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    Challenge to tennis fans on this site:*spoiler* and about the Fed Nadal match

    Stop acting like children when either Nadal or Federer lose. Loosen up to the fact that neither is a infallible god in any way and that they make mistakes and have character flaws just like the rest of us. Learn that the GOAT in any debate on any subject is subjective and will never, ever be...
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    The crowd in the U.S tie are all on xanax. Needs more Cowbell!

    They were pathetic in the first match, loud only when Blake won VERY important points, silent for long periods, unless a amazing point happened (basically they treated it like a regular match). The 100 or so minority Swiss supporters were the only thing that gave atmosphere of a Davis cup match...
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    About the match*spoiler*

    Federer played well, Nadal played better than anyone ever has on clay. Many are over reacting as usual. Nothing happened point-wise for the top three. Federer was probably going to lose. It just happens that he got DESTROYED. Federer beats everyone else on clay. But beating Nadal at Roland...
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    I'm tired of hearing this argument.

    The " Players are beating Roger because they believe they can beat him" BS. Boy, sure is a good thing players didn't badly want and try to beat the number one player in the world til now. And before people bring up Djoker, Murray, and Stepanek quotes; think about this, has anyone that lost...