my estimation as the greatest 6'5 or taller tennis athlete of the modern era. He is atleast a step above Zverev in terms of agility and...
  15. Benben245

    Is Fognini a big Coria fan?

    His style to his tighter fitting shirts, he seems to idol Coria, has he said anything in the past?
  16. Benben245

    Roddick Tennis IQ

    American tennis aficionados are, more or less, in agreement as to Andy Roddick's weaknesses, the era in which he played exacerbating all of the above. However, for a young man who seemingly has a good head on his shoulders from his taste in women, his witty riposte's in press conferences, hair...
  17. Benben245

    Berdych 2010-2012 if playing today...

    Would he have a solid foothold on the number 4 ranking and potentially cause problems on the hard courts at slams? Sort of the status quo for the highpoints of his career
  18. Benben245

    Federer's serve follow through and juice in his legs....

    I noticed Federer's demeanor in 2018 Indian Wells, his short temper, and frustration at times with his backhand was accompanied by a very young looking version of his service motion. A lot of juice in his legs where he throws himself into the serve with both legs up in the air. Its very...
  19. Benben245

    Thiem Serve, the keys to his ascendance...

    Obviously, ROS has been a problem for the next gen including Thiem. With that said, I do see potential for Thiem to take a Wawrinka like leap in his late 20s, the caveat being ceteris paribus, his serve must improve. Thoughts? (this improvement will not be soley due to the big 3 falling back to...
  20. Benben245

    All four majors in a calendar year

    As a tennis fan, and as a Federer fan, I have been waiting for Djoker to win four in one year. It is so within his ability that I frankly am surprised it hasn't happened. I think there are limitations with the heavy racquet he plays with but its lighter than years past and perhaps this will help...
  21. Benben245

    Whats worse, Raonic ROS or slice

    His ROS has vastly improved but I dare say his slice is not acceptable for a top 50 tennis player
  22. Benben245

    Tennys would be alot more fun to watch with a higher SW

    Its amazing how much more pace Fognini can generate on his ground strokes than Sandgren . He's America's Djokovic and would be a sight to see if he borrowed Djkoker's stick for a day or so.
  23. Benben245

    If Diego was 6'1...

    Would he push someone out of the top 3?
  24. Benben245

    I want Rublev v. Nadal in Semis

    I love that Rublev's tennis IQ has emerged from the depths of a waste bin that contains way too much Bollittieri influence.
  25. Benben245

    Return of Serve...decline with age

    I recall Sampras having some issues as he got older with return of serve, for Roger, I think this is going to be the element that surreptitiously signals his decline. (anyone see Fed try to run around his backhand for his classic inside out forehand, it was rough to watch) . Sometimes you see...
  26. Benben245

    Wawrinka could lose 15 pounds and try a bigger frame

    I would probably cry if Wawrinka were to win a slam, hell, if he won in Basel that would make me overjoyed. I believe the Stanimal has no intention of retiring but given his age and the way his career arch blossomed in his late 20s due to technique adjustments I'm surprised he isn't tinkering...
  27. Benben245

    Verdasco is an underachiever...especially on hard courts

    Fernando is not a clay court specialist, his game provides a nice balance of spin, power and the spanish savvy of working the point. If he was less muscular would that improve his consistency?
  28. Benben245

    2002 Sampras vs. Roddick thrashing/court speed etc

    I love knowing that Roddick won the U.S. Open in 2003 but was crushed by Sampras only a year before. His forehand was a bomb that made Roddick's weapon look feeble by comparison. What are your thoughts on the speed at the U.S. Open that year? If Sampras kept playing? How would 2002 Sampras have...