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  1. BluDiamond

    Aerostorms dominating @ Roland Garros L@@k!

    Aerostorms are amazing rackets just unfortunately casual players will never buy them (unless Jack Sock wins a slam) so Babolat will never re-release them.
  2. BluDiamond

    Bonjour from Babolat

    Does anyone know of any shops that still sell the Aerostorm tour? I've tried the latest Babolats but I'm not a fan and don't want to change back to the Aero Pro Drive as the beam is so thick. Thanks!
  3. BluDiamond

    Sticky request: Tennis video clips and matches

    Does anyone have a link for US Open highlights? I've searched youtube but the quality is really really bad!
  4. BluDiamond

    Rafa back to CB 4.3

    Those shorts are pretty nice - anyone know where/if I can buy them?
  5. BluDiamond

    Bonjour from Babolat

    Will there be new racket bags to go with the Strike/Control line? If so, has anyone got any photos?
  6. BluDiamond

    Bonjour from Babolat

    Have you seen the photos of the Strike? The beam looks pretty chunky to me, certainly not as thin as the Aero Storm Tour :(
  7. BluDiamond

    Bonjour from Babolat

    Don't know if people have seen this. Top quality Babolat ad...
  8. BluDiamond

    Doping in Tennis

    *affect I'm not acting like it does...just gauging opinion. A friend of mine that competes regularly suggested it's pretty common so thought it was worth a post.
  9. BluDiamond

    Doping in Tennis

    I realise this could be a controversial thread so hopefully it doesn't get out of hand. What are everyone's opinions as to whether many tennis players have used performance enhancing drugs? I feel that tennis is generally clean but from what I gather, the testing regime in tennis isn't very...
  10. BluDiamond

    Bonjour from Babolat

    Are strings likely to break quicker with a 16 x 15 string pattern? While I found the Aero Pro Drive and its open string pattern was good for power, I was going through Big Banger in a few days when I trained seriously - not very feasible if you're not stringing your own rackets.
  11. BluDiamond

    Tennis and Muscle Imbalances

    Sharapova and Murray are keen on yoga, as long as it's part of a balanced training programme I'm sure it would be of benefit to many tennis players
  12. BluDiamond

    Tennis and Muscle Imbalances

    Thanks everyone, the rotator cuff exercises sound like a good idea. I took a rest from tennis for a few days as I was having problems on impact while hitting serves and I've been told to add some rotator cuff exercises to my routine. The 'Thrower's Ten" programme also seems popular so I'll...
  13. BluDiamond

    Tennis and Muscle Imbalances

    Does anyone know how pro players generally workout in order to even out the non-dominant side? I've noticed from playing tennis from a young age (and probably not doing as much work off-court as I should be) that my left lat is noticeable smaller and my shoulders don't seem to be the same...
  14. BluDiamond

    Bonjour from Babolat

    Why are Babolat painjobbing old Aero Storms if the line is being discontinued? Doesn't seem like a lasting solution for me to be honest - I'm pretty sure there will be a new Aero Storm from what I've heard in the UK
  15. BluDiamond

    Nadal+ballboy, Caption this!

    where's that photo from? is it on getty images?
  16. BluDiamond

    Jo-Willy using Aeropro drive cortex!!!!!

    This may explain the change ;) and yes, i am joking before i get any aggressive replies!
  17. BluDiamond

    BIG NEWS: The New Name Of The Wilson 2010 Racket Line!!!

    if this was facebook, i'd like a lot of your comments. yes, i am from the UK too :). as to the new racket, i've heard it'll be released at the Aussie Open, am i right? has anyone got any photos of it yet?
  18. BluDiamond

    British Juniors?

    suck out. you throw a massive fit when you lose
  19. BluDiamond

    New Rackets?

    New wilsons in january
  20. BluDiamond

    Head Youtek Rad. MP

    i'm thinking of buying this racket. i currently use the aero pro drive and found this a nice replacement, however, i've heard of these rackets breaking quite easily in the past. it would be nice if anyone had an opinion?
  21. BluDiamond

    Nadal's Electrolime jacket

    is it this one?
  22. BluDiamond

    short new pure drive review

    sorry, it's probably here somewhere but what does the 'GT' stand for? is it graphite technology or something?
  23. BluDiamond

    New Babolat Pure Drives now on TW Europe!

    anyone know when the bags are out?
  24. BluDiamond

    New Babolat Pure Drive and Babolat "R" string

    my coach told me everything will be released in may
  25. BluDiamond

    New Babolat Bag (Roddick)

    anyone know when it's available to buy? i heard the rackets aren't out for a while!
  26. BluDiamond

    New Babolat Catalog 2009

    Yes, there will be a new Pure Drive, which I mentioned a few months ago, however no-one seemed too interested at the time :)
  27. BluDiamond

    Federer's indoor season 2008 attire?

    The nike clothes are actually getting progressively worse. When will some decent clothes be released? I've heard the Australian Open stuff looks good.
  28. BluDiamond

    Most hated tennis pro

    I can see a lot of people hating Del Potro in future but i think he's kind of funny! Anyone see his argument against Murray??
  29. BluDiamond

    Nadal's New Raquet for 2009

    They probably have thought of it, although the plans are probably locked up in a secure safe at Babolat HQ in France!!!!!